Breast Screening Information in Other Languages/Formats

Link to leaflets in other languages and Easy Read version English Simplified Chinese Traditional Chinese Latvian Lithuanian Polish Portuguese Punjabi Romanian Russian Urdu A Step by Step guide to breast Screening is available in the following languages: Bengali, Farsi, French, Greek, Hindi, Polish, Somali, Tamil and Turkish. For a multi-lingual ‘step by step’ guide to breast screening .Bengali - step by step guide         Farsi - step by step guide         French - step by step guide         Greek - step by step guide         Hindi - step by step guide Polish - step by step guide         Somali - step by step guide         Tamil - step by step guide         Turkish - step by step guide Please click here step by step guide to breast screening other languages   Easy Read  

To watch our film on what happens when you come for breast screening in Urdu, please click here:

Further information about the breast screening programme, including information in other languages can be found by scanning this QR code with your smartphone or tablet camera to go straight to the Public Health website

Alternative, go to:

Deaf: Index and middle fingers extended (’N’ shape) touch ear.

For any ladies that are deaf, we can provide a British Sign language interpreter

Watch our film here about what to expect when you come along for your breast screening appointment with a British Sign Language interpreter