Infant Feeding

The community infant feeding team aim to provide accurate, up to date and unbiased guidance on how to feed your baby.

We contact all mums who leave the maternity unit breastfeeding and offer a support visit in which we can assess breastfeeding techniques and guide parents to use different methods of positioning and attachment. We have our own Facebook page ‘Feeding your baby around Bolton’ and post links to information about breastfeeding and the support available that we hope you will find useful. We also have a Facebook page ‘feeding your baby around Bolton – bottle feeding’ which has information and resources which we hope will help you bottle feed safely if this is how you are feeding your baby.

We have two breastfeeding groups each week where you can access face to face help with feeding if needed.

In addition, you can contact your midwife or your health visitor to discuss any concerns you may have or could contact the Community Infant Feeding Team on 01204 462339. This line has an answerphone so you can leave a message if there is no one to take your call.

The video below provides step by step guidance on how to safely prepare  a bottle feed for your baby.