Urgent care A&E CQC Report posterIt is always rewarding to receive positive feedback from our patients and we are constantly striving to ensure that we provide the highest level of care possible. Please see below for some of the comments we have received recently.


“I was at the Accident and Emergency Department with my adult son. All the staff especially the paramedics were amazing. Staff are professional, kind and treat everyone with dignity and respect.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 20 Jan. 20 2020


Great service

“I attended A&E department of this hospital on Monday 21st of October after falling on my face. I saw the triage nurse as I fractured my elbow, I was sent for an x-ray and then to plaster theatre. I recommend the great service, waiting to hear off the consultant.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 25 October 2019



“I had to go to A&E at Royal Bolton. I felt very cared for and would like to thank one member of staff in particular who was amazing! I was seen reasonably quickly via triage and staff were very thorough!”

Posted on NHS Choices on 05 October 2019


Excellent treatment

“Attended A & E today for upper abdominal pain. I was well treated and respected throughout my stay there. I had all the tests done and an appointment for a consultant the next day (Sunday) for follow up and treatment. I could not be happier with my time there. I was there for a total of 3 1/2 hours and was informed about my tests and results throughout. I would definitely recommend Bolton Hospital.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 24 August 2019


“January is a hectic time of year for A&E staff and I found myself having to attend after a conversation with my diabetic nurse. From the moment I arrived I was treated with dignity and respect, bloods were taken and I had a short wait until I was moved into a cubicle. The doctor who treated me was understanding and aware of how the drug I was taking could cause DKA even with normal blood glucose levels.

From the doctor, staff nurse, HCA, radiographic staff, admin and porter nothing was too much trouble. Observing the area I saw how staff worked together and treated patients with dignity and respect despite how busy they were. I was eventually moved to a ward and whilst it was recommended to stay overnight I opted to discharge myself a few hours later as I was feeling much better. Thank you for such excellent care.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 13th January 2019.


Excellent service! Saturday morning.

“Arrived as an emergency patient around 3am suffering from very irregular heart beat. Staff nurse met paramedics and I quickly received a bed. Nurses calmly took blood samples and carried out ecg. Reference was also made to my hospital file. Heart rate was normalised and my condition and follow up were clearly explained by doctor. Excellent service. Also thanks to paramedics who attended to me.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 5th November 2018


Quality service and compassionate nursing

Service with a smile from quality staff at the hospital.

In late June I unfortunately fractured my shoulder (Scapula).

I visited the A & E Department on the 13th July 2018 and was treated with first class nursing.

I was referred to the Physiotherapy Department, three visits (One in July and two in August) I received compassionate and kindness from the staff there.

I have since fully recovered from my accident and it is due to the care and attention I received from all the staff.

Please convey to them all my grateful thanks.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 28th August 2018



“I attended A&E with my son and the care from start to finish was exceptional. Every member of staff was helpful, knowledgeable and really helped to put a distressed 16 year old (and parent) at ease. A special mention to the Doctor, who took control of his care, spent the time to just chat and put both my son and myself at ease whilst in A&E. A true professional, who should be very proud of his contribution to the hospital and to us.

Although my son’s journey through A&E and later an overnight stay, surgery and a brief period on the A ward took nearly 14 hours I am thankful that we have such a fantastic service at our disposal when the need arises. Every member of staff we encountered from consultant, nursing, porter and cleaner in those 14 hours was pleasant, polite, friendly and above all professional. You people are a credit to the hospital, the NHS, and yourselves.

Many thanks from us all and keep up the good work.”


Royal Bolton A+E

“My name is Mrs P Dearing from Hull; I was admitted to A&E on 30 May, from entering the hospital I was treated with friendliness, respect and care throughout my stay which was quite lengthy. My stay consisted of examination, x-Ray and further checks. The caring paramedics and all the staff were impeccable. A very BIG THANK YOU.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 03 June 2018


Cut hand requiring stitches

“Quickly assessed in triage. Incident occurred on Bank Holiday Monday. Waiting room was calm. Nursing staff were very professional / skilled and explained to me the next steps.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 31 May 2018


Emergency care of my son

“On 1st April my son, aged 26, fell off his mountain bike and broke his upper arm and dislocated his shoulder.  At the time we, his parents were on holiday in Majorca. I cannot explain fully how worried we were when we heard he had to have an operation. The operation took 6+ hrs on Easter Sunday night. We were in contact with the hospital throughout this time and everybody concerned from the receptionist to the theatre staff, recovery staff and ward nurse were wonderful and more than helpful and reassuring making this very worrying time more bearable. A massive thank you to all concerned, you not only did the job you are paid for but showed compassion and empathy to very worried parents. Thank you once again”

Posted on NHS Choices on 29th April 2018


Visit to accident and emergency

“Saturday afternoon I had a bleed in my eye resulting in a visit to hospital. All the staff, including CDU were brilliant. They listened, were patient and supportive. The cause was identified and treatment administered with clear explanation as to what was going on. Perhaps the only thing that would have hurried things along was if the initial triage nurse had taken my blood pressure. However perhaps the information I was giving at the time prevented this taking place!

Posted on 18 April 2018


Excellent Service

“Visited A&E because of a fall and injuring my wrist. I must say I was very impressed. Everywhere I went I was dealt with courtesy, care and consideration both from the reception and medical staff. I could not have asked for better.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 11 February 2018


Thank you doesn’t seem enough to the Ambulatory Care Unit

“On the 7th February after suffering from severe stomach pain I was seen promptly at my GP Practice and referred up to the Ambulatory Care Unit query kidney stone. From walking through the door I was very conscious of the welcoming, professional and caring staff who dealt with me. Every single member of staff was caring and showed empathy to my situation. At no point was anything too much trouble. I was booked in seen by a nurse and asked to sit in the waiting area. I was kept up to date on what was happening received an explanation that I would be seen by a doctor when they had all my results and when it was ok for me to drink was made a hot drink. I was seen by a member of the surgical team. I was put at ease from the outset he took a full medical history was very patient and made me feel comfortable whilst explaining what had been going on. At all times he was interested in what I had to say his listening skills were fantastic. I was then sent for X-rays and once back waited to see another member of a particular doctor’s Surgical Team. I was seen by a member of the surgical team and his colleague who both again went through my history and results sorted me out with medication and I was then able to go home. One particular doctor should be very proud of these two young men they are a credit to the Surgical Department as are all the staff who looked after me yesterday. Thank you”

Posted on NHS Choices on 08 February 2018


The service and treatment I received was excellent

“From calling 111 at 08.00 on 25/01/18 with an eye problem, to attending The Royal Bolton Hospital A&E department I experienced excellent service and treatment, all within 2 hours. The staff at each stage was exceptional. I cannot thank you enough”

Posted on NHS Choices on 25 January 2018


Thanks so much

“I attended A&E on Monday afternoon (18/12) after a fall. The response and care I received from triage, the X-ray department and the nurse who diagnosed/administered my treatment was exemplary. I observed many other people in waiting areas being attended to respectfully, with patience, and care.

Posted on NHS Choices on 20th December 2017


A&E waiting time

“After calling 111 on Saturday for a mild head injury, I was told that I should call 999 if symptoms worsen or get myself to A+E. 3 days later and my symptoms were much worse so I headed to the hospital. I’ve heard a lot of bad reviews about Royal Bolton in the past so I wasn’t very optimistic, especially as almost all NHS hospitals are notorious for their long waiting times. My condition was stable, I could walk and talk and I appeared fine. I arrived at hospital at 13:57. By 14:11 I had been seen by a triage nurse, and by 14:45 I was being checked over by a nurse practitioner. I was expecting to be waiting for up to 4 hours so this was a very nice surprise. All the staff were lovely and my nurse was very friendly. I felt so relieved and grateful for the service I received that I decided to come here and give them a review. Thank you! : )”

Posted on NHS Choices on 19th December 2017 using Care Opinion


Hip replacement after accident

“From arriving at A+E on Wednesday evening to discharge on Saturday afternoon after breaking my hip in an accident the speed and quality of care was excellent from all staff. Cleanliness care and compassion by nursing staff in the old style could not be faulted.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 05th January 2018


Possible fractured wrist

“Thanks to the staff at A+E, l called in on Sunday morning 14th Jan 2018 approximately 9.30, I was expecting a long wait however I was signed in, X-rayed, plastered and discharged in just over 1 hour, many thanks again to your caring excellent service.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 15th January 2018


A&E brilliant all way to super ACU

“Mum taken by most professional and caring paramedics early this morning to hospital with chest pains and high blood pressure. Staff at A&E are exemplary in their care and expertise. A tribute to the NHS and the thoroughness and expertise of staff. ACU also excellent and very supportive.

