It is always rewarding to receive positive feedback from our patients and we are constantly striving to ensure that we provide the highest level of care possible. Please see below for some of the comments we have received recently.


Could not ask for a better service

“I was admitted to the D1 ward, I was very happy with the staff and the staff worked very well I felt in very safe hands. The ward wad clean and comfortable. I felt listened to and I felt cared for Thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 30 July 2019


Thank you C4

“I want to thank all the staff on Ward C4 for the patience and care that they have shown my mother over the last 2 1/2 months. Whenever we have visited they have always been friendly and have clearly built a caring relationship with her, despite her occasional awkwardness! The staff’s understanding and humour have helped my mother to cope with a very difficult situation and they are a credit to the hospital.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 10 March 2019


“Thank you for all the attention, respect, thoughtfulness, responsive, professional, excellent care that you provide on D2 ward. You should all be very proud and our family really appreciate everyone’s efforts. You are an amazing team. Everyone we encountered was helpful, exceptional, pleasant and congenial.

We are so thankful and appreciate everything you have done for our loved one and us too.

Thank you xxx”

Posted on NHS Choices on 29 December 2017


Stay in D3

“Come to Bolton A&E on Friday 10th Nov at 4:30 in the morning coughing blood. Was seen by a Doctor and had an x-ray. After a few hours I was transferred to D2 where I received excellent care from all the staff. An early morning call (1:30) on sat morning saw me transferred to D3 where I stayed till 15th Nov. In the time I have been in there I have nothing but praise for the Doctor who treated me, the nurses who looked after me so well, right to the orderlies who went out of their way to do anything for all the patients in bay 6. Thank you all for making my stay pleasant.”

Posted on NHS Choices website on 16th November 2017


Amazing treatment

Today I was sent to Ambulatory care unit at the hospital. The care and treatment I received was outstanding even down to being given hot drinks and sandwiches the staff we very caring and helpful and deserve some recognition well done and thank you so very much.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 03 November 2017


Some very caring nursing and HCA staff on B3

“My father was recently cared for on B3 ward (Complex care) there were some really kind and professional members of staff, in particular two HCAs and three staff nurses. Thank you and keep up the great work.”

Posted on NHS Choices website on 15th October 2017


“My Grandma had a short stay on D1 ward recently and I cannot praise the staff on that ward enough. From the moment she got on the ward until the moment she died the staff were excellent and a credit to the NHS. They were caring, compassionate and treated her with dignity throughout. They were also kind to us as a family visiting and made it comfortable for us while we visited at a very hard time. Keep doing what you do D1 you’re a fantastic team.”

Posted on NHS Choices website March 2017


“Visited the ACU at Royal Bolton Hospital today I was very impressed with the team who were both delightful and professional. Great teamwork and they are a credit to the hospital, good job and thanks.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 11 January 2017


“My wife had to attend ACU twice last weekend and again on Thursday for various tests following her operation. The staff were superb – both admin and nursing staff and the consultants she saw were all very thorough. The nurses even made us a cup of tea and offered us a sandwich on each visit.

The consultant she saw on Thursday was able to give her the news of her histology early and this was the best news anyone could have received. The NHS often gets criticised in the press, but well done Bolton you are second to none.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 22.11.16


“My GP was concerned that despite treatment the cough caused from a lower lung infection remained. He rang the ACU and spoke to a doctor who agreed it could possibly be little blood clots. I was to go to the unit for 12 noon. Although it was very busy on the unit, the care I received was exceptional. I went through a range of diagnostic tests including bloods and chest X-ray. An excellent ANP called Debbie took a full case history and gave me a thorough examination. She explained in detail what would happen if they discovered blood clots but also explained that if my bloods showed the infection this might mask it. We then had to wait for all the test results to come through. Staff ensured that all the patients were kept supplied with hot drinks and food. My husband and I finally met with the consultant who explained that from all the tests results, there was no rationale for the cough to remain. He was thorough and informative. He felt further investigation was required and has referred me to the Chest Clinic. My visit to ACU was a demonstration of the NHS at its best.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 15.07.2015


