What will happen when you attend A&E?

Children's Accident and Emergency ReceptionUnless you arrive by ambulance then when you arrive at A&E you will be asked to register at reception and then a nurse will assess your condition (triage). Patients are seen in order of priority not time of arrival. We aim to see all patients within four hours however the department can sometimes be very busy so please be patient as we work to assess and treat everyone.

When you have been assessed you will be seen by another member of the team who will arrange any necessary tests and investigations and will discuss your condition with you. They will provide any immediate treatment or advice that you need.

Accident and Emergency Staff MemberIf you need to be admitted to the hospital for further treatment or investigation the A&E staff will liaise with the appropriate inpatient team to ensure your admission is as smooth as possible. Alternatively, staff may arrange for you to be seen in an appropriate outpatient clinic at another time.

When you are discharged we will inform your GP that you have attended.


We will not tolerate violent or aggressive behaviour in the department. Staff should be able to carry out their work without fearing for their safety. Our security staff will ask anyone with aggressive behaviour, or who causes damage to property, to leave.