Moving Forward Programme

This is a programme offered to all patients who have had a diagnosis of breast cancer at the end of their treatment.

It aims to improve quality of life and the patient experience throughout their cancer journey. It provides tailored support, patient education including health promotion and early recognition of disease progression, enabling patients to self-manage their care, and places a greater focus on their recovery, health and well-being.

The course is delivered 1 morning each week for 4 weeks and is repeated 4 times a year and is facilitated by Breast Services in collaboration with Breast Cancer Now. Professional volunteer speakers provide the most up to date and relevant information and there is also support from Breast Cancer Now volunteers who are in attendance at each session.

For further information contact:

Angela Duckworth Advanced Nurse Practitioner 01204 390390 ext: 141082


Due to the current COVID pandemic, we are only able to offer the course online through Breast Cancer Now but hope to re-start the face to face sessions after April 2021.