Reference 2020-600

REF:       2020-600      

Subject:   Patient Discharge                    





With regards to question 2:

“2. Your 30-day readmission rates from the dates of 01/05/2020 to 01/11/2020 for patients who were:

  1. Admitted in an emergency (on the original spell/admission) and
  2. Chose to self-discharge/ discharge against medical advice”

Could you please provide the information for this where both criteria are true?

For example, a patient was admitted to hospital in an emergency during which they chose to self-discharge/discharge against medical advice and subsequently readmitted to hospital within 30-days of their self-discharge date.

Please see an example table below:

Total number of emergency admissions who chose to self-discharge Number of emergency admissions who chose to self-discharge and subsequently readmitted within 30-days Percentage
100 10 10%




Please find information attached.