Reference 2021-32

REF: 2021-32          

Subject: Video Consultation        



Please send me the following information:


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What video consultation system or programme is the trust currently using? What is the expiry date for the current contract? Is the trust piloting other systems in the next 3 months? Who is the trust’s lead for video consultation? What is the pricing model for video consultation? How much did the trust pay for video consultation? How many consultations per month are done by video consultation across the trust? Which budget or central funding was used to fund video consultation? What video consultation was in use before COVID-19 (pre-March 2020) Whether the trust is looking to procure locally or part of a system (multiple trusts or STP/ICS system)


I would like the above information to be provided to me as electronic copies in the table above.



Please find response attached.


2021-32 – FOI Request – Video Consultation [12 KB MS Excel]