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Guess the sugars ganme HIT TeamGuess the Sugars Game – Produced August 2018

This is a fun, visual and interactive resource that can be used with individuals or groups to help them understand:

  • Different types of sugars and their impact on our health
  • What the current recommendations for sugars are
  • How many sugar cubes are in everyday foods and drinks
  • How to assess how much sugars you might be consuming
  • Practical tips on how to reduce intakes of free sugars including how to read a label
  • How to use the Change4life ‘Food Scanner App’ to scan barcodes and see how much fat, sugars and salt are in our foods and drinks


100 calorie snacks game HIT TeamChange4Life 100 Calorie Snacks Game – Produced April 2018

Too much sugar is bad for our health; however, Children in England are eating nearly three times the recommended amount.  Surprisingly, half the sugars they consume come from snacks and sugary drinks.  As a way to help parents reduce children’s sugar intake, Change4Life has launched a new campaign to help families choose healthier snacks.  This game supports the national Change 4 Life campaign, “Look for 100 calorie snacks, two a day max!”