Many, many thanks.”

Posted on NHS Choices website in October 2017


“First visit to the accident and emergency unit and on G block due to a dislocated & fractured ankle which was damaged in London but discharged myself to this hospital closer to home.
I’ve given my visit 5 stars not because ‘I loved it’ (which I think is a strange choice of words) but because if I’d been visiting a 5 star hotel I couldn’t have been treated any better. From booking in at reception right through to the nurses, doctors and theatre staff I couldn’t fault it. The staff were very professional and reassuring, always smiling and putting the patient first. The staff are extremely busy and always remember if you have a problem they get back to you as soon as they have a minute.
I was on ward G3 and found it light, airy and extremely clean and tidy. On conversing with other patents their opinion of the hospital was the same as mine.
How lucky are we as a nation to have a service like this? long may it be so.
My outcome was a positive one, thank goodness, so hopefully I won’t be visiting again anytime soon but thank you all for the care and attention you gave me. I hope it won’t be long before you are paid a decent living wage for the wonderful work you do.
Keep up the good work in all you do.”

Posted on Facebook 31st August 2017


Praise All Round

“Full praise to A&E staff recently after my admission. I have very little knowledge of what happened but I’m aware that their quick intervention saved my life. Thank you for giving me a second chance.”

Posted on NHS Choices website on 25th September 2017


Husband’s admission

“Having taken my husband John to A&E on the 18/9/17 at around 6.20pm and registering he was seen by Triage within minutes and not long after was taken by a lovely nurse to A&E as he didn’t look well at all. A senior Nurse then saw John and within minutes a Doctor came to treat him. He was very badly dehydrated and they put him on a drip and took blood tests. They brought him blankets as he was shivering although he was red hot he said he needed them. It was around 7.45 by this time, they said that they would admit him and found a bed for him. Treatment continued through the night on Ward B2 and he said that every one of the night and day staff were lovely. He was feeling fit and well when the Doctor came around 10.15am and they said he could be discharged. Finally, thank you for looking after John; he cannot praise the hospital and all the staff enough.”

Posted on NHS Choices website on 20th September 2017


“We attended A&E yesterday 22/7/17 with my young daughter and an ankle injury….cannot fault the staff from booking in at reception to leaving…we were looked after exceptionally well.
Thank you to all who were on duty in particular the nurse who triaged us and continued to check on us throughout the journey.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 23 July 2017


Excellent Treatment

“From arriving in A&E to going to the ward nothing was too much trouble, the treatment I received was excellent. I was on ward D2 and the staff on there are brilliant, they do their job with a lot of love and care. Then I had a follow up appointment at the ACU department and excellent service again even down to the free sandwiches and tea and coffee”

Visited in July 2017. Posted on 19 July 2017


Great appreciation

“My husband was rushed into Royal Bolton Hospital last week and I cannot thank the Resuscitation Department enough, they were marvellous, what an amazing team of people. They are so caring and considerate for the patient whilst keeping the family calm and quickly getting on with the treatment. He was transferred to the Coronary Care Unit and I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone on the unit. It is an excellent ward with another marvellous day and night team. Everyone is so welcoming, caring and cannot do enough for the patient and the family. Once again can I please say thank you to everyone who helped get my husband well again. We are very lucky in Bolton to have such dedicated people working in our hospital.”

Visited in July 2017. Posted on 18 July 2017


Professional & Polite

“I went to Bolton A&E today around 4pm as I had very severe pain in my right leg; I couldn’t stand, sit or lay down without experiencing intense pain and therefore couldn’t sleep. I was seen fairly quickly around 5pm by a physiotherapist who was very thorough and knowledgeable. I was given advice on exercises, pain killers and rest to ease my symptoms. I really felt well looked after and already my pain has started to reduce a little. This particular NHS employee has a good professional rapport with patients who others should follow e.g. trainees.

Thank you Bolton hospital and the physiotherapist who dealt with me, good work.”

Posted on NHS Choices 15 July 2017


“Today I have had occasion to take my wife to Bolton royal after a bang on the head with resulting memory loss. We arrived around 2.20pm and left the department around 5.45pm. During that time she was given a CT scan, ESG, x ray and blood test. All were examined and fortunately she was fine.

 Can I remark on the professional and expeditious manner in which she was dealt with. This service was second to none and I think your staff should be commended in the manner with which they conduct themselves and their efficiency.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 02 July 2017


“I had to bring my 5 year old son in on Tuesday night after he broke his wrist in two places. The nurse on duty took him straight into a room where he was checked over; he had x-rays, arm in plaster and had to stay in the night on ward E5. He was operated on weds afternoon by a lovely surgeon. All went really well would just like to thank all staff in A&E and on the ward, they were all fantastic, friendly and couldn’t do enough for my son Joshua thank you all again.”

Posted on Facebook 23 June 2017


“Visited A&E with my 84 year old mum after she fell at home. All staff we have seen have been helpful, courteous, respectful and efficient.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 04 June 2017


“I woke up early on Saturday morning with pain in my left ear and the side of my face and month drooping down. I thought I was having a stroke! My wife drove me immediately to A&E at the Royal Bolton Hospital.

 I explained my symptoms to the receptionist and was told to take a seat. Within a few minutes I was ushered into the triage nurse. After a few questions and blood pressure check I was again quickly taken through into the treatment area. Here, the nurse practitioner carried out more checks and a thorough examination of my reflexes, muscle response etc. An ECG and brain scan were also arranged and carried out within an hour or so.

I was seen by a consultant, who after seeing my test results and discussion with the nurse practitioner explained I had suffered a Bells Palsy. They explained their reasoning for the diagnosis, likely cause of my problem and the treatment methodology. Although I still had a problem, it was such a relief to know I had not suffered a much more serious stroke!

From start to finish, the help and treatment I received at the Royal Bolton Hospital was exemplary. The staff were absolutely brilliant. I am so grateful and after only a few days of the advised treatment I am already starting to see improvements in my condition. This is a marvellous example of the NHS and specifically A&E in action. Thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 26 April 2017


“On Tuesday 11th was taken to Royal Bolton with a fainting episode in town. Incredibly, I was the only one in A&E. In less than 3 mins I was attended to. The staff were excellent, courteous and caring. I was given a most thorough check up, ECG, X-RAY, bloods etc. and discharged about 5 hours later. Cannot fault anything, really, even the tea and sandwiches (chicken mayo) were good.
And so, 10 out of 10. With my best wishes for the future, best regards.”

