Personalised Care Package Information for Professionals

The aim of the project is to ensure that those living with and beyond cancer get the care and support they need to lead as healthy and active a life as possible for as long as possible. (National Cancer Survivorship Initiative, 2013)

The Recovery Package is a series of key interventions which, when delivered together, can greatly improve outcomes for people living with and beyond cancer.

The Recovery Package

  1. Structured Holistic Needs Assessment and resultant jointly produced support plans, shared with GPs;
  2. A treatment summary produced at the end of each treatment, shared with patients and GPs;
  3. Cancer Care Reviews undertaken in primary care;
  4. Patient education and support events (Health and Wellbeing Events).

Our team can provide information and/or training on any aspect of the Recovery Package.  Please email us if you would like to arrange this: 

Further information is available here – The Recovery Package