Meet the Team

Health Visitor Team Leaders

Health Visitor Team Leaders are Specialist Community Public Health Nurses that have additional leadership responsibilities in the Integrated Health and Wellbeing service. Team Leaders are a point of contact and support for Health Visitors, professionals and parents and are keen to listen to action the views of those that work within or come into contact with the service.


Community Practice Teachers

Community Practice Teachers are often called CPT’s, they are also Specialist Community Public Health Nurses that have an additional qualification in educating staff and training student health visitors. Community practice teachers will inform both parents and professionals that a trainee health visitor is accompanying them prior to their contact.


Health Visitors

Health Visitors are Specialist Community Public Health Nurses that have either been an adult/child/mental health nurse or midwife prior to completing their post graduate health visitor training. Health Visitors are non-medical prescribers and are well placed to support children with minor illnesses. Health Visitors will assess and identify the health needs for each family and develop a plan of care and support tailored to meet the individual needs of your family.


Family Nurses

Family Nurses are qualified and specialist trained nurses who work specifically with first time parents under the age of 20. A family nurse will provide support through home visits from early pregnancy until the child is two years old, after which families will be cared for by a Health Visitor.


Staff Nurses

Our qualified staff nurses work closely alongside health visitors completing assessments and evidence based interventions both in groups and on a one to one basis with families. Some of our staff nurses are also non-medical prescribers and all have a wealth of knowledge on public health topics.


Nursery Nurses

The nursery nurses that work within the integrated health and wellbeing service for 0-5’s are highly trained in the field of child development. Nursery nurses offer evidence based interventions with families as well as supporting groups in the community.


Link Workers

Our specialist link workers support our engagement with families where English is not the first language of the family. Link workers are present at some of our well baby clinics and use both their knowledge of child development and bilingual skills to support families who require this.


Student Nurses

We are keen to share the knowledge and skills within our service to develop and support student nurses from our local universities. We often have students spending time with ourselves on a placement that last a few weeks or exposure for one day. We will notify parents and professionals if we have a student nurses that will be accompanying us on our contacts.


Infant Feeding Support Team

The Infant Feeding Support Workers are level 3 trained in the Unicef Baby Friendly Initiative and have a wide variety of knowledge and skills in infant feeding. Infant feeding support workers are available to support families in the very early days following the birth of their child and will make contact to offer support following discharge after delivery.