It is always rewarding to receive positive feedback from our patients and we are always aiming to improve the quality of services that we provide. Please find below some of the comments we have had from our patients.


Fantastic Breast Team

“I would like to thank all the staff in the Breast team – Sunflower suite, Evergreen suite, Ward M1, Day care Unit, and Porters. My wonderful consultant who I had confidence in from the first consultation and not forgetting the staff behind the scenes who I have never met in histology. Between you all I have had the best treatment I could have wished for.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 17 October 2019


Very good practice

“I was straight in on the time of my appointment, the staff were very good, friendly, professional and efficient. It is the second time I have been here and had no problems.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 11 October 2019


Thank you so much for looking after me on Tuesday

“Thank you so much to all the staff at the breast care unit for looking after me on Wednesday. I was very distressed at coming into the building but the nurse took my sister and me into a quiet room and reassured us. She was so lovely. My breast care nurse also came to meet me and gave me so much support. I then saw a consultant and the lovely nurses who removed the dressing after surgery very gently as they knew how anxious I was and then two nurses were told to drain my womb and really were reassuring and so gentle. Thank you all so much for looking after me.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 27 September 2019


“I was referred to the breast unit on a two week rule and seen within 8 days. Amazing service, ever member of staff was friendly, helpful and put me at ease. All tests and results were explained, the process flowed without delays. Thank you to everyone who helped today.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 23 August 2019


Brilliant Breast Cancer Surgery

“Having recently had breast cancer surgery under the care of my consultant, I would like to say what an excellent place Bolton Breast Unit is. Everyone I came in contact with was supporting, informative, and caring making a stressful time a little easier. A huge thank you to all of you!”

Posted on NHS Choices on 28 June 2019


“I attended the clinic after I received a letter informing me I needed further tests following a mammogram. On the day I was anxious, but needn’t have been. The staff who looked after me were so caring they put my mind at ease, especially when I needed a needle biopsy. The consultant radiologist was very friendly. I attended the Evergreen Suite yesterday (20 May) for the results of the biopsy and once again was looked after by a very caring nurse who informed me the test was clear. If I ever need to attend this hospital again, I know I will be well looked after. Many thanks to all the staff concerned.”

Posted on NHS Choices in June 2019


Caring staff in Evergreen suite

“After breast surgery the care I received from the Consultant and staff in the Evergreen suite was caring and genuine. I really can’t say enough the nurse’s here always act with kindness and make you feel special, well these girls are very special too, Thank you all.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 29 May 2019


Clinic experience

“I can honestly say that my experiences at the Royal Bolton Hospital was exceptional. I have had a difficult few months and had to visit the breast team. I have been treated very well with dignity, patience and kindness. The breast team are truly amazing and I can’t thank you enough. Everyone who works in that department is extremely professional and kind and I am happy to have met such a wonderful team. The staff in M1 and the day care unit again are fantastic and I would highly recommend the Royal Bolton Hospital. Huge thank you to everyone and to the porter who kept me upbeat. I am proud of the NHS.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 24 May 2019


“I recently had my first mammogram at Radcliffe Primary Health Centre and received excellent care. I was asked to return for further tests to Bolton Breast Care Centre and again received excellent care from this team of professionals. I returned for my biopsy results 10 days later to the Evergreen Suite and luckily received a positive outcome. I would like to thank all the staff involved in my care, they were all so kind and. explained every detail to me. When I had my biopsies taken one of the girls held my hand and I was reassured throughout the procedure.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 18 May 2019


My Lumpectomy surgery

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer after a routine mammogram in February to date 15/04/2019, I had a lumpectomy to remove the cancer. I can’t thank the whole team from consultant nurses and reception staff for all they have done, the care I have received on my journey from start to finish has been outstanding and the before and after care has been outstanding. The whole team are excellent in their work and commitment to making my journey as easy and understanding my choices of treatment and care that has been provided. I’m truly grateful for every step the whole team have taken.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 15 April 2019


Breast cancer journey from mammogram to surgery

“I am a 64 year old woman that has generally enjoyed good health through my life. In Jan 2019 I attended Radcliffe Primary Care Centre for a routine mammogram. Shortly after I was asked to attend Bolton Hospital Breast Clinic for more tests. A small lump had been found and biopsy taken which at a follow up meeting was confirmed as cancer. During the consultation my particular cancer and treatment options were carefully explained and I was given time to take it in and decide exactly what procedure I would take and which Hospital. I decided to have the surgery at Bolton even though it is not the nearest hospital to where I live, this was because of the confidence I felt during the meeting. 

