Reference 2019-705

REF:            2019-705

Subject:        Liver function tests




  1. The normal range for ALT, AST, and Alkaline phosphatase that your hospital uses for your adult patients (male and female).
  1. The method used – reference and temperature, or some means for us to identify the methods used (e.g. machine name and reference to the kit used).
  2. How was your local normal range for each liver function test determined? And do you know the date (year) when these were last revised?
  3. How many measurements of for each of ALT, AST, and alkaline phosphatase does your laboratory undertake each year?
  4. How many patients does this represent?
  5. How many or what % of ALT measurements exceed your upper limit of normal. How many or what % of ALT measurements are ³ 20U/L for women, and ³31 U/L for men.




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