Visited in April 2017. Posted on 14 April 2017


“Caring and empathetic response by the doctor and nurse for my bother in law and his family in an obviously stressful situation. This department was under a lot pressure at the time and patient numbers high, to be able to give this individual care and thoughtfulness in those circumstances is a credit to this department and the hospital its self. Many thanks.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 31 March 2017


 “My elderly father, 73 with severe COPD, was referred to A&E by GP querying his dramatic weight loss. After a wait of around 20min we were referred to ambulatory care. During the next 5hrs we were treated with the upmost respect, my dad had a ‘turn’ whilst waiting and was treated promptly and efficiently. During the time there my dad had 2ECGs, full blood tests and a chest x-ray. He was later admitted for overnight transfusion and discharged the next day.
The staff were amazing, I could see how busy they were in the department and on the wards, and at one point became like musical beds, but the staff never faulted in the duty to their patients, but it was sad to see such pressure put on them, but they were a credit to their profession.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 28 March 2017


A&E visit

“I was treated by all staff with dignity and respect and felt confident in their ability to care for me and my presenting problem. I saw them deal with ease and good humour a couple of ‘tricky’ ‘demanding’ patients.
I was moved to ambulatory care and experienced the same high standard. I was pleasantly surprised especially because they were so busy.
Their care and attitude was greatly appreciated and comforting.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 24 February 2017


“Huge thanks to the Bolton A&E team for taking care of my dad this week. Cannot fault the hard working staff and their truly fast, caring service.”

Posted on Facebook 18 February 2017


“Please may I take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the ambulance service, A&E, ICU, C3, the Intermediate Care at Home Team and the IV Therapy Team all of whom worked tirelessly in hospital and at home to make me well again. God bless you all.”

Posted on Bolton News website 13 December 2016


“We visited the dept on the 12/12 approx 7pm as a result of my father-in-law being unable to communicate fully due to a diabetic condition. Due to a lack of ambulances my son drove him to the hospital and as a result of him obviously being in a panic due to Charles’ condition (we thought he had had a stroke) the staff who attended to him immediately were excellent simple as that. Within 3 hours he was back to normal and we were given the all clear shortly after midnight. On arrival the hospital appeared under immense pressure to deal with walk in and ambulance brought patients but everybody we dealt with was professional and caring. As a retired police officer I am used to seeing A&E depts extremely busy but I have to say Monday evening was unbelievably so. Special mention to the young Doctor who treated Charles over the 5 hours we were there, they were superb. Maybe our Politicians should attend when the hospitals are at full capacity like this to see how staff cope with the obvious demand for their services.”

Posted on NHS Choices website December 2016


“My husband was brought in to hospital as an emergency. The paramedics who brought him in were excellent, the nurses in A&E were fab and gave excellent care whilst keeping us updated with information. My husband managed to get a bed on D2. Ward staff were friendly and helpful and welcomed us onto the ward when it was such a terrifying ordeal. I would like to thank you all for the care you provided to my husband. I knew he was treated well and you maintained professionalism throughout and also supported me. I will be eternally grateful.”

Posted on NHS Choices website December 2016


Emergency visit to A&E

“Thanks to the staff in casualty yesterday looking after my brother and also looking after me with the lovely healthcare assistant making me cups of tea. They were so busy but had time to be caring and explain things.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 14 November 2016


Very Good Service

“Attended A&E this morning with accidental facial scalding. Was seen by triage nurse within 5 minutes and treated by nurse practitioner within another 30 minutes. Nurse contacted Wythenshawe burns unit about my injuries and arranged for an appointment with them as soon as they could see me which would be the next day. As Wythenshawe advised against dressing the wound, the nurse practitioner cleaned the wound and gave me sterile wipes and painkillers to use until I was seen by specialist burns doctor. All staff were very sympathetic, efficient and helpful.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website  09 November 2016


Great A&E service

“I visited A&E on Monday 7th Nov after I had badly twisted my knee. I was very impressed with the speed and efficiency of the service I received. Within an hour and a half I had been triaged, seen by a nurse, had an X-ray and then seen by a nurse and a consultant and then discharged with aftercare appointment. All staff were very polite and professional. Excellent service.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 08 November 2016


Care of my son in A&E and HDU after a massive PE

“I would like to praise and thank every member of staff in the A & E dept on Thursday night 3/11/2016. The care and attention given to my son was without a doubt lifesaving!!! We were so fortunate to be in their department when he collapsed with this massive pulmonary embolism, he was scanned and then the decision to thrombosis him was made, and this saved his life. My son and all our family are so grateful to the skilled doctors and nurses that treated him with so much care and attention. We would also like to thank all other staff in the department that looked after our son’s needs and mine. The staff are amazing with every patient, so kind and considerate and very professional without losing their human touch. When our son was out of immediate danger he was moved to HDU and his excellent care continued there over the next few days. Every member of staff there is really helpful and nothing is too much trouble. Our son has been so well looked after he feels very humbled by his experience and more than grateful to be back home again and looking forward to celebrating his 40th birthday on Saturday. Please make sure that all involved in my son’s care get some recognition for their work and kindness and care. Many thanks again to all concerned.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 07 November 2016


Admitted with pneumonia

“I was taken to A&E in the early hours of Thursday with breathing problems and a chest problem. Within 10 min I was assessed and treatment began.  I had x-rays and medication to ease my breathing. At 6am I was admitted to Medical Assessment, seen by the medical team and treatment was given. I was then moved to D4 that night and treatment continued. The following morning I was seen by three Doctors and a chest specialist. I had a chest x-ray ,samples taken and treatment continued. I was diagnosed with pneumonia. By Monday am my condition was much improved and I returned home that evening. I was well looked after, made comfortable and looked after very well. Gold star standard. My grateful thanks”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 27 September 2016


Wonderful staff

“I am a regular visitor to all Dept’s of the Royal Bolton with one or other of my 85 yr old parents with their various illnesses and ailments. My parents refuse to be treated anywhere else. They are always treated with dignity and respect and they and I cannot praise each and every one of your staff highly enough. They are all wonderful, kind, patient and helpful and take the time to explain things. A massive heartfelt thank you to you all from my parents and myself.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 27 August 2016


Treatment on admission in A& E

“By referral of my GP into A & E I was seen within 30 minutes and shortly thereafter, I was examined for my heart & lung condition, given an E C G, blood test was taken and within the next hour an x-ray was arranged. I was admitted to a hospital bed and my condition monitored over 24 hours. Treatment was given to change my medication and my heart rate and breathing were stabilised, sufficiently to allow me to be discharged with new prescriptions the day after admission. I cannot compliment enough all the doctors, consultant, nurses and support staff involved in my care. All were extremely kind, considerate and professional in treating and reassuring me. It was clear that despite their obvious work load and pressure under which they were all operating, they remained focused on the treatment of not only me, but also on the many others requiring their attention. I have no hesitation in complimenting all concerned and wish to thank them all, for the excellent care, consideration and treatment that I received. A big thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 15 August 2016


My husband was rushed to hospital the other week after suffering a cardiac arrest at home at the age of 28. The staff in A and E, ICU and CCU were brilliant. They looked after him with care, compassion and dignity and looked after me and the rest of his family, who as you can understand were shocked and anxious. Thanks to the brilliant staff he is already home only 10 days later after having an ICD fitted and is expected to make a full recovery. A special thanks to the staff member on ICU who helped us as a family to cope with the first critical 24 hours.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 04 August 2016


Excellent Children’s A&E, Surgical and Paediatric Care

“I attended the Children’s A&E department this weekend with my daughter. I cannot praise all of the staff we encountered highly enough. The doctor handled my daughter’s fear of a first blood test with patience and calm and we were kept fully informed through the duration of our visit. Thankfully, we were able to take her home as things weren’t as serious as they appeared. Thank you again for fantastic care in Children’s A&E and F2 ward.”

Posted on NHS Choices website July 2016


“I visited Children’s A&E on Thursday night with my asthmatic son. He’d had a massive asthma attack and still wasn’t right. We went in and were triaged in a timely fashion, because he’d improved a little we were directed to the waiting area to sit and play.

The toys in the department kept him well entertained and the staff were all lovely. The receptionist I initially spoke to was reassuring as I explained my son’s symptoms and smiled and chatted with him putting him at ease.

When we saw the Doctor, they were friendly and reassuring. They took time to introduce themself to my 2 year old, which put him at ease right away. My son has been admitted to hospital several times for asthma related issues so we’re always on high alert. The Dr listened to what I had to say, and seemed to really care about how I felt my son was, they were supportive and attentive. I was really impressed.