A pre-op consultation was arranged for the following week and all my questions were patiently answered. My surgery was scheduled and carried out on 4/03/2019 as a Day Care case on Ward M1. Every member of staff that I met throughout my journey from the hospital porters to the surgeons were truly amazing, this included the staff I had contact with in other departments such as X-ray, Nuclear Meds, Pathology and Surgery.

I’m still to go back next week for my results and future treatment/care plan but I just wanted to record my journey so far and I cannot recommend and praise the staff and cleanliness highly enough. Without singling any person out I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the staff.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 18 March 2019


Breast Surgery – Fantastic Outcome

“I have just had a lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed and I cannot believe the fantastic outcome from this operation. Everything was perfect from the minute I walked on to M1. The staff very attentive and helpful and the ward were very clean. I then went to the Breast Unit to have a wire put in and again all the staff wonderful and very professional and did everything they could to make me feel comfortable and respected my dignity.

 Straight from the Breast Unit I was taken to theatre and the Anaesthetist was wonderful and put me at ease whilst preparing me to go into theatre. The Consultant has done a fantastic job I could not believe that he operated via my nipple and therefore I will have no large scar and once the small scar heals it will be invisible. The scar for my lymph node removal is again very neat. The Consultant has been wonderful and explained everything all the way through my treatment. I would like to thank all staff for making my experience the best it could be.”

 Posted on NHS Choices on 8th February 2019


“I have been visiting the breast unit since December 18 and also had two operations where I have been on M1. I can honestly say the treatment I have received has been excellent, the consultant, nurses, cancer care nurses and all other staff are wonderful. They treat you with compassion, care, dignity and respect in every aspect of care. I’m still undergoing treatment and I couldn’t wish to be in a better place for my treatment and care. Thank you Royal Bolton 👍

Posted on NHS Choices on 7th February 2019



 “Having been recalled following a mammogram in December I am in the care of the Consultants, Dr, and nurses at the Breast Unit. I want to thank the whole team for their care, kindness and understanding, they are all amazing. Their support has been incredible.

 I found the whole unit to be very well organised. All my tests were arranged without any hassle and carried out very quickly. Everything was clearly explained to me and questions answered. I also would like to thank all the staff on M1 ward for their care and kindness and help on the day of my surgery in January. Lovely people who do an amazing job.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 29th January 2019


The staff at the hospital were very nice friendly

“Referred by my GP, I was seen within 9 days and the appointment was confirmed several times. The staff were kind and friendly on all levels and explained each step of my treatment in detail. I would like to thank them for their care and understanding and I would be happy to use this hospital again for the same service.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 28th January 2019


Excellent service

“Yesterday I visited the royal Bolton breast unit. The members of staff from nurses, mammographers, junior doctors and doctors were amazing, very patient and put me at ease. Bolton has definitely got a fantastic breast unit. Kind Regards Lorraine Aldred”

Posted on NHS Choices in November 2018


Amazing care to treat Breast Cancer

“I would like to thank all the amazing team at the Bolton Breast Clinic.

I was diagnosed with low grade breast cancer following a mammogram recall. Although the result was a huge shock it was delivered with great positivity and compassion. I was treated with dignity and respect at all times and I have a huge amount of admiration for the whole team.

I received my diagnosis on 25th May, had my operation on 30th May and the wonderful news that my biopsy and histology results are clear on 7th June! I couldn’t have asked for a more efficient and speedy positive outcome! The surgeon who treated me used a new technique to Bolton Breast clinic and his care has been fantastic. He has certainly “gone that extra mile” and he made me feel that I was in extremely safe hands at all times. I was equally impressed with the whole talented and dedicated team supporting him, including everyone who treated me on M1 ward, not forgetting the porter!

I am now entering my next phase of treatment and I have an appointment with the oncologist, but based on the care I have had so far I am in no doubt that it will be up to the usual extremely high standard.

A huge thank you to everyone who has been involved in my care! ”

Posted on NHS Choices on 08 June 2018


First rate service

My wife has recently been treated for breast cancer at the Bolton breast care unit. From the initial assessment to being passed on to the chemo team, I have nothing but praise for the whole team.

