Cognitive behaviour therapy

CBT stands for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.  During CBT we will usually see you on your own.  You will work with your therapist to understand how you think and feel and how this affects the way you behave.  CBT aims to understand what is happening in your life and the things that you would like to be different.  It aims to give you the skills to make these changes so that your problems feel smaller and you start to feel better.


CAMHS loungeWe will usually see you once a week for two or three months.  Each visit usually takes about an hour.  At your first visit we will usually talk to you and someone from your family about your problems and about how they can support you during your therapy.  


After that you will agree with your therapist specific things that you want to change and work on.  Each week you will set yourself goals to work towards.  In between your sessions you will try to practice doing these things.  You may also be asked to do other things like keeping a diary.


CBT has a good evidence base for helping with depression and anxiety.