After a discussion and another round of observations it was decided he didn’t need to stay in overnight, but we would have to follow a care plan at home. They carefully explained it all and reiterated that they were there to help.

We then saw the Ward Sister who was also wonderful, they talked with me and made sure I understood the medication needs, and laughed and joked with my son while he was getting some more medication.

I can’t fault it here. The staff really care, even when it’s 7/8/9/10pm and they’ve had a long day. Wonderful!”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 01 May 2016


Excellent services

“Went to hospital on Sunday 1st may 2016, with central chest pain, I was seen fairly quickly by a lovely sister in triage. Bloods were taken, an ECG was done and a chest x ray was done, all staff I met were lovely and very helpful. I, ended up staying for 8 hrs altogether because I had to have some bloods taken after 6 hrs. The HCA was lovely and made me a lot of drinks and gave me a free sandwich, even the consultant couldn’t do enough for me, very pleased and proud of our NHS hospital, keep up the good work, you’re all amazing”

Posted on NHS Choices Website May 2016


Name and fame all NHS Bolton staff

“Hello. …I would like name and fame the staff of the Royal Bolton accident and emergency, the North west Atherton ambulance crew of ambulance 547 and the 999 emergency operator who were all working on Tuesday 8th March. .I am currently visiting my parents from South Africa…my father collapsed at a Leigh shopping centre, he was assessed, then taken to the Royal Bolton hospital Accident and emergency, he was moved to the assessment ward overnight.  All the staff involved showed the utmost professionalism and I want to thank all of these people from the bottom of my heart…I would like to give them credit where credit is due. Thanks.”

Posted on NHS Choice Website 14 March 2016


 Treatment received in A&E

“NHS 111 called an ambulance for me, which arrived as a rapid response ambulance, after thinking I was suffering from a heart attack – was seen by a wonderful Doctor who thankfully diagnosed something completely different, nothing serious at all thankfully, was extremely thorough and explained exactly what was going on, recommended medication and I was home within 2 hours.

What a fantastic service the NHS is and we should be extremely proud of each and every one of its staff – thank you for providing such a wonderful service”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 13 February 2016


Thank you

“On 2nd January I called 111 after my husband had fallen down the stairs. An ambulance was sent and he was asked by the paramedics which hospital he wanted to go to and he made the excellent choice of choosing Bolton. He was seen promptly, efficiently and pleasantly by the very kind A & E staff. He was seen by a very nice and kind doctor, who is a credit to the doctors at your hospital.

We read in the press all the moans some have but we could not have received better attention and care right from that 111 call and would like to just say a great big “thank you” to all concerned that day.”

Posted on the NHS Choices Website Jan 2016


Emergency Admission

“I was admitted to hospital after visiting A and E I was bleeding from my back passage I was seen very quickly and treated with the utmost care. I was transferred via majors to ward F3 quickly and seen by a very nice junior doctor, and was then seen by the consultant. I was later transferred to F4 as beds were in short supply and kept in overnight for obs and told I would need a colonoscopy as an outpatient.
All the staff were brilliant and working under pressure, can’t thank you enough as I was very frightened.”

Posted on the NHS Choices Website Jan 2016


Top quality a&e

On Saturday 9th January I attended the accident and emergency with a friend who had broken his shoulder, elbow and hip. On arrival it was absolutely packed but I would like to express how fantastic all the staff were in clearing the decks. Even though it was extremely busy the staff were efficient, helpful, caring and professional. Hats off to you all. Thank you

Posted on the NHS Choices Website Jan 2016


A&E /X-ray

“Following a fall we attended A&E earlier today with my 22 year old son. The treatment we received was outstanding! We booked in, he was triaged, X-rayed, assessed by the physiotherapist, treatment given, discharge advice delivered, and obtained medication with 90 mins! 
The physiotherapist on duty was excellent. As a senior nurse myself I am well aware of the pressures the NHS is under and the expectations of patients. I cannot fault or make any suggestions that could have improved our treatment. An excellent job again by the staff of Royal Bolton – well done.”

Visited in December 2015. Posted on NHS Choices 27 December 2015.


“My 90 year old mother was admitted this morning following a fall. The treatment she received was efficient, professional and compassionate with every attention being paid to her well-being. The staff kept me fully informed of what was happening and, following confirmation that my mother had broken her hip, ensured that I was made fully aware of the possible courses of treatment. Though the department became increasingly busy, staff were generous with their time and attended to my mother’s needs. We should count ourselves very fortunate to have such a high quality service available to us in Bolton.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 19 December 2015



“Recently I attended A&E. I was very impressed with the care and efficiency. There were plenty of staff, all team kind & friendly. Named nurse monitored often and I had investigations timely and seamlessly. It was clean and I was offered a sandwich and a drink.
I was admitted to CDU for a short time, also a very good experience. Cardiac Nurses on A&E were brilliant. Cardiologist on CDU (also followed me up a week later on CCU) was exceptional and bedside manner impeccable.
Very impressed with recent care at RBH.
Thank you.”

Visited in October 2015. Posted on NHS Choices website 15 December 2015.


Very pleased with the care
“Last Friday I attended A&E with my mother who had been referred by her GP as an emergency. She is 82. Although the initial wait in A&E was lengthy (6 hours) once she was seen by a medic, she was seen by an ophthalmologist on the same night. Everything was dealt with swiftly and thoroughly, the follow-up care has been second to none, and my mum was dealt with with concern and kindness by all the staff. The hospital was so busy but they didn’t try to rush us in any way. This is why I am writing this review, as sometimes only the negative aspect of the NHS is reported. Thank you to all at Royal Bolton A&E.”

Visited in December 2015. Posted on NHS Choices website 4th December 2015


“A&E staff from Reception, Triage, Nurses and X Ray department were all efficient, polite and extremely considerate. I received professional, dedicated care and although seating was limited (as waiting area v busy) I couldn’t fault my treatment. This same extended level of care continued at my following appointment at the fracture clinic and the doctor I saw. I have been treated with such compassion for probably only ‘minor’ injury but the staff have been so friendly and supportive. I’d also attended a mammogram appt that morning and the staff were very reassuring!”

Posted on NHS Choices website 5th December 2015


“My mum was admitted to A&E on Sunday 15th November around 6.45pm by ambulance following a sudden, unexplained seizure. From the first encounter with the paramedic and ambulance crew to the point where she was transferred to a ward her care was exceptional. The staff in A&E were amazing, despite being obviously extremely busy they provided excellent care. All the staff were very thorough, considerate and respectful and the young doctor who saw her was very calm and reassuring. As a family, we cannot thank them enough.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 15.11.15


“My brother arrived at A and E with a bad back – not the place to go. In his defence, he has Aspergers Syndrome (autism) and is totally deaf without any speech so hasn’t the mental capacity to realise that he is wasting resources and should go to his GP. If I had known where he had gone, I would have stopped him. I received a call from a nurse, who supported him throughout his time there and arranged a sign interpreter. She also kept me up to date with what was happening with his treatment. Despite the fact that A and E was not where he should have gone, his treatment was exemplary and I would like to thank all the staff that dealt with this situation. The NHS is overstretched, as we all know, but humane treatment still exists and should be applauded. Thank you to all concerned.”

Posted on NHS Choices 14.10.15


“We had to take our son into the department on the 5th September. It was the early hours of the morning and the staff had already been on duty a long time. The service we got was amazing from every single person who came to see us. People were polite and friendly and made us feel at ease. They ensured we really understood everything and had the chance to ask questions. Thank you to all the staff for everything they did for us all.”