All the staff ensure you fully understand what is occurring and take all the time you need to ask questions. I hope that people do not need to use this service, but if you do you are in great hands.”


Caring and compassionate….

“Caring and compassionate is how I would describe the fabulous team at the Royal Bolton Breast Unit. Although I was diagnosed with breast cancer, there was never a moment when I felt afraid; my whole experience has been one of positivity. I underwent mastectomy surgery just two days ago and I can’t believe how well I feel. I wish to thank my surgeon and the whole team in theatre; they are so talented and ultimate professionals. I must also thank the consultant with whom I initially consulted. The breast care nurse, nurse and doctor, are all exceptional people, they promised to look after me and they did that brilliantly. I also wish to thank the staff on Ward M1 nurse and breast care nurse respectively, Thank you to the receptionists the first contact you have at the Breast Unit, they are really friendly and helpful. Unfortunately I don’t know all the names of the wonderful nurses, breast care nurses, porters and volunteers etc., but I wish to thank you all. What a fantastic team.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 17 May 2018


Fantastic Hospital & Staff.

“Wonderful hospital & staff. Thank you all. ‘The Royal Bolton Hospital’ are a credit to the NHS and I would like to thank them very much for making me feel so cared for & at ease. The Breast Surgeon Consultant I saw was wonderful, at the very top in his field & answered some relatively technical questions with ease. The remainder of the staff including all of the Nurses & Receptionists & every other member of staff were very friendly & helped me to relax & were extremely efficient within the roles they performed.
I was especially impressed with the EFFICIENCY of the ‘Breast Unit’. I have never experienced such competency in all of my decades of visiting either an NHS hospital nor a private hospital. They’re organisational skills must simply be the best to achieve efficiency at such a high level. I arrived an hour early & was very shocked to be seen by my Consultant within 15 minutes. Obviously this may not have occured during a more busy period but I have never had the pleasure of experiencing this. I would like to thank every single member of staff whom I saw yesterday for the fantastic work you did for me.
You all really are the best in your field.
Thanks again.”


Speedy and compassionate care to check breast cancer concern

“I have recently contacted my breast cancer nurse with concerns regarding breast cancer recurrence as I had found a lump. I was offered an appointment for examination and an ultrasound scan very quickly. Thankfully this proved to be a benign cyst this time. My nurse is a brilliant support to me. The doctor who saw me on the day, the radiologist and the nurses were all brilliant as they were when I was treated with my original breast cancer. I will always be grateful to this unit who offered me very good surgical choices. Fantastic understanding surgeon.

No one wants breast cancer but the breast unit here is excellent and always shows compassion and support.

Thank you so much,

Jeanette Pye”


So far so good….

“I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer on April 19th 2018 in the Breast Unit at Bolton Hospital. I have been back for results and for pre-op assessment since then and every time I have been met by compassionate Doctors and Nurses. They have been kind and considerate and in one case chilled me out so much that my twice tested high blood pressure went back to normal on the third attempt. Others who find themselves in the same situation please be reassured you will be well looked after when visiting this unit. I go back in just over two weeks for my surgery and although I am not looking forward to it I know I will be in good hands.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 05th May 2018


Bolton Breast Unit

“The care I received at the breast unit was outstanding. All the nurses who cared for me in their own specialisms from biopsies, ultra sound, accompanied by consultants, reassurances to me and my distraught family were of the highest standard.

Always a friendly welcome, promptly seen, and care is given with respect and empathy. It has made such a difficult time manageable. I want to thank them all.”

 Posted on NHS Choices on 16 April 2018


First impressions 

“Today I returned to the cancer unit for the results of my recent mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy. The staff who dealt with me was professional and supportive as I was given my results. Everything was thoroughly explained and I was given the name of my personal breast care nurse. I was told I could ring and ask questions if I had forgotten anything or was concerned. The consultant came to speak to me and again very professional and clear in his explanation. I then had some other tests and was given a date for my return appointment. Although the word cancer can cause fear the staff here certainly went out of their way to ease the shock and I feel I understand all that is ahead of me.”

Posted on NHS Choices website on 05 April 2018


Breast unit

“I have had several cysts removed from both my breast over the past 22 years and been to many hospitals for the treatment, I am normally at the hospital on an average of 3 hours including Bolton.

