Advanced Practitioner Clinics

Advanced practitioners in audiology work alongside the ENT consultant-led clinics to identify and treat hearing loss, tinnitus and dizziness. They are experienced audiologists that have completed a two year master’s degree in advanced practice, providing them with additional clinical skills to diagnose and manage hearing, tinnitus and balance problems.

Patients with hearing loss, tinnitus or vertigo (dizziness) can be referred to these clinics by their GP.

Advanced practitioner clinics are not suitable for patients with the following conditions and a referral to ENT by their GP would be more appropriate:

  • Sudden hearing loss
  • Discharging or wax occluded ears
  • Pulsatile tinnitus (a rhythmical noise which usually has the same rate as the heart)
  • Acute vertigo
  • Conditions likely to require surgery

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