Reference 2019-62

REF:           2019-62

Subject:       Transgender policies



Would you please tell me which groups you have consulted regarding care of transgender patients and/or the formation of transgender policy and/or that provide your staff training on transgender patient care/policies.

Would you please specify also if you have consulted any groups or individuals representing other patients protected under the Equality Act 2010 with regard to the impact on those groups of transgender policies, specifically under the characteristics sex, age and religion or belief?




Bolton NHS Foundation Trust works closely with the following groups, consulting and engaging with:


·         The Bolton LGBT Forum and have consulted with them on good practice in responding to need.  The group is made of people with multiple identities.

·         Bolton Equality Target Action Group which has representation of transgender patients and people with multiple identities and have delivered staff training.

·         Part of the northwest Equality leads forum and have representation and access to experts on transgender issues and all other protected characteristics.