I had an appointment in January at Bolton and was very impressed with the improvement they have made, they were very efficient, very polite and friendly and I was treated and leaving in just over an hour.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 01 February 2018


Breast examination

“I had a breast examination and ultra sound at Bolton Breast Unit. The staff were really friendly, caring and put me at ease straight away. I wasn’t waiting long and got the all clear straight after so I wasn’t waiting for results”

Posted on NHS Choices in January 2018


“Following a routine mammogram in August 2017, my wife received a letter (within three days) requesting she attends the Breast Unit at The Royal Bolton Hospital. As you can imagine this in itself caused concern, the very speed of the letter. Attending the Unit my Wife underwent more detailed analysis, the outcome not being what we wanted to hear. There were small traces of calcification present, the Breast Team explained in detail what this actually meant and together we formulated a plan to resolve the issue. Unfortunately we had to undergo a second procedure to remove further affected tissue; again the analysis could not confirm positively that the remaining tissue was free from trouble. Tests could not identify accurately due to the tissue/calcification being opaque. Again we discussed the way forward and devised a plan to rectify the issue. Because this would involve significant surgery, the Team spent hours with us both, explain the pros and cons of each procedure, until all parties where fully satisfied with the plan. I personally now almost feel confident to discuss such procedures, given that the information was presented in a manner not over complicated and neither too simplistic for the layman to absorb. I’m delighted to say that following the procedure we were given just before Christmas the very Christmas Present we could have hoped for “the all clear” yeah!!! Proceeding we will only need some minor tweaking and a nice convalescence to have this dark is drift into history. We felt confident and comfortable at every stage of the treatment, and feel the support across all the Team was quite remarkable, we cannot thank you enough. Happy New Year and God Bless.”

Posted on NHS Choices in January 2018


Breast Screening and Treatment

“From the outset, the attention and treatment given to the breast problem presented by my wife, was better than outstanding. The detail of the treatment of her problem, the operation and the aftercare, was always fully explained to us and was executed accordingly. That was just the medical situation. The encouragement and care received, as mentioned above, given by the surgeon and nursing staff, was better than outstanding and was given totally with enthusiasm, understanding and a pleasantness experienced rarely in other NHS hospitals.

The two operations involved and the care given occurred during the months of October, November and December 2017.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 23rd December 2017


My Mastectomy experience

“I’ve recently had a mastectomy at Bolton. What a fantastic team they are, from clinic, theatre and anaesthetic and ward staff. What a fantastic, great surgeon I had. I went in ward M1 at 07.30am, had surgery about 10am and I was home for 6pm, no drains this time unlike 12 years ago when I had my first mastectomy. I went back to clinic last Friday and a nurse drained my wound. I went again today and she drained it again .I just rang the clinic team n they said no problem pat come down anytime. They are all so caring but also professional every member of staff introduced themselves. The Radiologist was lovely too. I have her to thank for finding it after my recall. I thank Bolton with all my heart. Also the lovely porter.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 22nd December 2017


“l have been visiting the care unit between June-Oct for breast cancer treatment and every visit has been a breeze. The Staff greet you with a smile, go out of their way to make sure you are comfortable and treat you with respect and dignity. I do believe I have faired much better with my illness as a direct result of the staff’s compassion and professionalism.”

Posted on NHS Choices website on 28th October 2017


Bolton breast clinic is outstanding.

“I would like to thank the wonderful team at the breast clinic. I was referred by my GP who had also been there as a patient. My GP warned me that it could take a while so I was well prepared with my book to read. I was welcomed by a lovely receptionist who made me feel at ease. I was called to see the consultant for the initial consultation. A health care support worker introduced themselves and asked me to change into what I would describe as a cape I then had an examination. Following that I went back into the waiting area which felt very relaxing, I was then called for a mammogram. The radiologist made the experience a good one. Following the mammogram I had an ultrasound which also went smoothly. To end the experience I was given the results of my tests. It was a cyst and I was given the all clear. I was at the unit for just over an hour a lot quicker than my GP had told me. I found the patient journey outstanding and I would like to give great big thanks to the wonderful team you are all amazing.”

Posted on NHS Choices website on 24th October 2017


Bolton Breast Unit care

“After having my 3 yearly mammogram on 5th May I was diagnosed with breast cancer and the treatment that I have received has been absolutely outstanding. I received a recall letter less than a week after my mammogram, had another mammogram, a scan and an appointment for a lumpectomy was made for me for 23rd June. I then got the results 10 days later and had to decide whether to have a 3 week intensive course of radiotherapy or a mastectomy as cancer had been found in my right breast and I opted for a mastectomy which I had on 25th July.

