Reference 2019-509

REF:            2019-509

Subject:        Overseas charging




  • Between 23 October 2017 and 23 April 2019, how many ID checks did your trust carry out under the NHS (Charges to Overseas Visitors) (Amendment) Regulations 2017?
  • How many patients were found to be chargeable?
  • Please provide an anonymised list of what treatments the charges made were for.
  • Please give a total amount charged to overseas visitors in that time period.
  • How many staff do you employ as part of your overseas visitors team, specifically to enforce the regulations? If no-one holds this as their only role, please provide this in terms of staff hours.
  • What is the annual cost of these staff?
  • If possible, please provide a breakdown of chargeable patients’:
  1. country of origin
  2. gender
  3. category of medical urgency
  • Did any patients have bills issued that were later revoked because they were found to be for a treatment that should not have been charged for? If so:
    1. How many?
    2. What for?




Please find information attached.

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