Breast Screening information for Women with a Learning Disability

Women with a Learning Disability are just as likely to develop breast cancer as women in the general population.   However, several studies have shown that women with learning disabilities are less likely to access screening programmes than women without learning disabilities.

Breast screening is a way of checking for breast cancer.

If you are aged between 50 and 70, you will be sent a letter about breast screening.

If you need any extra help or you are in a wheelchair, then please let us know.

Breast screening means having an x-ray called a mammogram.

The x-ray machine may be uncomfortable and you will have to keep very still while the x-ray is taken but it is only for a few seconds.

You will be sent a letter about the results of your x-rays.



More information can be found here:


More information including a film on breast screening can be found here:

New breast screening film focuses on women with learning disabilities


If you would like to speak to someone before your appointment, please contact Tracy Collard, Cancer Screening Improvement Lead on 01204 487538 or email:  Please also contact Tracy if you would like to give feedback after your appointment or if you would like any further information or support.