The treatment that I received from the consultants, my breast care nurse and the rest of the Breast Care Unit team who I dealt with was phenomenal. I was treated with the utmost dignity and compassion, everything was explained so clearly and even drawings were done for me. My breast care nurse rang me back when I left a message for them and my consultant carried out my mastectomy and has done a great job. It has been, at times, an extremely emotional and difficult journey for myself and my family and friends but with the support of the team I have found a strength I didn’t know I had. I would like to say a huge thank you to them all and I love them all dearly.”

Posted on NHS Choices website on 11th August 2017


“I wanted to write a review as I have been so impressed by the treatment I have received recently whilst being treated for breast cancer at the Royal Bolton Hospital. 
The staff on the Breast Unit are absolutely phenomenal treating the patients with so much compassion and care that it’s hard to describe. There seems to be a strong team bond which is underpinned by dedication and complete professionalism. You really do feel like you are in the best possible hands throughout your treatment and that is so important.
After surgery I was a patient on ward M1 for 4 days where once again the dedication and hard work of the staff was amazing. Again the care was highly professional but also very compassionate too.
I am so grateful to have had my treatment at Bolton Breast Unit and ward M1. Thank you”

Posted on NHS Choices website  03 August 2017


Consistent excellence in the Breast unit

“Over the last 5 years I have had to make many visits to the Breast unit. The care I have received on all occasions has been first class.
The clinic is invariably busy, but staff never appear to want to rush me, and will spend time discussing treatment, and ensuring that I fully understand the procedures etc. At no point have I felt I am being coerced into a particular course of action, it is always my decision. Everyone, from the desk staff to consultants, are friendly and welcoming. Treatment and examinations are conducted with respect and dignity. I have had several surgical procedures and have been delighted with the results.
I think this unit is a credit to the hospital and offers top class care.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 08 July 2017


Fantastic service

“I attended the breast unit for an appointment and was treated by caring staff who were very thorough and efficient and made me feel at ease. Several checks were done during this appointment and I left feeling confident that all was well.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 03 March 2017


“I have been today for a follow up appointment after having a mammogram. The staff at the breast unit are attentive, caring and very professional. They talked me through the ultra sound and then a biopsy. I was petrified. The nurses and doctors were so helpful and kept me calm all the way through the procedure. Thank you all for making an unpleasant situation as calm and pleasant as possible.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 09 January 2017



“I came to Bolton one for a routine breast screening mammogram on the Thursday 29th Sept at 9.10 am. I was out by 9.25am. The radiologist and receptionist were lovely. Amazed to get results by post on Wednesday 5th October! The letter was dated the 3rd October so that means the mammogram was interpreted extremely fast. Very slick and extremely impressive, thank you and keep up the good work.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website October 2016


Breast mammogram and subsequent biopsy

“I was referred to the breast unit at RBH because I found a lump on my left breast. I was not overly concerned as the lump was situated under the site of a large bruise which I had suffered some weeks before. I had a reasonably comfortable experience during the mammogram, and my lump was confirmed as part of the bruise. The doctor who performed my ultrasound was concerned about another area of the same breast, however, and recommended that I had a biopsy. I had the mammogram and ultrasound at 5.30pm on Monday and the appointment for the biopsy was made for Tuesday morning at 10am. The biopsy was painless; I had it under local anaesthetic, and the staff were fantastic. They kept me relaxed, and explained every stage of the procedure to me. I don’t have any discomfort from the biopsy, other than a little tenderness, even 12hrs after the procedure. What fantastic service by the NHS, and regardless of the outcome of my biopsy, I am delighted by the service I’ve received so far, and would like to thank two particular members of staff publicly for their kindness, compassion, and care. I also appreciate the attention of the doctor who saw something they thought could be untoward elsewhere in my breast: I do not remember their name but they were on duty from 5.30 pm Monday 26th September. They weren’t sure if it was something to be concerned about, but advised a biopsy anyway. I’m very impressed by the level of care I received. Thank you very much.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 29 September 2016


