HIT are able to offer a range of briefing and training sessions:


HIT service briefing sessions

We can come out to meet you and your team/service/setting and deliver a short presentation about our service, what we do and how we can help you


HIT presentation on ‘Threading health improvement through your everyday practice’

We can come out to deliver a presentation to your team/service/setting which highlights the current health statistics for England and Bolton, the importance of healthy lifestyles, prevalence of risk factors and what can be done to improve this.  It then aims to start a conversation about what you are doing already, what you can do to further support families to live well and explain the support we can provide to you.  Presentation can be adapted to last between 30mins to 3 hours depending on time and number of staff available.


Training sessions

We offer the following training courses.  Staff can attend our generic rolling programme delivered at various venues throughout the year or if you have enough staff, we are able to come out and deliver a bespoke session for you.


  • Half day Feeding Babies training

A half day training session that is designed to empower staff to support the families they work with to introduce healthy habits from the start by increasing their knowledge of when and how to introduce solid food to babies.

“Lovely advice and support to offer to parents starting weaning or having problems with weaning.  Brilliant course, new information gained as well as an update on knowledge I already had!”


  • Half day Feeding Toddlers training

A half day training session to provide staff with the knowledge and skills to support families with toddlers to follow a healthy balanced diet.  With a particular focus on increasing willingness to try and reducing fussy eating, this course addresses the key diet related concerns for young children.


  • 2 day Eat Well Feel Well training


  • 2 hour Level 1 Stop Smoking training

The aim of this session is to increase the confidence of attendees to raise the issue of smoking and the effects of second- hand smoke on families and signpost smokers to appropriate assistance to quit.


  • 5 hour Level 2 Stop Smoking training

This is a detailed session for colleagues who will be carrying out stop smoking interventions or who will be involved in giving information about smoking cessation pharmacotherapy to smokers intending to quit.

It provides in depth information on all aspects of smoking cessation: behaviour change techniques, assessing levels of addiction and smoking cessation pharmacotherapy.  It also covers the most up to date information about vaping.