Posted on NHS Choices 12.10.15


“I would like to thank all the staff in A&E and ward D2 who cared for  my best mate after he was rushed in last Tuesday with an accidental overdose. Personally, having had a bad experience a couple of years ago with this hospital, I was surprised how different his care was to mine. I could not fault the care he received in the 48 hours he spent in hospital. Thank you”

Posted on NHS Choices website 06.10.15


“Late on Sat evening 26 Sept, my 85 year old wife, Chris fainted just as she reached the top of the stairs. She promptly fell backwards down six stairs and was unable to communicate or move. I rang 999 and also rang our daughter. The ambulance crew arrived quickly and were most efficient, professional, kind and caring. They took her off to hospital. On arrival at the hospital my daughter and I were immediately led to the cubicle where Chris was already in the care of a consultant, who rapidly initiated all the appropriate checks and tests. We immediately felt reassured that Chris would have the best treatment possible under the care of the consultant and their team. Chris was taken for various x-rays and (since she’s on warfarin) a brain scan too. By 4 am Chris was well enough to return home and the ward sister kindly pushed her in a wheelchair to the exit doors and helped her into our car. I’d like to express our thanks to all the people who worked so well together, constantly reassuring us so that we had no doubt that the Royal Bolton Hospital was the best place to be under the circumstances. The patient, still sore and bruised, is slowly recovering at home and sends her sincere thanks to all.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 02.10.15


“After calling 111 for advice I was surprised to find they wanted to send an ambulance for me, as I would never have considered my condition would require any hospital treatment. From the ambulance paramedic through to the A&E staff, I was treated with dignity and efficiency in a very friendly manner. I was also impressed with the professional manner of the reception staff who, despite being approached by many non-emergencies, including one couple who asked when the quiet period was as they couldn’t be bothered to wait, remained calm and courteous. The two doctors dealing with me explained exactly what they were doing and why, keeping me fully informed at all times, explaining things in plain English and keeping the atmosphere light hearted during a somewhat undignified procedure. Ten out of ten without a doubt.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 28.09.15

“I had to visit Bolton Royal A&E on Thursday night after injuring my hand at work. I found all the staff from receptionists to nurses to be helpful, professional and caring. The treatment I received from the nurse practitioner and staff nurse was excellent. During the course of my visit, I overheard some other patients who were ungrateful and disrespectful to the staff, please ignore those people. The overwhelming majority of us are very grateful for the service you provide and the outstanding way you go about it.”

Posted on NHS Choices website on 18.09.15


“On Mon 14 Sep I had severe chest pains at 5am. I was greatly impressed by the ambulance paramedic service, A&E and the follow on CDU ward. I had exemplary prompt and thorough service and treatment from all staff involved at every level. I doubt this being bettered elsewhere. The above appears inadequate but without listing all involved from the providers of tea to the consultant. It was a long but reassuring day for which I am most grateful.”

Posted on NHS Choices website on 15.09.15


“I arrived at the hospital in the early hours of 28th August 2015; with severe stomach cramps. I was seen and assessed swiftly by triage and then led to a cubicle. The nurse who dealt with me throughout my stay was helpful, professional and showed genuine concern. They also explained everything that was happening. The doctor and nurse did not hesitate to give me adequate pain relief and ensured that I continued to feel comfortable. On discharge, the medical staff explained their diagnosis and prognosis clearly and supplied me with adequate pain relief to take home with me.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 01.09.15


“I arrived at the hospital in the early hours of 28th August 2015 with severe stomach cramps. I was seen and assessed swiftly by triage and then led to a cubicle. The nurse who dealt with me throughout my stay was helpful, professional and showed genuine concern. They also explained everything that was happening. The doctor and nurse did not hesitate to give me adequate pain relief and ensured that I continued to feel comfortable. On discharge, the medical staff explained their diagnosis and prognosis clearly and supplied me with adequate pain relief to take home with me. David Kickman.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 29.08.15


“Earlier this month I had to go to A&E due to complications of my cancer. Both the staff on A&E and M1 ward, where I subsequently stayed five days were fantastic. I was shown only kindness and compassion by every member of staff I encountered. All of the staff I met should be very proud of the care and genuine compassion they show to their patients. I would have no concerns about me or a member of my family attending this hospital, as I know we would be in safe and caring hands.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 22.08.15


“Visited A&E department last night with my 80 year old grandparent. The care we received was outstanding. Both the nurse and doctor that attended to us were fantastic and couldn’t have been more helpful if they tried. I have a keen understanding of the pressure the staff are under and would like to praise them on still showing full respect and care to our elderly generation. My faith has been restored. The visit from start to finish was very well handled and my grandparent was made to feel reassured . The waiting time was also very satisfactory given the amount of people waiting to be seen. We were not made to feel rushed or left out in any way. Grandma and myself would like to say a very big thank you. We regret not taking the names of the two wonderful staff that made our visit perfect.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 14.08.15


“On Friday 14th while driving from Carlisle to the Peak District I became unwell due to a pre diagnosed heart condition. The treatment I received from entering the department was first class. At no time did I feel anything other than I was in the best hands under people who were friendly, efficient, understanding and thorough. Congratulations on running a first class service thank you all. John Avery”

Posted on NHS Choices website 14.08.15


“I was taken to A&E on Thursday. I was seen within minutes before being transferred to CCU after x-rays and ECG had been taken. I was then transferred to ward D3 where the staff were wonderful, caring and explained in detail what was happening. It was frightening but assuring. I have been discharged this morning and I cannot praise the nurses, doctors and consultants enough.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 10.08.15


“On a walk yesterday, my husband (83) fell and sustained a nasty head injury. He was transferred to Royal Bolton by air ambulance and received very efficient and friendly attention in the A&E department. At no time was he treated with anything but care and consideration. We would like to thank all the staff in the A&E who were on duty yesterday afternoon. You help to sustain the good name of the NHS.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 05.08.15


“We visited the A&E department when our little girl had stood on a piece of glass which had embedded into her foot. We were seen immediately by a friendly triage nurse who was very reassuring and we then went for an x-ray. Given the recent press surrounding the availability of x-rays we were pleased this service was obviously not only available but swift and efficient. The doctor and nurse were then incredible at settling our little girl who was obviously in pain and distressed. Their calm bedside manner helped to soothe her and their professionalism allayed our fears and reassured us that the glass could be removed. Due to the position and size of the glass this was not an easy task but throughout their calmness and kind words helped immensely. I cannot praise the dedication of such staff highly enough. We could not be more satisfied with the treatment received by such a hardworking and professional team. From entering the department to leaving we only met members of staff who were an absolute credit to the Trust. A huge thank you to all concerned. Overall the service we received was exemplary and we would not hesitate in recommending the hospital in the future.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 25.07.15


“Just a brief resume of my visit to A&E and the eye unit last Saturday evening. I was sent by a Boots optician to A&E. After registration, I waited five minutes for triage nurse then sent back to the waiting area for about ten more minutes before being called back again to have various tests by the nurse who then phoned the eye unit for treatment advice. I was seen and sent home within an hour of  arriving in A&E. On the next day I was called by a doctor from the Eye Unit to ask how I was feeling and was coping with the treatment. I got another call on the day after saying that I had an appointment at 4:30pm. I was seen by a doctor and a consultant who between them decided a course of treatment before being sent home. I could not have got better treatment elsewhere even if I had paid for it.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 24.06.15


“My husband was recently admitted through A&E. Because he was a chemo patient, he got rushed through straightaway. The staff were amazing. They started treatment straightaway. They kept us updated at all times and nothing was too much trouble for them. They were friendly, polite and made us feel welcome. Once all the treatment was underway, my husband was then transferred onto ward D2. The staff were so friendly and they explained the procedure on admission. The nurse who admitted him was very professional, polite and yet again made us feel very welcome. He was admitted into a sideward which was immaculate and clean. As a member of staff, I feel so proud to work at this hospital and feel I had to write this review as sometimes we do not get the good feedback that we deserve. Well done Royal Bolton, keep up the good work.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 24.06.15