I attended a breast screening at this hospital yesterday and I just wanted to say how fantastic everyone was!!! Everyone from the receptionist to the doctor were lovely and although I was nervous about the procedures they explained everything and made me feel a lot calmer. Unfortunately I fainted during my biopsy but the nurses were absolutely brilliant – they were so caring and attentive – I really can’t praise them enough!!! So I just want to say thank you to everyone involved – excellent care.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 09 September 2016


Fantastic care at Bolton Breast Unit

“The staff at Bolton Breast Unit are truly wonderful. During what is a very worrying and stressful time the professionalism and caring attitude of the staff is really helping me to deal with my diagnosis. Special mention to the Breast Care Nurses, my Consultant Surgeon, and the staff on Ward M1 a big thank you to all of you and keep on doing what you are doing.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 18 August 2016


“Every member of the breast care team at Bolton were absolutely fantastic. I was called back after a routine mammogram due to changes in my breast. I had a further mammogram plus ultrasound and then biopsy. Within 4 working days I was back for the results and fortunately for me they were benign. I just want to express my thanks and tell how wonderful the whole team was. Thanks so much to all of you xx”

Visited in June 2016. Posted on NHS Choices website.


Excellent Hospital

“I came in this week for a lumpectomy. I was scared and upset obviously my diagnosis had come as a shock as there is no breast cancer in my family. From my very first visit to the breast care team right up to my operation on the 17/06/2016 I was treated with such great care and respect everything was explained to me in a way I understood. I cannot recommend this hospital and its staff highly enough. I was admitted to ward M1 and room 4. Please thank all staff for their very much appreciated care.”

Visited in June 2016. Posted on NHS Choices website 18 June 2016


“Following a routine mammogram I was recalled for a biopsy which revealed a carcinoma in my left breast. The breast care nurse reassured and comforted me as I came to terms with this shocking diagnosis, it was very helpful knowing that I could ring or see them anytime, they are compassionate and knowledgeable, and has helped me through the whole process. My surgeon is skilled and accomplished. On the day of my op, I felt calm and confident; I thank God for the consultant’s talents. All the staff in the unit are pleasant and helpful. I can only say Thank you to each one of them.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 26 April 2016


“There are insufficient superlatives to describe the care and attention given by all members of the fantastic team at Bolton breast unit. The treatment and support is given with the utmost empathy and understanding and the diagnosis and plan is explained at every stage giving all the time needed for any concerns to be addressed.
If there is anyone reading this in trepidation then do not worry you are in the very safest hands.
Thanks to everyone from the bottom of my heart.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 18 March 2016


“In March 2015 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I was fully informed at all times by my consultant breast surgeon what my treatment options were and decided to have a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. This took place within 3 weeks on M1 ward and I was only in hospital overnight. The nursing care on the ward was excellent. After further tests I was recommended to have a course of chemotherapy. Fortunately I was able to have this at the Churchill unit at the RBH. The chemo nurses, nursing staff and volunteer helpers here all provided excellent care in a relaxed environment and meeting other patients here going through the same treatment helped me to cope at a difficult time. I would like to thank all the staff involved in my treatment, consultant breast surgeon, breast care nurses, chemo nurses who always treated me as an individual and not just another patient. I was shown care, kindness and reassurance at all times and always felt I was being given the best treatment available. I would not hesitate in recommending Bolton breast unit to anyone needing treatment.”

Posted on NHS Choice website on 04.10.15


“I was treated so well here today, like I have always been in this hospital. I had breast cancer and couldn’t believe the hospital staff towards me. Today I fell on my back, and the staff were amazing. I have been here for chemo, and another very bad illness, and the staff are so loyal and amazing. Thanks Bolton hospital.”

posted on NHS Choices website 27.09.15
“My care and support, both medically and emotionally was of the highest order. I cannot speak highly enough of the nursing staff, doctor and consultant who helped and advised me in difficult circumstances. They were without exception professional and caring.
Gill Evans”

Posted on NHS Choices website 29.08.15


“I am 48 and was invited to take part in the national breast screening programme for women aged 47-49. I wasn’t looking forward to it but the radiographer made me feel at ease and was very reassuring. I expected the procedure to be more painful and although it wasn’t pleasant, it was much better than I expected. In the room there were two screens which displayed a sunset and sea waves along a beach. It certainly took my mind off the experience. I’m glad I attended and now will wait for a couple of weeks for the screening results.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 24.08.15


“My mother visited the Breast Unit today following an urgent referral. Mum has severe anxiety and is agoraphobic. She was petrified of leaving the house. Staff went out of their way to make my mum feel at ease and put her in a consulting room throughout so she didn’t have to sit in a crowded room. Timescales were kept to and every member of staff we came across could not have been nicer. I cannot praise them enough.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 10.08.15


“I just wanted to say how caring and professional all the staff at Bolton Breast Unit are. I visited regarding changes in my breast & was really impressed by the efficient & professional manner in which the consultation, mammogram & ultrasound were all completed within an hour, with all the nursing team & consultants being particularly caring & reassuring. I was particularly impressed by my doctor, who has a really positive & professional manner, in talking you through their diagnosis & the procedures that they advise, worrying for any woman. Thanks to the whole team who with their combined effort took the stress out of this hospital visit!”

Posted on NHS Choices website 21.07.15


“I was referred and seen within the advised two weeks referral limit. Having a family history of breast cancer, my concerns were listened to timely and with respect. I arrived early and was promptly reviewed and had a mammogram. The whole team worked efficiently and each member of the team I saw introduced themselves and were so clear in their explanations. I was made to feel so at ease and felt safe in their care. An amazing team! Thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 06.07.15


“I have just completed radiotherapy having had breast surgery on M1. I can only say I am in complete awe of the wonderful care given by everyone I have met since being referred to the breast unit in Feb and the Churchill Unit at Christies since. The care is exemplary and everyone makes a scary and worrying time much easier. If anyone reads this and is frightened, trust them all and do not be fearful.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 05.07.15


“After a very anxious couple of weeks for my partner and I, we went to the breast cancer unit. We were obviously very nervous. From start to finish we found the unit very professional. All staff were brilliant, very informative and caring. I cannot give it any better rating than this. My partner used to work at The Royal Marsden. Before our visit I was saying we would go back to Royal Marsden for treatment. Now I wouldn’t do that. We go to Royal Bolton Hospital breast unit every time.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 30.06.15


“I was referred urgently by my GP to the breast unit and had my appointment yesterday. I want to say that I know whatever the outcome, I know I am in safe hands. The whole staff were caring, kind and respectful. They are Angels in disguise. Thank you all xxx.”

Posted on NHS Choices 26.06.15


“I had breast cancer and was treated quickly and efficiently by everyone over a twelve month period. The Breast Unit are fantastic, caring, professional and efficient. The Churchill Unit allowed me to stay close to home for chemotherapy – a very friendly relaxed atmosphere. During admissions all areas were clean, well run and caring. The food was excellent on all occasions. With such bad press by the local papers, I have to say how wrong they are – would not hesitate in being treated at Bolton should the need ever arise again. Well done – keep up the good work.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 20.05.15


“Following my recent diagnosis and surgery I would like to express my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all the staff at the Bolton Breast Unit for the professional, efficient and caring manner in which they all did their job.In particular the Breast Care Nursing team and my consultant surgeon for all their support, expert knowledge and explanations and kindness shown. My thanks also go to staff on M1 and anaesthetists for excellent care pre and post-surgery.I have felt reassured throughout the entire process and could not have wished for better care.”

Posted on NHS Choices website. Visited in September 2014. Posted on 21 October 2014


“Many thanks to the staff at the Breast Unit for their all round general professionalism and care. I was seen swiftly from my GP referral and treated with dignity and respect at all times – a person, not just a number. Whilst the procedures were uncomfortable and a bit distressing, I was reassured at all times. It is not often the NHS receives praise for positive attitude, professionalism and for smooth running – I would like to say that on this occasion – I could not fault the care, the length of time I had to wait or the sheer loveliness of the staff I met. I am delighted the outcome of my tests was positive – thank you all.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 05.09.14


“Excellent service for the last 12 months, both surgical, chemotherapy and after care provided by caring and dedicated team. A credit to the Trust and any future patients can have confidence they will be treated efficiently and with kindness and consideration. Excellent.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 18.07.14


“I would like to express my gratitude for the superb care I have received from all the NHS staff involved with myself due to a recent operation carried out at Royal Bolton Hospital. I had day surgery at the hospital for a removal of a lypoma and I have to say cannot fault the professionalism of all the staff involved. The staff I wish to thank include nurses, Doctors, anaesthetists and the doctor of the Bolton Breast Unit involved the the pre care and the operation as well as the nurses on F3/F4 who were involved with the post operation care. I am aware that pressures with all NHS trusts have increased dramatically over the last few years yet you carry out your jobs with total dedication and professionalism. I could not have asked for any better care. Thank you once again.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 07.07.14


