Our service

First appointment


Children, young people and their parents or carers will be seen by members of our Single Point of Access (SPOA) team to understand each person’s concerns and problems.  Occasionally other professionals will be invited to support this first appointment.


CAMHS SignAt the appointment we aim to:

  • have the family and the CAMHS worker get to know each other so we can understand how best to work together
  • assess the child or young person’s difficulties and the level of risk they face
  • answer each other’s questions
  • discuss and agree how CAMHS can help.
  • identify if CAMHS is the right place for the child or young person


If a young person is aged 16 or over, they have the right to decide who they would like to come with them e.g. family member, friend or someone they work with e.g. support worker.  Or the young person may feel they want to attend the appointment on their own. We would encourage a young person to come with an adult to give them extra support.