Critical care CQC Report posterIt is always rewarding to hear positive feedback from our patients about the care they have received from our department. Please see below for some of the comments recently sent to us.


Looked after well

“I became ill suddenly with pneumonia in December 2017 and was unconscious for two days, I was told from family the Doctor, nurses and other staff were very thoughtful and dignified. I spent a further three days in hospital when I was awake, the nursing staff and Drs were really kind and considerate and explained things fully to me. The kitchen staff were polite and I was regularly made cups of tea or coffee when I wished to have them. The food was fresh and lovely. Overall I can’t fault the way I was treated and was really touched at the kind dignified manner I was treated. Six months later I’m still not fully back to health but I’m a lot better than I was. So thank you to all the caring staff at the hospital, including the cleaners who did an amazing job. Thank you again.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 24 May 2018


Emergency Treatment.

“I was taken into HDU unit with cellulitis and new nothing about the situation until I woke up. The team in HDU are fantastic and very caring. From there I was transferred to B3 after being stabilized and ready for ward treatment. Here also I found the nursing staff very good and did all they could to make me comfortable. After a couple of weeks I was again transferred to E4 and again found the staff very caring and ready to assist me in any way they could. After nearly 4 weeks in hospital I was cleared to go home. My overhaul experience of Bolton Hospital is a very god one and thank you for saving my life.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 22 May 2018


Death of my step father

“My step father died today in the intensive care unit of the Royal Bolton, after a short illness. He had spent 3 nights on a ward, before being transferred for 2 nights in the ICU. All of our family were impressed with the kindness and professionalism of all of your medical and nursing staff, both on the ward and in ICU. We felt that his medical care was very thorough but without getting into aggressive medical treatments that could have been distressing for him, and of little potential value even if successful. At a time of great upset for the family, we were allowed time to be with him, privacy, and wonderful support. We were all very grateful. Please pass on our sincere thanks to your staff.”

Visited in September 2017. Posted on 30 September 2017


ICU Experience

“For reasons I won’t delve into, I woke up in ICU recently and just wanted to say the care I received from the staff was excellent. I was not judged for my actions and their kindness and care for the time I was with them is going to become the start of my recovery. Thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices website on 25th September 2017


“I was in HDU and the care I saw given to other very poorly patients and I was 5 star. They always had time for you, any request was never too much. My dignity in using a bedpan etc. was kept well and any upset or worries I had they sat and spoke with me. I particularly appreciated the work of Natalie and another nurse I can’t remember the name now, but they were constantly doing something; checking a patient seeing if we needed anything. Lovely people up there!!”

Posted on Google reviews 25 April 2017


“My dad passed away R.I.P. Jack Harrison 19.11.46-11.4.17 MY HERO, MY WORLD
The staff on high dependency were brilliant, especially Sasha and Ian, the nurses looking after my dad and family. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel, thank you.”

Posted on Facebook 12 April 2017


“Please may I take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the ambulance service, A&E, ICU, C3, the Intermediate Care at Home Team and the IV Therapy Team all of whom worked tirelessly in hospital and at home to make me well again. God bless you all.”

Posted on Bolton News website 13 December 2016


Care of my son in A &E and HDU after a massive PE

“I would like to praise and thank every member of staff in the A & E dept on Thursday night 3/11/2016. The care and attention given to my son was without a doubt lifesaving!!! We were so fortunate to be in their department when he collapsed with this massive pulmonary embolism, he was scanned and then the decision to thrombosis him was made, and this saved his life. My son and all our family are so grateful to the skilled doctors and nurses that treated him with so much care and attention. We would also like to thank all other staff in the department that looked after our son’s needs and mine. The staff are amazing with every patient, so kind and considerate and very professional without losing their human touch. When our son was out of immediate danger he was moved to HDU and his excellent care continued there over the next few days. Every member of staff there is really helpful and nothing is too much trouble. Our son has been so well looked after he feels very humbled by his experience and more than grateful to be back home again and looking forward to celebrating his 40th birthday on Saturday. Please make sure that all involved in my son’s care get some recognition for their work and kindness and care. Many thanks again to all concerned.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 07 November 2016


My husband was rushed to hospital the other week after suffering a cardiac arrest at home at the age of 28. The staff in A and E, ICU and CCU were brilliant. They looked after him with care, compassion and dignity and looked after me and the rest of his family, who as you can understand were shocked and anxious. Thanks to the brilliant staff he is already home only 10 days later after having an ICD fitted and is expected to make a full recovery. A special thanks to the staff member on ICU who helped us as a family to cope with the first critical 24 hours.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 04 August 2016


I.C.U : Great care from a fab team!

