Anxiety is the feeling of fear or panic. Anxiety is a natural reaction and most people feel anxious, panicky or fearful about situations in life, such as money problems, or pressures at school but often once the difficult situation is over, you feel better and calmer. Sometimes anxiety can feel overpowering and can cause people to become unable to deal with general situations in everyday life.  This is when anxiety becomes a problem.


The signs of anxiety include:

  • feeling frightened, nervous or panicky a lot of the time
  • feeling down or depressed
  • worrying a lot of the time
  • having problems sleeping and eating
  • being unable to concentrate on things and feeling tired and irritable
  • your heart racing
  • having panic attacks which make you have difficulties breathing, feeling panicky and tending to feel out of control
  • havingphobias which tend to make you feel very nervous and panicky about one thing in particular.


Problems with anxiety are really common and as many as one in six young people will experience an anxiety problem at some point in their lives.


Some physical or mental health problems can make you anxious, for example, around half of people with depression have panic attacks at some point.


If you feel that your anxiety is beyond your control and you are unable to manage in everyday life, it is important that you ask for help. With help you can overcome it.


If you want to know more about anxiety and the help you can get you might find these websites useful: