Be Breast Aware

Breast Awareness

Being breast aware is about knowing the usual shape and feel of your breasts and being able to recognise any changes. There is no such thing as a standard breast and what is normal for one woman may not be for another. Your breasts will also look and feel different over time depending on the time of the month and your age. It is important to know how your body normally looks and feels. It is also important to know that most changes are not cancer. But, reassurance and advice will always help, and the sooner a possible cancer is reported, the more simple treatment is likely to be. Breast symptoms to look out for:

  • A new lump or thickening in your breast or armpit
  • Change in size, shape or feel of your breast
  • Skin changes in the breast such as puckering, dimpling, a rash or redness of the skin
  • Fluid leaking from the nipple in a woman who isn’t pregnant or breast feeding
  • Changes in the position of nipple
  • Nipple becoming drawn or changing direction
  • Bleeding or discharge from the nipple
  • Rash on or around the nipple
  • Sudden roughness of the skin
  • Swelling under the armpit or around the collar bone
  • Constant pain in one part of your breast or in your armpit

If you find any changes from what is normal for you go to your GP without delay.

Screening aims to find cancers early which give the best chance of being treated successfully.

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Watch this film about the importance of contacting your GP if you have any concerns: Helen Derbyshire Clip