“My wife has recently had cause to visit the breast care unit of Royal Bolton Hospital. She has consequently had to have an operation to remove a tumour, and this is to be followed by a course of radio-therapy. From the outset of this upsetting and worrying experience, we found that the approach of all who work in that unit is to treat everyone with kindness, sympathy and understanding. It cannot be easy for hospital staff who, on a daily basis, have to give this kind of news to patients, and who have then to try to offer some kind of reassurance, so we would like the staff to know that their general approach and what they do to help people is very much appreciated. My comments refer to all who work in the breast care unit, but I would like to say a particular thank you to the breast care nurse for the assistance she has given to us in such a personal and caring manner, and a special thank you to consultant surgeon for the very assuring and effective pre- and post-operative information she gave, for what seems to have been careful, efficient, effective and precise surgery, and for the attention she gave to my wife and other patients shortly after surgery. Given the difficult circumstances patients find themselves in, I cannot imagine that better attention and treatment could be expected or provided at any other hospital.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 16.06.14


“Since March 2014 I have been under the excellent care of the Bolton Breast Unit. I have experienced excellent treatment from my consultant and all her team who have been friendly, supportive and professional. When visiting this unit it can be traumatic and emotional and all the staff I have come into contact with have been empathic and professional friendly whilst doing what can be a very stressful role due to individual responses. The consultant explained all procedures clearly and reassured me that she would do her best to address any concerns, especially during surgery, which she did in a very caring, supportive whilst professional manner. I have always felt fully supported and that the team have my care and well being at the forefront of their plans. I have nothing but praise for my consultant and all the team at Bolton Breast Unit. Whilst waiting for my appointments I have observed the staff being friendly, supportive, kind and respectful to all patients who visit the unit, this was especially noticed when elderly patients have been struggling to mobilize, had some confusion or have been waiting for transport.

On a recent admission to m1 ward for breast surgery I was greeted with friendly staff who guided me to my bed for the day. I was duly seen by a variety of staff, domestics, health care assistants, nurses, doctors , consultant and anaesthetists who all treated me with respect and dignity in a friendly manner. I was planned to go for surgery and despite everything I did not go down until approx 4pm, but again I could not fault any of the theatre staff I came into contact with. The surgery went as planned and despite my concerns re sickness due to the anaesthetic I experienced none, as I had been reassured prior to the op by the consultant and anaesthetist. My recovery on the ward went completely to plan and I returned home the same day, initially I was hesitant about this but all the staff were proved correct and it did turn out to be the best decision for me. I would happily reassure anyone who has to attend this ward that they will be looked after and should not be concerned if they receive the treatment I did.”

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“Attended the breast clinic on 24/04/2014 at 5:50pm. All the staff were extremely friendly and professional, putting me at ease and keeping me informed at each stage. Special thanks to the member of staff who conducted the mammogram she is a lovely caring lady. The consultant and the doctor who did the ultrasound scan both put me at ease and were very friendly and approachable. The supporting Nurses also need a mention – they were wonderful. I have nothing but respect for Bolton hospital – the appointment system is excellent and I have rarely been kept waiting to be seen. Well done! You deserve to be classed as one of the best hopitals in the country, if not the best.”

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“Having been called back to this unit after a routine mammogram I have been treated with dignity & respect with professional, and friendly staff . All staff I have come into contact with have been very supportive, knowledgable and compassionate and have explained the systems/ procedures/ diagnosis clearly and in plain English and are open to questions and give clear direct explanations. The only fault so far has been the coffee machine that decided to forget to produce a cup but the most obliging receptionist sorted that for us.

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“Having been to the breast unit with both sister and mother after being diagnosed with breast cancer and recently myself under going a number of ultrasound and biopsy examinations, the whole team from the receptionists, to the radiographers, to the consultant have been amazing, friendly, caring, kind. These are the professions that should get the OBEs! Thank you.”

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“I recently had an breast operation, my treatment by the surgeon was superb and the staff in the breast clinic so caring, I was extremely nervous but I was treated with patience and kindness, my other worry was the anaesthetic and once again I was totally reassured by the attendant anaesthetists who assured me they would look after me, and finally the staff on M1 were equally caring, so a very big thank you to all of them.”

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