“We cannot praise enough the care, support and the efficiency of all the staff in A&E department. We were dealt with swiftly. My daughter who has a medical condition is a regular patient in this dept. For several years now, we always feel confident with everyone involved with our daughter’s care. Well done Bolton Hospital. Long may it continue.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 20.06.15


“Amazing care
From the time of my admittance to the day I was discharged, this has been without no doubt the best care I have ever received within the NHS hospital service. I was admitted with a very contagious bacterial infection such that I had to be placed in a side room which could have been quite daunting as my husband was not able to be with me. All the staff (consultants, doctors, nurses and housekeeping staff) were so caring and supportive towards me to the point that the first doctor I saw on the ward held my hand while I was in pain which I thought was lovely of them. I honestly cannot believe how many lovely caring people actually work in one area. The cleanliness of my room was excellent. It was cleaned twice a day by the housekeeping team and also wiped down twice a day by the nurses. Thank you very much to you all for all your kindness and impeccable care. xx”

Posted on NHS Choices website 13.06.15


“I attended the A & E at 6.30 pm on Wed 20th May. Thanks to the professional help from the doctor, they contacted the on call optician who advised them to refer me to the eye unit. The eye unit rang me at 10am on Thursday to attend the unit at 12 noon. Grateful thanks to everyone, I was diagnosed with posterior vitreous detachment. I have a further appointment in two weeks.
Glennis Hamer.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 22.05.15


“I attended children’s A&E this afternoon with my 3 year old granddaughter and her mum. Sophia had hurt her arm in a play centre 2 hours previously, was distressed and refusing to move it. The care she got was superb in every way. She was seen promptly by the triage nurse who provided her with supportive treatment and pain relief. Then she was seen by the doctor and had an x ray. Luckily not broken but probably dislocated. All the staff were lovely, professional and did their job perfectly. All had excellent communication with Sophia who loved her sling and stickers and with the adults too. No delays either. A huge thank you. A wonderful service with lovely staff .”

Posted on NHS Choices website 15.05.15


“Attending A&E on Saturday night was not on my wish list, however I was pleasantly surprised as to how things proceeded. Registration took minutes, triage followed after an expected and acceptable wait. Seeing the doctor took more time, but again acceptable. During their dealings with my problem all staff treated me with respect, explained regards my condition etc. Throughout my visit I was impressed how the team worked effectively together. They also had to deal with some dubious and loud clients. Well done team and a huge thank you for your dedication and attention.
Mrs Jean Martin.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 12.05.15


“A & E and G3 and G4
Thank you to the wonderful staff who were at work over the bank holiday weekend. My brother was seen very quickly and put onto ward G3 however this was full so he was given a side room on G4. He was treated with dignity and respect and such professionalism. He was transferred within a few hours to Hope Hospital for MRI and emergency surgery on his spine. Thank you to the staff at RBH you are amazing wonderful people x.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 03.05.15


“I visited the A&E department this morning (5.4.15) as I was suffering from a dental abscess . I couldn’t get an appointment at the emergency dentist and so A&E was my only other option . The staff , from the receptionist to the triage and then emergency nurses could not have been more helpful. I had felt a little awkward in case my problem wasn’t classed as an emergency , however I was in horrific pain. I was booked in and seen within 1 hour , and on my way home again with antibiotics, having been instructed to return for possible facial surgery should the problem worsen . Lovely lovely compassionate staff Bolton well done and thank you very much.
DM Whittle.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 05.04.15


“I got taken to a&e earlier this month with a dislocated knee and the ambulance staff and doctor were extremely polite and made me feel like I was in a safe environment. This was my first ever experience of a&e and again I was extremely satisfied with the service which I received.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 02.04.15


“I was taken to A&E on the evening of 25th March following a syncope in a local restaurant. From the ambulance team to the nurses and the doctor on duty, all were extremely kind and professional and treated me with respect. Thank you all very much.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 25.03.15


“Can’t praise the staff at Bolton Royal enough after my visit on the 20th Feb 15 – I had a skating accident and broke my wrist. I was also a visitor to the area for the weekend so was impressed by the care provided and the efficiency of their service. in & out in 2hrs and 30 minutes was extremely good! One member of staff in particular impressed my brother & myself in that she explained thoroughly what I had done, how they was going to treat me and when/where etc she also had to take a ring off my finger which she tried extremely carefully to do but in the end had to cut it off, she was very tactful! After the ring came off she sent me to plaster theatre and told me to come and find her again when I was plastered & x-rayed, this was so that she could get an appointment at my local hospital for Monday to have the full plaster on, which she did. She gave me a disk with the x-rays on and my notes so basically my care was continuous without repeating the case to other nurses etc I am very grateful to this member of staff & all the other staff involved… Thank you very much.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 23.02.15


“May I express my gratitude following a recent stay in the Royal Bolton Hospital. I was taken ill suddenly Sunday morning and taken to the Accident and Emergency department where despite being busy, received immediate prompt action for my illness. I was attended to initially by a team of expert nursing staff and then the doctor. I was cared for in a professional manner, kept informed, diagnosed and treated in a short period of time, where accurate efficient treatment contributed to saving my life. There was a wait for a bed of 7 hours for the assessment ward, but I was made comfortable on a hospital bed and given continuing care whilst waiting. I was then moved to D1 ward medical assessment, which was very busy, where after some time eventually seen by a doctor, who identified how ill I was, and continued treatment with IV antibiotics, IV fluids and oxygen. Again after a wait, I was cared for by the nursing staff, given individual attention, and continuing treatment. I was eventually found a bed on D3, by the vigilant night staff. Once on D3, I was cared for by a doctor, who without doubt saved my life to which I am eternally grateful. Due to his expert vigilance not only recovered me from a serious dose of pneumonia, battling to find the antibiotic to treat my infection, also diagnosed a serious heart complaint I did not know I had. With the help of the hospital microbiology team, pharmacy, doctors and nurses I am now recovering at home. Whilst on D3, two sisters and their nursing team cared for me in a professional manner and also involved the pain team, physio, cardiologist, cardiac nurses and chaplaincy teams to cater for all my needs, going that extra mile with a smile on their face to make a difference and be valued respected and proud putting the patient and the heart of their work. Another doctor and the cardiac nurse also came to see me, and began my cardiac treatment whilst in hospital. I am extremely grateful for all the staff at Royal Bolton for making my stay safe, comfortable and ultimately resulting in a good outcome. In times of extreme pressure at the trust, due to influx of sick patients the hospital continues to offer an exemplary service and should be proud of their work, run by an efficient hospital management team under an excellent Medical Chief Executive.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 01.02.15


“I visited A&E yesterday afternoon due to pains in my chest and arm. From the triage to being assessed by the doctors and nurses my care was 100%. Fortunately it wasn’t anything serious we were seen very quickly indeed. Can you pass on my thanks to the staff in A&E for me. Thanks Suzanne France”

Posted on NHS Choices website 27.01.15


“After my accident last night i had to go to A&E Bolton. I arrived at 12 noon was seen to straight away. checked over again, X-rayed and had my foot/Leg plastered as i broke my heel in 2 places. I left the Royal Bolton Hospital at exactly 1pm. 1 Hour it took for me to get in and get out. It is really well run and i couldn’t have asked for a better service. Cheers Guys.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 25.01.15


“I took my sister to A&E last night, from the moment with walked through the doors, she was seen to almost immediately, the staff were friendly, helpful, the docter and the nurse treated her with the utmost respect. In fact the whole experience was marvellous. I cannot speak too highly about the doctor he informed her every step of the way, unfortunately, she has got pneumonia, which was detected straight away, I cannot speak too highly about the Department.”

Posted on NHS Choices 13.01.15


“Had to attend A&E with my 18 year old daughter yesterday as she had been unable to pass urine for 18 hours and was in a lot of discomfort. The doctor we saw was so polite, friendly and professional, and the nurse who carried out the necessary procedure was exactly the same, and really put my daughter at ease. The staff were clearly very busy, but dealt with us as efficiently as possible.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 07.01.15


“Triaged immediately and offered pain relief. Reasonable wait then seen by friendly doctor. X Ray staff efficient and kind. X Ray reviewed quickly and discharged straight away. Thanks!”

