Infant Feeding Support Team:

“I’m writing this email as I feed my new baby – it’s 6am in the morning and my husband and I have been up most of the night. This has been beyond exhausting on top of the hardest and most life changing week of our lives- it’s true when people say nothing prepares you for it.

Yesterday a breastfeeding support worker visited me at home and once again gave me a boost that we will get through this. She has visited me three times since we came home and also been in touch by text. Each time she has taught us something new and slowly we have been able to establish breastfeeding. Without the support visits I am certain that I would not have managed to breastfeed at all. She helped with teaching me and my baby how to get it right as he had been used to a bottle for the first few days of feeding.

Fast forward a few days, my baby is now 2 weeks old and still feeding for very long periods – this has become a real challenge because of the lack of sleep and my baby has also lost more weight than expected.  I felt well supported by Alison when I suggested we may want to look at bottle feeding, as we feel we can’t carry on as we are. In the end bottle feeding with formula is the decision we made for our family and we are happy with it. We are so grateful for the help and support given to us that enabled me to be able to breastfeed for that first 2 weeks which was so important for us.

Thank you so much for all your help, support and knowledge which have been invaluable in this time and we are so grateful.”


Health Visiting:

“I was offered the parenting support course by my health visitor because I was struggling to manage my daughter’s (age 5) behaviour and feeling extremely stressed because I have 4 children. I was very anxious about the group because English is not my first language and my self-esteem and confidence was very low. The group was very friendly and I felt supported by all the leaders and the other parents, which in turn helped me to open up and be honest about my struggles, one thing that helped me on the first session was realising that I am not alone with feeling like this and other parents have very similar struggles.  I found the group to be a safe place to talk and not be judged. The home practice each week helped me to stay focussed on my end goal, and when I tried things at home that worked, it slowly increased my confidence in my parenting ability.  Before starting the group my GP wanted to put me on antidepressants because my mood was rock bottom, but hand on heart I can now say that I feel like a mum who can enjoy my children all at the same time, I feel happy with life and learnt how to interact with my children in a positive way.  I used to shout and tell my children off from morning till night, then I would go to bed completely shattered but unable to sleep because I felt so guilty about the way I had spoken to my children.  Now I have got the skills and knowledge to manage the situation.

I wish I had known about the parenting support group when I had my first child because it has taught me how to play and praise my children and also know the expectations of them at different ages.  This has truly helped me feel like a new mum. I now know that giving lots of positive attention far outweighs the negative.”