Young voices

‘When ‘I’ is replaced with ‘we’, illness becomes ‘wellness’.


Welcome to the Young Voices page. All material in this section has been created by young people at Bolton CAMHS. These pages are regularly updated following our monthly meetings.


Who we are…

We are a few of many people across the world, of all ages and cultural backgrounds who suffer from mental illness.

All of us have experienced CAMHS, some past, some present, and we have come together as a group to achieve the following:

  • to raise the quality of help available
  • to raise awareness and educate people about mental health
  • to reduce stigma surrounding mental illness.

Our Young Voices group meets on a regular basis and our first assignment was to create videos for the CAMHS website. We also have bigger goals that we are currently working on and plan to ensure that young voices are heard and acted upon.


This short film illustrates a young person’s perspective on how schools could improve ways of handling mental health.


We created this short film to explain what mental health means to us and to share our experiences with other young people who might be experiencing similar issues. 


In this short film we share our experiences of self-harm to help raise awareness around the issue and increase understanding.


Watch this short film to learn more about our experiences of accessing support from Bolton CAMHS and how it has helped us.