Posted on NHS Choices website 01.03.15


“From the receptionist, doctor and paramedics who came into contact with my auntie may we say a huge thank you for the compassion shown and also your honesty was second to none in explaining the situation. The care she received was second to none . With the nhs and the hospital receiving bad publicity we felt we had to say a big thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 28.12.14


“I woke in the night about 2 hrs after going to bed with a nasty pain in my belly. After 4 hrs of tossing and turning I got out of bed and called 111. They insisted on sending paramedics. The advice they gave was contradictory and it was clear they were reading from a script. The algorithms may need a little tidying up.

The paramedics arrived in about 20 mins and were lovely. I apologised as I didn’t think it was serious enough for them and the pain had begun to ease a little. They assured me I’d done the right thing and carted me off in their ambulance. I had another attack of pain in the ambulance. It reminded me of being in labour. The staff in A&E were also very reassuring and I was still convinced I shouldn’t be there.

After about an hour, the pain suddenly stopped and I felt fine. They ran some tests and thought I may have gall stones. They sorted me out with strong pain killers in case it happens again and an appointment to see a surgeon the next day. The doctor also warned me that one of my liver enzymes was raised and said to get a re-check in a month.

A great service all round. The staff were supportive and reassuring. I didn’t let on I am NHS staff so I know I didn’t get special treatment. Now all I need is some sleep.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 28.12.14


“Excellent treatment received by all professionals involved.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 21.12.14


“Admitted Friday rush hour. Inside the hospital. Staff at all times doing their level best under pressure. Admitted on F3. Nursing Team were superb at all times. Later moved to E4 side ward 3 until Tuesday being released home. Too many names I can’t remember all but day team were excellent. Night/ weekend team also excellent. Could not have wished for any better treatment and attention. Nil By Mouth but when I could have solids beverage and food was again excellent and all hot. Thanks again to the catering team. Finally cleaning team excellent. Many thanks from a former patient.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 11.12.14


“I went to A&E at Royal Bolton on the 13th June 2014. I had fallen down a step in the garden and ripped the skin on the front of my leg. After waiting about half hour I was seen by the triage nurse who had a look at my leg and put a new dressing on it and asked me to go back to waiting room. After about another half hour or so I was called back and the same triage nurse dressed my wound and put butterfly stitches on the wound. She explained everything to me as she went along and put my mind at rest. Excellent treatment and lovely nurse.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 09.11.14


“I broke my ankle late on a Friday night the ambulance staff were great and when I got to A&E they got me straight through. I was on a ward within 2hrs which was fast with the work they had to do, I had surgery on the Monday putting plates in and was back home by Tuesday night. The nurses looked after me brilliantly nothing was too much for them and the docs came round and kept me up to date on what was going on before and after surgery, got to go back today for follow up appointment hopefully goes as well as the rest did.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 02.10.14


“Two weeks ago yesterday, I tried to take out my neighbour’s garden waste bin but it was too heavy and as I tried to tilt it on to its wheels, it fell, knocking me backwards onto the concrete drive. I was taken by ambulance to A & E where I was examined by a lovely doctor who arranged an immediate X-Ray as a precaution. I was shocked to learn that I had broken my back and devastated to realise that I would have to stay in hospital; my worst nightmare! Within an hour, I was taken to ward G4, bay 3 and told that as I had an unstable fracture, I had to lie completely flat until they could do an MRI scan. I thought that I would find that really difficult but the nurses and other staff made sure that I was comfortable, fed and watered. I was always treated with dignity and respect. A doctor came to see me straight away and explained what was happening. Throughout my nine day stay, at least one doctor came to see me in the morning and sometimes again, later on in the day, always keeping me informed. This really exceeded my expectations. For seven of the nine days, I had to have complete bed rest which could have been extremely frustrating, but the nurses and health care workers could not do enough for me. Everyone was so cheerful, which really helped me to stay positive. I was measured for a TLSO (a back brace) which was fitted within 24 hours. This has enabled me to almost carry on as normal. What started as a nightmare, turned into a pleasant experience and whilst it was good to be going home, I was sad to leave and knew I’d miss everyone. I cannot praise the staff highly enough and would like to thank everyone involved in my care.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 02.10.14


“My 89 year old mum was taken to A and E by ambulance yesterday afternoon. I was prepared for a long and uncomfortable wait. However I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and kindness of all the staff including porters, nurses , clerical and doctors. Many thanks for minimising the trauma of what could nave been a very difficult afternoon and evening.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 02.10.14


“My wife was taken to the A & E Department yesterday by ambulance after becoming unwell following dental implant surgery in the morning. We would like to record our thanks for the professional and friendly treatment received from all the A & E staff we came into contact with. We were kept fully informed of progress, extra effort was made to find food that was practical for her to eat. When it became necessary for us to be moved out of the bay into the general central area, the Senior Sister on duty came and fully explained the situation the department was in and apologised for having to move us. We were very impressed.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 12.09.14


“Today my 81 year old mother had a fall whilst out walking her dog in Heath Charnock. I live in Birmingham and got a phone call saying she was being taken to hospital by ambulance. The problem was we did not know which hospital. I phoned Chorley, Wigan and Bolton A&E departments but nobody knew anything about it. Bolton was my last phone call and I was put through to a member of staff who was extremely helpful, kind and understanding. The member of staff promised to contact the ambulance service to locate my mum’s whereabouts and get straight back to me, which is exactly what happened. The member of staff went the extra mile for someone on the end of the phone who was clearly worried. This was much more than happened at the other two hospitals I contacted. So thanks very much I really appreciate what you did for me!”

Posted on NHS Choices 08.09.14


“Attended at a&e with chest pain and palpitations. Was seen by triage within 10 minutes and then passed through to cubicles for tests immediately. The doctors and nurses were excellent, I was never left alone for a moment, constantly kept informed and looked after by caring and patient staff. I was dreading going into a&e but can only praise and thank the staff for their hard work.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 02.09.14


“Please pass on my thanks to all the staff who looked afer me on Monday 18th August in A&E dept. I was taken in after becoming unwell whilst working in Bolton. All the staff were kind, caring and professional, with an air of calm throughout the dept. I felt very reassured. I would like to say a particular thank you to the doctor who spent some time explaining the condition I had been diagnosed with in the last month. I learnt more from him than I had from my local healthcare professionals. Working within the NHS I fully appreciate the pressures that front line staff come under in often difficult circumstances. You have a wonderful team. Thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 26.08.14


“My treatment was excellent from all the staff and doctors I came into contact with on admittance as an emergency. I was dealt with in a timely manner, given a thorough examination, got the results of bloods back within an hour, admitted overnight and discharged in a very efficient and timely manner the next day with a diagnosis and medication provided. Everyone I had dealings with from the cleaners, tea lady, all the nurses and doctors particularly one doctor who explained very clearly my diagnosis and the treatment I would receive. The Pharmacy dept also dealt with my prescription in a friendly and timely manner. When the chips are down … Royal Bolton always come up trumps. Thank you everybody concerned.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 04.08.14


“From entering the A & E dept to ending up on the CCU ward every member of staff from the receptionist in A & E, all the medical staff and even the ward cleaner were brilliant, I could not have been better looked after.

Posted on NHS Choices 10.07.14


“I accompanied my elderly neighbour to A & E by ambulance on Saturday night, staff were extremely busy with a very high level of admissions, yet throughout our stay they were pleasant and polite and cared for my neighbour with respect, maintaining her dignity at all times. I cannot praise the staff enough, they were marvellous and a credit to the hospital.”

