Family problems

All families are different, and all families have problems and go through stressful times.  It’s also normal for family members not to get along with each other sometimes.  How these things are dealt with can affect how you feel.


Some of the issues that might be worrying you about your family might include:

  • arguments with other members of the family
  • parents arguing with each other
  • parents getting separated or divorced
  • problems with alcohol or drugs
  • money worries
  • cultural differences
  • moving house
  • long-term illness
  • bereavement
  • physical violence.


Coping with any of these things can be difficult making you feel like there are things that you don’t understand and questions you want to ask.  You might feel lots of different emotions like fear, confusion, sadness, loneliness or anger.


If you are experiencing any of these issues, it is important to tell someone how you feel.


There can be times when it is hard for one or both of your parents to care for you, or you need to care for them. There are lots of reasons why this can happen, but having extra jobs to do at home might make it hard for you to find time to see your friends, or even go to school.


There is help available for young people in this situation and it’s important to remember that asking for help won’t mean that you’re letting your family down; in fact you having a better balance in your life will help both you and your family.


If you want to know more about family problems and the help you can get you might find these websites useful: