Reference 2021-44

REF: 2021-44          

Subject: Funds from NHSE      



In 2019 BMA and NHS England (NHSE) reached an agreement for funds to be allocated to trusts providing they signed up to the Fatigue and Facilities Charter. Up to £60,000 was allocated to individual trusts, with spending to be determined by the Trust Junior Doctor Forums.

The BMA are now in the process of auditing how this money has been spent and are asking all Trusts who received the money to provide details of how it has been spent or is planning to be spent if there is still money remaining.

Please could you provide us with the information below

  1. Funding
Total Funds Given to Trust  
Total Funds Spent so far  
Total Funds Unspent so far  
Total Funds Unspent but allocated to project/items  


  1. What was your process for allocation of funds?
  2. Was the Junior Doctors Forum fully involved in the decision making?
  3. Was the Local Negotiating Committee involved in any decision making?
  4. Were any BMA representatives involved in the decision making?
  5. Who had final say in what was spent/allocated on?
  6. If you have spent all the funding, when was this achieved (month and year if possible)?
  7. What are the plans for any unused funding at the end of this financial year?
  8. How much longer is needed to allow for spending the remaining money?
  9. Under which budget are the funds currently held?
  10. Were there barriers to spending/allocating the money?
  11. Please provide a breakdown on what items/areas the money has been spent/allocated on so far (proforma below can be used if easier)
Item/area of Expenditure i.e. sofas, mess Total Funds Allocated Spent/Unspent





Please find information attached.


2021-44 – FOI Request – Funds from NHSE [537 KB PDF]