How do you get help?

CAMHS is a specialist service which means that you can’t ring us up directly and ask for an appointment.  We are looking to create a way of you accessing CAMHS directly for an appointment, but it isn’t available yet.


CAMHS ArtworkIf you feel that you need extra help, you or an adult you trust can speak to your doctor, school nurse, or social worker.  Or it might be somebody else’s idea, like a parent, that you need extra help, because they’re worried about you.


If your doctor, school nurse or social worker think CAMHS can help you, then they will write to CAMHS to ask for us to see you (this is called a referral).


Normally after this referral has been made to CAMHS we will write to your parents or carers to arrange an appointment.  If you are over 16 we will write to you directly.  This can take a few weeks, so don’t worry if you don’t hear from us straight away.


If at CAMHS we feel that we should see you urgently we will contact you directly.CAMHS Artwork


Sometimes we will feel that somebody else would be better to help you rather than CAMHS.  If that happens we will contact the person that made your referral about the service would be better for you.