My story

Young people who attend Bolton CAMHS created these short animations to describe their experiences with Bolton’s Children and Adolescent Mental Health service.



My name is Thomas, I’m 13 and I was diagnosed with social anxiety.  Before I came to CAMHS I was missing school, sat at home all day feeling scared and lonely, like I was the only one who felt like this.  It made me angry and helpless.


I knew of CAMHS before because of my sister.  She came before I did.  I thought it couldn’t help me and that it wouldn’t help me.  If you are thinking that too you are 110% wrong.


I first arrived to CAMHS like a nervous wreck, pacing and anxious.  After I had met my case manager, Graham, I felt a little better.  We talked about my problems and he educated me on my problem.  I eventually came that helped me so much.  After coming to CAMHS I can get on with my life and I am getting into school.


Some other comments

What did you think was good about the service? 

“People listening to me, one to one support.  Help me, know when I’m upset and down.  Staff very helpful and caring.  Made me a happier person.  Helped with my confidence and depression.”

“Andy was friendly and I was able to explain how I felt.  He was very understanding and like I could get everything out.”