Personalised Care Package Information for Patients

As part of your recovery, we will provide you with:

  • A meeting with your nurse, key worker or Macmillan staff to talk about any concerns you have and what support is available to help you with these concerns. This is called a “Holistic Needs Assessment” and can happen at any time from diagnosis right through to the end of treatment.


  • A Treatment Summary, completed by a member of your cancer team, with key information about your treatment and the information you need going forward.  This will be shared with your GP.


  • A Cancer Care Review appointment with your GP or practice nurse within six months of diagnosis.  This will be a chance to review how you are doing and let you know about the support available to you.


  • An invitation to a Health and Wellbeing Event which is designed to help people affected by cancer get the support they need locally.


Together these are known as The Recovery Package.

Further information is available here – The Recovery Package