What do we do?

CAMHS lounge The team at CAMHS will do an assessment to decide on the best treatment to help children and young people.  This will be done by us listening to you and your child and discussing everyone’s concerns.


After this we talk through how we could work together on the problems. Sometimes only a few meetings are necessary to help people sort out their worries, for others it can take longer.


We offer a range of services to help children and young people overcome problems such as:

  • emotional difficulties, such as anxiety and phobias
  • conduct/behavioural difficulties, including assessment and treatment for ADHD
  • difficulties in social functioning, including assessment for autistic spectrum
  • depression
  • dating disorders
  • deliberate self-harm
  • developmental difficulties
  • thought disorder, including assessment for psychosis
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • attachment difficulties.


To find out more about the conditions we treat and ideas about supporting your child we have made a list of useful websites which include information, support and guidance.   These three websites provide information and help about a range of emotional problems, behaviour and mental health concerns:

To find links to more websites please visit our Useful Links page.CAMHS therapy building


Our services are offered in a number of places across Bolton, including the Royal Bolton Hospital, health centres, children’s centres and schools.


To find the location of services please visit our locations page.