How do you get help?

If you feel that your child may require extra support talk to a professional who knows your child well such as a teacher, social worker, school nurse or GP.   They can ask you about the problems your child is having so that they can advise you about the sort of help that may be needed (and can get further specialist advice if necessary).   If they think we at CAMHS are the best people to help, then they will ask for us to see you and your child by writing a referral.


Sometimes we will feel that somebody else would be better to help you rather than CAMHS.  If that happens we will contact the person that made your referral and they will speak to you about what other services would be better for your child.


CAMHS day unit artwork

Once we have your referral we will write to you to arrange a Single Point of Access (SPOA) appointment.  The whole family is invited to the first appointment, so that we all have a chance to talk about what’s happening, agree the best way forward to support your child and to decide if we are the right place to help.


Usually this letter will not be sent for a few weeks so don’t worry if you don’t hear from us straight away. Once we have looked at all of the information we will make a decision as to the support that we feel is needed. If your child needs additional support we will match you up with a member of are team who has the right skills to support them. This member or the team will be from the Early Intervention or Intervention and Recovery Pathways.


If at CAMHS we feel that we should see you urgently we will see you on that day either in the Accident and Emergency Department (A&E) or offer you an urgent appointment in one of our clinics.


It is important that you are aware that at the age of 16 your child has a legal right to access our services independently and confidentially.  Therefore, when your child is 16 or over they need to agree to be referred to us.