Reference 2020-312

REF:            2020-312

Subject:        Food waste generated by the Trust per site




Subject: Food waste generated by the Trust per site. 20th July 2020.

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to request information under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

  1. Do you prepare all catering for patients and visitors in-house or outsourced or buy in precooked meals per site, please state sites details for the all requested information below.
  2. If catering is outsourced please provider contractor’s details
  3. Please explain in detail process involved in disposal of food waste and cost associated with this for the following scenario i.e.

3.1 If food waste macerated please provide detailed breakdown of cost analysis including running costs of macerated machines, annual service contract; electricity and water tariff charges. Do you have ppm for the unblocking of foul drainage contract and how many times foul drainage were blocked over last 3 years due to food waste stemming from main trust kitchen.

3.2  If food waste is treated off-site by contractor please state what happens to food waste and please provide detailed breakdown of all charges associated with this service including cost of bags, porter cost to transfer the food waste to a secured area, frequency of collection of food waste, carbon emissions and length of contract.

3.3 Has your organisation ever been cautioned by public body/EA for causing pollution from food waste.

3.4 State process involved in recording food waste data as part of annual ERIC disclosure and please state on average how much food is wasted per kg/day.

3.5 Does your organisation track the food ordered for each patient as patients are transferred to another ward during their stay in the Hospital for the treatment or recovery.

  1. Please provide name and email details of Trust Chief Executive, Board Directors responsible for the estates and finance.
  2. Does your organisation has Sustainability management Plan and Carbon neutral plan by 2030/2050, please forward both documents.



Please find information attached.

2020-312 – FOI request – Food waste generated by the Trust per site [PDF 116 KB]