Posted on NHS Choices 08.07.14


“I would like to thank the wonderful staff in the A & E department who helped my husband on Friday after being stuck in his wagon for 1 1/2 hours after his back went whilst he was driving. They were caring and very thoughtful and he and myself were treated so nice. It should be brought to peoples attention the great work they do. We feel they went above and beyond their duties and we would like to say a big ‘thank you’! A big thanks to the staff nurse and the doctor. (We did take some chocolates in on Sunday). Keep up the fantastic work you’re a credit to the NHS.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 27.06.14


“Excellent services provided by A&E Department at Royal Bolton Hospital. We need to come to dept several times a year for my daughter’s condition. Cannot speak highly enough of the quality of care and support provided by staff. Such a great team. Especially the doctors. Keeping us informed all through the treatment. Waiting times are excellent. The staff deserve medals for all the difficult cases they care for. Generally every dept works hard at the hospital to provide.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 09.06.14


“After having to come to the hospital in the early hours of Friday morning, firstly the clerical staff in A&E , very quick to respond to us, almost as soon as we walked through the door, very professional, quickly through to the triage and then into A&E cubical where the nurse practitioner took over our care, X-ray, then the doctor. Very soon up onto the ward D2. My son, 25, has learning disabilities, both my husband and myself were very worried about him, he has always been very healthy up to now, not had to come to the hospital since he was very young (when he was starting with epilepsy) he has always fought his illnesses, colds and such. The two staff nurses on B2 could not have been more helpful, they helped to explain everything that was happening to Andrew, we were referred to the learning disabilities nurse for her input and someone came up before night-time to make sure I had a bed to sleep on so that I could stay with my son. A member of staff was extremely efficient on Saturday morning as we were discharged, going personally to pharmacy for Andrew’s medication so we could get home. As a member of the Trust staff working in the community, I would be proud to recommend anyone to use RBH.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 09.06.14


“My elderly mum was taken to A + E on 19th May after having ‘a funny turn’. Even though the unit was very busy, with stretchers queuing in the corridor, we were kept informed and the paramedics kept checking on mum. Once we got through to the cubicles, the treatment and attention was excellent. Everyone who came to check on mum, from the doctors to the person taking her to x-ray, introduced themselves and spoke directly to mum rather than to my dad, my sister and me. My mum has Alzheimer’s and dementia and was treated with compassion and respect at all times. I think that the presence of a matron has made a lot of difference to the unit. She was constantly walking round, unobtrusively checking everything and helping with all manner of ‘jobs’ – from moving bits of rubbish, to helping take my mum’s bed through the unit on the way to x-ray. Very professional, and a huge credit to the department.”

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“After sustaining a dislocated shoulder in a cycling accident I was transported to Bolton Hospital A&E Dept by ambulance. From the first contact with the paramedic, to arrival at A&E, through to very caring, professional and speedy treatment in the hospital, I have nothing but praise for all concerned, the nurse specialist who re-set my shoulder, displayed total professionalism and compassion and kept me well informed throughout my treatment. I would like to warmly thank everybody involved in what was for me, a very painful situation.”

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“I felt completely safe & cared for at all times & have the ultimate praise & thanks for all concerned.”

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“Last night we called the out of hours service as I was experiencing palpitations of the heart. After ringing 999 and speaking with a very knowledgeable lady I opened the door to 3 paramedics, after a short discussion and an ECG, my wife and I went to the hospital and within minutes we had been seen by a sister, bloods given and seen by a doctor, monitored for 2 plus hours and discharged with a copy of the ECG for my doctor, I can only say you are so professional and lovely staff, we are all to quick to moan and criticise the NHS thank you all so very much you are all brilliant people with a can do attitude.”

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“Following a recent collapse at home I was admitted to A & E whilst there I had chest X Rays, Ultrasound scan ECG, BP and blood tests, I was treated with respect and kept fully informed of the reason for the tests and the results. I was detained in D2 overnight and discharged the following afternoon. The following day I received a telephone call to ask if I was feeling OK to which I gave a positive answer. I have a history of treatment at this Hospital over several years and have always found all levels of staff very pleasant and caring. I would have no hesitation in attending this hospital or re assuring anyone about the care and attention which they may require.”

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“Our 92 year old uncle is recovering from throat cancer and has had intensive radiotherapy. Unfortunately he had a set back a few weeks ago and had to be taken to hospital from the respite home he’s in at the moment. From the moment the Paramedics arrived to the attention he received at A&E he was treated with the most gracious care and dignity from everyone concerned. The Consultant who saw him in A & E was absolutely amazing with him and even came to the door to say goodbye and told us to return and ask for him if we needed to. Thankfully we haven’t had to return as he’s doing brilliantly but we would have no concerns whatsoever if we did have to return. A huge thank you to the Paramedics, nurses and Consultant – you do a wonderful job.”

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“I was rushed into the Royal Bolton by Ambulance with a suspected Appendicitis, which later turned out to be kidney stones. The ambulance crew were wonderful, the A&E staff were wonderful (including all the scans and X-ray teams) and the staff on F3 were absolutely lovely – from the senior consultant to the tea lady and the newspaper guy. My care was well considered, timely and effective and all the staff I came into contact with were lovely. Their passion and love of their work came across in bucket loads – despite them being incredibly busy at certain points. I felt like I was a valued patient known by name and not just another patient number on a bed by everyone I came into contact with.”

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“Was seen within 30 mins, and treated quickly too, thank you to all sisters, assistants, cleaners, nurses and any other member of staff working during my stay. I believe my care was second to none and I am very grateful for this.”

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“I have recently returned home from Bolton hospital after a two night stay having experienced a seemingly ‘atypical’ reaction from a tonsillectomy. Although the experience was very difficult (and painful!) for me and seemingly unexpected for the staff, the A+E, ENT and Ward F4 departments, finally fixed me. I would like to thank all involved for their help and support and patience.”

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“Very swift, extremely efficient and very friendly. Made a very stressful situation much better. I have nothing but praise for the staff and the hospital.”

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“I visited Bolton A and E Thursday 31st October with a dislocated shoulder and was in severe pain. This was the third time it had happened. I was taken straight through to a cubicle by a nurse who took a quick but careful history then proceeded to gently manipulate my shoulder back into its rightful place. He understood my desire to get the shoulder back in as quickly as possible and his experience and skill allowed him to do this with the aid of a bit of gas and air. He was assisted by other nurses in the unit and I was pain free within ten minutes of entering the unit. I was then taken for an X Ray and an outpatients appointment arranged. I was in and out in just over an hour. A big thank you to the nurse and all the other staff in A and E. The care and skill was outstanding. As I say this is the third occurrence and by far the most expert attention, (Canada was good but nothing happens before you produce a credit card and $400!).”

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“I was admitted to A&E yesterday, 30th October suffering from a very fast heartbeat. I could not have had better treatment anywhere. Starting with the lady on reception, through triage and assessment and finally to resus where I was treated by the doctor and a staff nurse. It took a while to sort me out as I needed an infusion so I was in A&E for almost 4 hours. In all that time I was monitored carefully despite the ward being so busy. The doctor explained to me clearly what was happening and what would have to happen regarding future medication etc. I am so glad that the Royal Bolton is my hospital and all I can say is that every effort should be made to keep our A&E. My thanks to all the people I had contact with yesterday who proved to me that good care is possible in the NHS.”

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“My sister was taken by ambulance to royal bolton and I cannot speak highly enough of the immediate assistance she received starting with the paramedics right through the resuscitation area up to the ward D4, the care and dedication shown was exemplary! We hear so much about poor standards in the NHS…………..well there was no room for criticism here!! Thank you paramedics, A and E staff and Ward D4 and associated consultant and staff.”

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From my first visit (A&E then the Eye Clinic from then on) I feel the care I have received has been wonderful. I’ve been treated with respect and felt I was in good hands.”

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“I was treated in a prompt efficient manner with a friendly attention to detail.”

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“From the moment I arrived at A&E to being admitted onto G4 nothing could have been done any better.”

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