“My husband was referred to ACU over the weekend. We cannot fault the service received from the unit. We were seen very quickly by a specialist nurse and medic even though we did not have an appointment. Staff were approachable, polite, knowledgeable and reassuring throughout the consultation. The staff on the unit went out of their way to ensure that we left with the optimal outcome for the evening. We could not have asked for better service from the unit or staff who all demonstrated high levels of patient quality care.
Thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 15.03.2015


“I accompanied my mother (who is in her 80s) to GPAU after referral by her GP. We were at a loss as to why my mum had deteriorated in health so drastically & rapidly over a couple of weeks. She had previously been sent for various tests & had a couple of home visits.

On admission to GPAU my mum looked frail, old & was breathless and in a lot of chest/back discomfort. She arrived in her night clothes, which generally she would have been too proud to do. Her previous general state of health had been very good for her age & her psyche usually positive, bright & feisty. At this time she felt very low in mood & looked like she’d given up. I feared we were going to lose her.

First of all a massive thank you to all your fab & very professional staff on GPAU who recognised that just because she was old & frail, she wasn’t necessarily deaf or daft! I don’t think she could have coped with being dealt with like that as other health dept, banks & doctors have attempted to treat her in the past, purely based on her age. It meant so much to her that staff treated her with such equality, were respectful, sensitive & very kind. Due to this I sensed she was very quickly perking up & she started to display a much more uplifted spirit.

My mum says she immediately felt immense trust in the nurse practitioners & in Mr Jones as they listened intently & showed real interest in her health & in her as an individual. She was sent for further tests then seen again by the GPAU team. We also returned for results & consultation the following day.

The care she received from the team was timely, appropriate & professional, We know Mr Jones must be a very experienced & well respected consultant but his wonderful ‘bedside manner & approach to care is something special. We cannot thank him enough for his contribution to my mum’s recovery.

My mum was diagnosed with 3 fractured vertebrae, the associated pain had affected her breathing over time. She had a course of steroids, a new inhaler & was given peace of mind that there was nothing more sinister, as this was ruled out by various tests. She has returned to her former good health & great spirits & recently celebrated a wonderful birthday.
Please thank all staff on GPAU for their fantastic team work, professionalism and their respect for ‘old age’!”

Posted on Patient Opinion website 03.06.14


“My grandmother attended A+E and D2 recently for a serious condition where she required end of life care. My family and I were so impressed with the caring and compassionate nature of the staff that we dealt with. They introduced themselves and their priority at all times was to make sure she was comfortable. They offered us privacy at a difficult time and nothing was too much trouble. The side wards on D2 were spotless, and the staff struck the correct balance between giving us our privacy but also appearing frequently enough to show they cared and that we weren’t forgotten about. I am actually a member of staff at this hospital but in a non-clinical area and I can see the improvement in the nursing care in the last few years from when my mother was in a similar position a four years ago. Thanks very much for all you do.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


“Monday 11:40 saw nurse at GP practice who examined my leg and took a blood sample. Nurse rang me at 15:50 same day and said my blood was ok and to go to DVT unit at Royal Bolton. Saw another nurse who gave me an injection and took a blood sample and an appointment for 10am Tuesday for an ultrasound scan. Had scan at 10:30am and saw nurse again with report on scan and small clot diagnosed. Saw consultant nurse re implications of diagnosis, given medical pack and prescription for medication. Left hospital at noon armed with medicine just about 24 hours after first visit…..which is pretty slick. From start to finish I met six people who all impressed with their manner, knowledge and professionalism. I am 67 and this is the first hospital treatment I have had and I am highly impressed with the EXCELLENCE in performance.”

Posted on Patient Opinion website


“The nurses on this department were caring, and efficient and I didn’t want for anything. All consultants were caring and explained everything clearly. This helped to reduce my worrying massively.”

Posted on Patient Opinion website


“This ward shows how good care for people in hospital can be.”

Posted on NHS Choices website