Breast cancer diagnosis

    • We understand that receiving a breast cancer diagnosis can be frightening and overwhelming. At Bolton Breast Unit, you will be fully-supported through all steps of your diagnosis, treatment and aftercare.
    • Breast cancer is a wide and varied illness and no two cases are identical. Your individual case will be discussed with you and treatments will be tailored specifically to you. We work with you to ensure that you are central to all decision-making about your care. 
    • If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you will be introduced to your Specialist MacMillan Breast Care Nurse at that appointment. Your Breast Care Nurse will support you throughout your treatment and aftercare. You will also meet with one of our surgeons who will discuss any further tests and treatment options with you.
    • If you are recommended to have chemotherapy or radiotherapy, you will have an appointment in the Churchill Unit at Royal Bolton Hospital to discuss this with an Oncologist from the Christie Hospital.
    • Further information about being diagnosed with breast cancer can be found here: Breast cancer diagnosis