Where to find us

Watch this short video for a tour of the building, information on what to expect from your first visit to Bolton CAMHS and how you can be involved in improving the service.


Most of our appointments take place in the CAMHS Department at the Royal Bolton Hospital.  We have two separate buildings away from the main hospital with a car park close by.  This is where we do most of our assessments and treatment and where you will find the day unit.

We try to make appointments as easy as possible for you to attend so also have appointments in lots of places around Bolton, such as health centres, children’s centres and schools.

When you get a letter about your appointment it will say where it will be.

To find the location of your appointment please visit our Locations A to Z.

Some appointments are at children’s centres run by Bolton Council.  To find the location of a children’s centre click on this link http://www.bolton.gov.uk/website/pages/Childrenscentres.aspx