Making a referral

For full details about referral criteria, requirements needed prior to a referral being accepted and details about clinical presentations not suitable for CAMHS please download The Bolton CAMHS referral criteria document. – Bolton-camhs-referral-criteria-version-7 [94.5kb] msword

We accept referrals by email or post –

Please complete spoa-email-referral-form-version-2-1 [52.9kb] msword detailing as much information as possible about the young person you are referring, with reference to the referral guidance. If you prefer to write a letter, please ensure it contains all the information requested in this form.


CAMHS Referral Advice Telephone Consultation Service for Professionals


CAMHS Consultation Telephone Line (01204 390659)

Who is this service for?


School Nurses

Behaviour Support

Social Services

Educational Psychology


The Consultation line is available Monday – Friday (excluding Bank holidays), 1pm – 2pm


What you should do in an emergency:

CAMHS is not an emergency service, if you need to get help urgently then you must contact the child’s GP and ask them to contact to CAMHS On-call for advice during Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. (01204 390659). If your child has taken an overdose then you should take your child to your nearest Accident and Emergency.


Referrals to CAMHS


Bolton CAMHS only accepts referrals by post or email. The current Bolton CAMHS service specification states that we do not see children less than 5 years of age and any such referrals will not be accepted. Bolton CAMHS is not an Early Help Service; therefore CAMHS do not accept the early help form as a source of referral though we will accept an early help form as additional information to accompany a referral. Please note schools are not a recognised referring agency to CAMHS


Direct referrals will be accepted from (via post or email)

  • General Practitioner
  • School Nurse
  • Social Worker
  • Consultant Paediatrician
  • Other CAMHS services
  • Our expectation is that a child / young person open to another CAMHS service, should they move to Bolton whilst still receiving care and register with a Bolton GP, that the previous CAMHS service retains the duty of care until following a direct referral from them, they are seen by Bolton CAMHS to agree the takeover of that care.


We would consider referrals from:

  • Learning Disability Nursing*
  • Educational Psychologist*
  • Behavioural Support Team* (including independent equivalents e.g. Aspire)
  • Ladywood Outreach Team*
  • Occupational Therapist*
  • Health Visitors*
  • Speech and Language Therapists*