“Everyone who looked after my uncle were fantastic, from consultants, nurses and cleaners. Apart from keeping us all up to date with what was happening the staff were extremely welcoming and provided my large family with everything we needed from toiletries, blankets and bin liners (so I could empty the kitchen bin) without us having to ask.
Everyone who had any sort of contact with my uncle were nothing short of amazing. They treated him with dignity and respect and were warm and welcoming.
I can’t thank everyone enough for making such an extremely difficult and heart-breaking time that much easier to bare. You all deserve a medal!” 

Posted on NHS Choices Website 08 May 2016


Staff where amazing

“I would just like to thank all the staff on I.C.U. and H3 ward who looked after my uncle the staff where fantastic and treated the family and my uncle with respect I just can’t thank you all enough you were all amazing a job well done keep up the good work thanks again to all the staff.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 08 May 2016


CCU nursing staff

“I was transferred by request to Bolton CCU from Wythenshawe after having a major heart attack on Christmas Day. A stent was fitted at Wythenshawe but as I have a 6 yr old son I requested to be transferred to Bolton as it was closer to home. I can’t praise everyone concerned enough from the ambulance crew who took me in to the doctors and nurses at Wythenshawe then the nursing staff at Bolton CCU who were brilliant. I was given a level of care and time that made a really traumatic time so much easier to cope with.
Thanks to all concerned.”
Ian Cox

Visited in December 2015. Posted on NHS Choices website 31 December 2015


“What can I say about the doctors and nurses? Hard working angels. Seems overly dramatic but the care given to my brother was excellent during his last few hours on this earth. So I will simply say thank you for everything. My brother was in good hands.

Posted on NHS Choices website 03.09.15


“I have just spent two days in the high dependence unit and I must say that the staff were excellent. Nothing was too much trouble and they were busy all day but your needs were taken care of with a smile and they wanted to look after you. Our hospital has been pulled apart in newspapers etc. But the hard working front line staff in critical care are the best in the world and I thank you for the treatment I received.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 29.06.15


“I was admitted to intensive care ward in October. The staff and care was second to none. I received one to one nursing and just can’t praise and thank them enough. I really wish I could remember their names to thank each and every one but I wasn’t very well at the time but thank you to all the staff.”

Posted on NHS Choices website by Sylvia Walker 21.12.14


“My son, Harrison, was born in March 2014. While visiting hospital in the weeks coming up to my due date I contracted an e coli infection which unfortunately was not picked up until after I had given birth. My son was taken into intensive care hours after being born due to still having fluid on his lungs. Within hours of being on the ward the hospital had started antibiotics as procedure for children being treated on ICU. The next morning the hospital found that I had an e coli kidney infection and immediately started treating myself and my son for strep b septicemia. Royal Bolton Hospital were absolutely amazing. My son underwent a 10 day cause of IV antibiotics and was back to a fit and healthy new born baby by the end of the course. My son’s consultant would sit down with us daily and go through Harrison’s development and even advised us stuff such as how breast feeding would be better for our son not only because it is the best source of nutrients for babies, but because of his infection he was struggling to eat and his body is designed to digest my milk better then anything else. The nurses would even get excited when they got the daily results that Harrison’s infection level was coming down. And even brought Harrison up to see myself when I was on ICU myself and was unable to get down to see him myself. I know we are one of the very fortunate families that are able to talk about a success story, I had no idea about sepsis or septicemia before my son was diagnosed with it and my family and I owe everything to Royal Bolton Hospital for being one of the few hospitals aware of sepsis.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 02.10.14