Breast Screening – Homeless, Gypsy Community or Asylum Seekers

Moore Street Surgery - What Happens When You are Referred by a GP

All women aged 50 up to their 71st birthday are invited for breast screening every 3 years if they are registered with a GP practice. First invitations to breast screening are sent sometime between your 50th and 53rd birthdays.

If you want to be screened, you need to register with a GP practice. It is easy to register, and you should be able to register with a GP practice of your choice. A GP practice cannot refuse to register you if you have no form of identification or because you do not have a fixed address.

Breast screening invitation and result letters are sent by post. If you cannot register with your own address, you need to think about how you can receive these letters. If you are unable to provide an address, the GP practice can register you using its own address. This means you will have to collect your letters from there.

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