Our Displays

Happy Healthy Xmas Display Board‘Happy Healthy Christmas’ Display – Produced December 2018

This display highlights how important it is to look after your wellbeing during the busy Christmas period, as in between the fun, we’re often encouraged to overspend and over-indulge at every turn and it can end up feeling quite stressful. So no wonder many of us face the prospect of the post-Christmas blues feeling exhausted, a little tighter around the waist and lighter in the pocket too!

But it doesn’t have to be that way. This display promotes how we can use the five ways to wellbeing to keep ourselves active and emotionally resilient. It also comes with additional resources that encourage the use of healthier alternatives for advent calendars, parties and the big day that are cheap, easy, fun and good for us.

Happy Healthy Christmas – Display Guidance Document [817kb] PDF


Additional materials available for download:

Christmas Party Food Recipe Book [2mb] PDF

Advent Calendar Templates [1mb] PDF

Christmas Cookbook [3mb] PDF

Happy Healthy Christmas Handout [2mb] PDF



Food poverty display HIT team


‘Food Poverty’ Display – Produced November 2018

This display supports families to eat well on a low budget by providing practical tips on how to reduce their food and fuel spend such as by accessing cheaper non branded and seasonal produce and cooking meals from scratch.



Five ways to wellbeing display HIT Team

‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’ Display – Produced May 2018

This display promotes the Five Ways to Wellbeing.  Evidence suggests that small improvements can help to decrease some mental health problems and also help people to flourish.




No rush to mush display HIT Team‘No Rush to Mush’ Display – Produced May 2018

This display promotes Public Health England’s ‘Start4Life’ campaign.  This is a national campaign which supports parents to follow the Department of Health recommendations introduce solid food to their baby when they are around 6 months old and showing three developmental signs.



100 calorie snacks display HIT Team‘100 Calories Snacks’ Display – Produced April 2018

This display promotes Change4life’s 100 calorie snacks campaign which advises parents to provide no more than two pre-packaged 100 calorie snacks for children each a day.  It also comes with an interactive 100 calorie snacks game.



Sweet Easter display HIT Team‘Sweet Easter’ Display – Produced March 2018

This display highlights our recommended daily sugar intakes, the amount of sugar in Easter eggs and provides practical ways of celebrating Easter with all the fun but less sugar using healthier foods or non-food activities such as active games and craft activities.  It also comes with two electronic and printer friendly handout for families.



Second hand smoke display HIT Team‘Second Hand Smoke’ Display  – Produced February 2018

This display highlights the risks of second-hand smoke to children and promotes the importance of smoke free homes and cars and info on stop smoking support for adults.




Lets get moving display HIT team

‘Let’s Get Moving’ (Under 5s) Display – Produced January 2018

This display highlights the importance of physical activity for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, highlighting key recommendations, top tips and links for further support.




One You Display HIT Team‘One You’ Display – Produced December 2017

This display promotes Public Health England’s new ‘One You’ campaign.  This is a national campaign which supports adults to eat well, get active, stop smoking, drink less, stress less and sleep better via an interactive website, online quizzes and a range of free health Apps.