Bullying is where someone hurts you either physically, verbally or emotionally either in person or online.  Bullying can happen to anyone at any age, time or place.


Bullying can be done in lots of ways including:

  • being physically hurt in any way
  • being threatened and made to feel scared
  • being teased or called insulting names
  • having hurtful rumours spread about you or being ignored
  • receiving offensive texts, phone calls, or emails
  • putting embarrassing photos, video clips, blogs, pages or messages about someone on social networking or other websites and chat rooms.


Anyone can be bullied. Sometimes people pick on something that makes you different to other people. Sometimes there is no particular reason at all for someone to bully you.  Around 70% of young people have been bullied at one time.


Bullying can make you feel isolated and worthless, lonely, anxious and angry.  Being bullied can affect your mental health. People who are being bullied can develop other problems such as depression, anxiety and eating problems and may self-harm or turn to drugs and alcohol. 


If you are being bullied in person or online, then you might be made to feel that it’s your fault. It isn’t!  Nobody has the right to bully you. If you are being bullied, you need to talk to someone and get help.


If you want to know more about bullying and the help you can get you might find these websites useful: