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Facilities and equipment

Our service is well equipped with the latest technology to support the full range of work we do. The balance diagnostics equipment is particularly advanced and our facilities have been used by Manchester University Audiology Department to provide laboratory based teaching for students.

We are fully equipped with the latest advanced systems for hearing aid fitting which also allow us to test the performance of the hearing aids and make sure they are working properly. This equipment will ensure the service is able to keep up to date with any future developments in the use of more specialised hearing tests. All our equipment is supported by an up to date IT system in accordance with the Trust’s IT development strategy.


Links with other services

Audiology has excellent working relationships with the Ear, Nose and Throat and Physiotherapy Departments meaning patients receive the best possible care. The team also works closely with the Paediatric Audiology Department based at Halliwell Health and Children’s Centre and have developed a strong transition service for hearing impaired children to transfer to the adult services.

Apart from links with other departments within the Trust, we also work with local authority departments and services such as social services, the Sensory Centre and the Learning Disabilities Team, as well as GPs and Bolton CCG.

The service is also involved with the training Healthcare Science students working with local Universities and regional workforce development strategy groups.

Awards and training

The service was successfully awarded national accreditation by UKAS in June 2013, the third service nationally to achieve this recognition as a quality service provider. This accreditation has been revalidated and maintained as of May 2017.

We were awarded the Northwest Workforce Modernisation and Innovation Award 2011 for developing the associate practitioner role in the department. This role allowed us to modify our service delivery and gave senior staff more time to attend complex appointments.

We are an innovative department and are always looking for ways to improve our delivery of care. We support training and offer development opportunities to staff so that they can develop their skills and knowledge.



As a department we are always considering new ways of working to increase the quality of our services. We want to improve our existing relationships with social care and paediatric audiology and see if it would be possible to deliver some services in GP surgeries or other community settings, closer to patients’ homes.

A direct access Audiologist and Physiotherapist led balance service has been implemented in 2017 that provides diagnostic testing and managment at the first appointment enabling patients to receive more rapid access to diagnosis and treatment thus improving care.

To make it easier for patients to access some of our services, the team are exploring opportunities to develop:

  • A direct access tinnitus service so that GPs can refer patients directly to the Audiology Department instead of through ENT
  • A way for GPs to refer adults with learning disabilities for a hearing assessment as part of their GP health screen


Advice and information

Please find below links to useful guidance and patient information.

Access to Work



Action on Hearing Loss



Battery Safety Advice



Bolton Carers Support



Bolton Sensory Centre



Bolton Tinnitus Support Group



British Academy of Audiology



British Acoustic Neuroma Association



British Deaf Association



British Sign Language Healthy Minds



British Society of Audiology



Bolton Tinnitus Support Group



British Tinnitus Association



Deafness Research UK (Now Merged with Action on Hearing Loss)



Hearing and Learning Disabilities



Hearing Dogs for the Deaf



Ménière’s Society



National Association of Deafened People



Registration Council for Clinical Physiologists



National Deaf Children’s Society



Sense (Deaf Blind Charity)



The Ear Foundation



The Hearing Link






Visitor restrictions

To protect you and our staff during the current outbreak of Covid-19 we’ve put in place significant restrictions on hospital visitors.

Full details of these can be found on our website.

We would like to thank you for your understanding and helping us stop the spread of Covid-19.

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