ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. ADHD is a condition that means you may find it difficult to concentrate on something for a long time, it makes you have a lot of energy and you may say or do things without thinking. It can make it very difficult for you to control your behaviour.


ADD stands for Attention Deficit Disorder.  ADD is also a condition that makes it difficult for you to concentrate but it doesn’t cause you to have lots of energy like ADHD.


The signs of having ADHD or ADD include:

  • having lots of energy
  • feeling restless or fidgety
  • talking a lot and interrupting other people which may make other people think that you are not listening to them
  • being easily distracted which can make it difficult to remember things people are telling you
  • finding it hard to concentrate on something for a long time which can make it hard to learn at school
  • saying or doing things without thinking which may get you into trouble.


We do not know what causes ADHD but we do know that it can run in families and that it is more common in boys than girls.  ADHD usually starts at about 18 months of age, but signs usually become more obvious between the ages of three and seven years old.  ADHD affects one or two children in every 100.


It can be hard to concentrate on things when you are growing up so if you have some of these symptoms, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have ADHD.  If you think you have ADHD go and see your doctor as only a specialist can decide if you have ADHD or not.


If you want to know more about ADHD or ADD and the help you can get you might find these websites useful: