Treatment or therapy

CAMHS waiting room

Waiting Room

If we can help after you first appointment or assessment we will ask you to come back again.  This might be to see the whole family, or you on your own, or your parents or carers on their own.


  • If we suggest that you have appointments along with the rest of your family, this is called family therapy.
  • If we suggest that you have appointments on your own with a therapist, this is called individual therapy. Usually someone else will also see your parents or carers.
  • If we suggest that your parents or carers join a group for adults caring for children who have similar difficulties, this is called parenting or carer support.
  • Sometimes we will suggest that we work with your school or other adults who know you and meet with you now and again to see how you are getting on.
  • Sometimes we will also use medication to help you.


Your family or carers will usually be part of your treatment and you will need to work together in between visits to CAMHS. 

We will have reviews every so often to see that we are all still agreed on how things are going.