Reference 2020-314

REF:            2020-314

Subject:        Orthoses and podiatry products



I would like information on the spend on ready-made orthoses and podiatry products, orthotics services and other associated orthotics products. In addition I would like the spend on Vascular therapy products such as AES Stockings, Compression Devices (IPC) and associated products.

Please provide a list of all suppliers of the above categories with spend details for 2018 and 2019 calendar year in the form of PDF or in excel.


Please find information attached.

There are two reports covering NHS Supply Chain spend. These are financial year rather than calendar year as we are limited by the reports the website allows us to run.

With regards to the direct spend; the third attachment is all spend across both years.

We have removed the pricing as this is commercial in confidence within existing contracts.

2020-314 – FOI request – Orthoses and podiatry products [MS Excel 175 KB]