Reference 2021-46

REF: 2021-46          

Subject: Cancer Diagnosis Incidence Rates in Bolton by Area      



Myself, along with many of my neighbours are very concerned about the high incidence of cancers (of all types) in our immediate locality in Farnworth, Bolton.

I do not know what data NHS Bolton Foundation Trust holds on the incidence of cancer diagnosis rates in the Bolton borough, and how this data is broken down into different areas, but any information on this subject you can let me have under the Freedom of Information act would be very useful to my studies. I am interested in the population in the area in the Harper Green Ward of Farnworth, specifically the area bounded to the north of Plodder Lane, west of Bradford Road, south of Minerva Road and east of Redgate Way (not including the Royal Bolton Hospital) would be of particular interest. I realise you may not have these statistics broken down relative to such a small demographic area, but any figures relative to the different areas in Bolton would be helpful, over say a time period of the last 25 years or more.

As I said, I am not interested in the types of cancer, just the total incidence of cancer diagnosis rates of all types, of all ages and sexes in the population, broken down by area in the borough of Bolton should suffice.

(Note – I know that the Office for National Statistics publishes a report on Cancer Registration Statistics for England, but this is only gives cancer incidence rates in nine broad regions of England, which is much to general for my needs.)



Please find information attached.

2021-46 – FOI Request – Cancer Diagnosis Incidence Rates in Bolton by Area [11 KB MS Excel]