Treatment or therapy

If we can help we will ask you to come back again.  This might be to see the whole family, or your child on their own, or you as parents or carers on your own.  Sometimes we will also use medication.


When we suggest a certain treatment or therapy, we will always explain what it involves, why we think it will help and the choices available to you and your child.


CAMHS artworkWe may suggest:

  • appointments with the whole family. This is called family therapy.
  • appointments for your child on their own with a therapist. This is called individual therapy. Usually someone else will also see you as parents or carers.
  • that you join a group for parents or carers who are looking after children with similar difficulties. This is called parenting or carer support.
  • working with your child’s school, college or other adults who know your child.


We will have reviews every so often to see that we are all still agreed on how things are going.


A large part of our service is about working with you, offering support and guidance to better understand your child’s mental health difficulties and ways in which you can help.  However, it’s important that you are aware that when a young person turns 16 it is their choice whether or not their family is involved.