COVID-19 and pregnancy

We know that pregnancy, whilst exciting, can be stressful in these challenging times. The following resources have been put together to provide you with all the information you need whilst pregnant during COVID-19.

Latest guidance and visiting information 

Please read the following information carefully before you attend your appointment. 

Guidance if being accompanied to appointments and scans at Royal Bolton Hospital.

Guidance if being accompanied to antenatal appointments in the community.

To help continue to reduce the risk of infection, we are encouraging rapid lateral flow testing for COVID-19 twice weekly during your pregnancy, and for parents of babies on the neonatal unit. Please read more here:

Lateral flow testing in maternity

Lateral flow testing on neonatal unit

It is possible for one named adult over 18 to:

  • Attend all scan appointments with a woman (children are unable to attend scan appointments).
  • Attend the Rainbow Clinic with a woman.
  • Attend the early pregnancy unit for assessment or treatment with a woman.
  • Accompany a woman for the duration of her labour, from her arrival at Royal Bolton Hospital/Ingleside Birth Centre until she delivers her baby. This includes during induction of labour.
  • Visit on the antenatal and postnatal wards between 9am-9pm
  • Attend all antenatal appointments. 
  • The Mother and partner of any child on the neonatal unit will be provided access at all times.