It is always rewarding to receive positive feedback from our patients and we are continuously working to make improvements to the service we deliver. Please see below some of the comments our patients have sent us.


“Due to my miscarriage in July and very heavy unstoppable bleeding I was rushed to Gynaecology Ward in Bolton Hospital. All staff were very friendly and very helpful. The nurses were amazing, especially I want to say a massive BIG THANK YOU to two nurses who were just amazing to me, very friendly, talkative and most importantly they took super care of me. Thank you all so much for putting me back alive.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 24 July 2019


Women’s Health

“I was referred to Women’s Health from my GP in Salford. On both visits was treated sensitively and with empathy by all the staff. Treatment plan was explained and the procedure carried out to a very high standard. I was seen on time and treated quickly however had everything explained fully and clearly.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 14th January 2019


Amazing Dr and service

“I attended the women’s healthcare department today, I could not ask for such a good service. The consultant is an amazing kind and considerate person and the health care assistant was also very professional. When you are nervous about a procedure and get this level of service it has made me feel comfortable if I need to return. So glad I chose Bolton even though I live in Manchester. Thank you so much”

Posted on NHS Choices on 12 June 2018


Lovely caring staff

“I was seen at women’s healthcare at Royal Bolton and the staff were amazing, caring and treated me as a person not a number. They also kept me informed of what they were doing and the results, what lovely people. Going again in a few weeks will have no hesitation what so ever.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 03 February 2018


Emergency admittance

“I was admitted to ward M1 following abdominal pain. I wanted to write this review to give thanks to the nursing staff that treated me so kindly and showed real care. I was initially anxious and wanted to avoid hospital by any means but I was soon put at ease and all my needs were met without me needing to ask for anything. They were really attentive. I was seen quickly for a scan and again treated very well by the team.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 24th October 2017


“I was referred to the Women’s Health Unit under the two week rule because of post-menopausal bleeding. My GP had given me clear information about what would happen, this was repeated by the staff nurse responsible for my care. I had to wait for a scan. The scan was done by a technician who gave me clear information was patient and made sure I was comfortable. They explained what they were doing throughout the process. They gave me feedback on their interpretation of the results of the scan, sensitively and immediately.

I was then seen by the staff nurse who had already introduced themselves and explained the process as they showed me from the waiting to the scan area. The staff nurse was professional, calm, and empathic and gave me clear information throughout our meeting. They asked appropriate questions and gave me helpful as well as new advice and information. My husband was with me for part of the process, they were equally empathic and sensitive to him, as well as to our relationship

I was impressed by the way my symptoms were investigated, as well as by the way in which I was given the outcome. Thanks to all involved, especially to the Staff Nurse.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 23rd October 2017


“Attentive, friendly, caring staff. Consultant was funny and put me at ease. Nurses were gentle in their manner and very friendly. Was made to feel like an individual and not like I was on a conveyor belt.”

Taken from comments on The Friends and Family Test Aug 2017


“I rate the care and treatment I received extremely highly because the doctor and his chaperone were extremely kind and explained the procedure step by step so that I felt calm and comfortable. The doctor ensured I understood every part of the procedure and what would happen next, he also had a very kind and caring nature during what can be an uncomfortable and otherwise embarrassing procedure. Many thanks to all.”

Taken from comments on The Friends and Family Test Aug 2017


“The doctor and the health care assistants were so supportive, kind and made me feel so comfortable. When I started to cry as I was overwhelmed they had the tissues ready and they were there for a chat after and I want to say a massive thank you.”

Taken from comments on The Friends and Family Test Aug 2017


“I thought the staff were outstanding on the day I attended. The staff were kind, very considerate, empathetic and they explained everything in detail as to what was going to happen.They were also happy to answer any concerns and questions that I had.”

Taken from comments on The Friends and Family Test Aug 2017


“I was very anxious when I arrived for my appointment, but all the health care professionals were very supportive and put me completely at ease.”

Taken from comments on The Friends and Family Test Aug 2017


“The staff were so friendly and made me feel at ease and relaxed . They went through everything step by step with me and explained everything that they were doing . Couldn’t fault them at all, lovely ladies all of them.”

Taken from comments on The Friends and Family Test Aug 2017


“The nurses who were conducting my procedure were so lovely and really did their best to make me feel at ease”

Taken from comments on The Friends and Family Test Aug 2017


“I was admitted to M1 ward for planned surgery. The staff were fantastic, the ward manager made sure I had ample opportunity to ask questions and helped to alleviate my anxieties.
The staff in theatre were amazing and were very patient with me, answering all my questions which resulted in me being calm during my spinal anaesthetic. Thanks to each and every one of them that cared for me during my overnight stay, you really do an amazing job!!”

Posted on NHS Choices website 22 May 2017


“My first appointment at Bolton women’s health department left me very impressed with all the staff I came into contact with. Compassionate caring staff put you at ease. The clinic was very efficient and running to time. Felt very informed with my examination and decision on any treatment and advice. Staff are a credit to the hospital.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 03 May 2017


Excellent professional care

“Following a second operation within 4 months, I cannot praise the staff who all worked as part of a team responsible for my care and recovery. They were professional and courteous and made me feel safe and confident during a challenging time in my life. I have a lot of respect for the way they continue to provide the level of service even when they are struggling with the increase in demand at our hospitals. I cannot thank them all enough.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 11 March 2017


“My mum was recently admitted to M1 for a full hysterectomy. She is a complex patient so was transferred to HDU for 24 hours close monitoring following the surgery. I cannot praise the staff enough, from the surgeon/theatre team who were exemplary! And the follow up on HDU (nurses and doctors) friendly, supportive and very efficient! A big thank you! She is now on her way to D1 (full confidence) and home when ready. Thank you from the whole family!”

Posted on NHS Choices website 26 January 2017


The NHS at its very best

“I underwent surgery in the Women’s Healthcare Unit just before Christmas and have nothing but praise for the care and attention I received. The entire process from pre to post Op and including the Theatre team was so efficient. My individual needs were understood and above all I felt safe. On a daily basis the NHS is under fire yet against the backdrop of all this I came across dedicated staff who went the extra mile to deliver excellent care, My gratitude to you all – be proud of what you do because I was!” 

Posted on NHS Choices website 15 January 2017


Referred to women’s health

“I attended the clinic today due to unexplained bleeding. I was very worried about this. From the moment I booked in I received excellent treatment from everyone. This included the member of staff who reassured me before I was seen, the sisters who talked to me about what would happen and the staff in the ultrasound and everyone else I came into contact with. Superb department.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 05 September 2016


“Was admitted to the day care ward 19/11/2015 for a Gynae operation. The staff were very obliging and attentive when I arrived – made sure I had a gown that fastened properly, my operation was carried out promptly and was over in no time. I had a lot of pain due to the nature of the operation, they could see this and I didn’t have to ask for pain relief they made me comfortable with morphine by mouth and pillows to support my legs, nothing was too much trouble. I stayed for 5 hours as my blood pressure was a bit high. When I was fit enough to go home my husband couldn’t find the ward I was on so one of the staff put me in a wheel chair and pushed me out to the car which I appreciated very much as I just wanted to get home to my own bed. Thank you very much to you all – you are a credit to the NHS.”
Carol McCanna from Leigh xx

Visited in November 2015. Posted on NHS Choices 20 November 2015


“From being referred by my GP to women’s health care and attending my appointments there to being admitted to M1 for my total abdominal hysterectomy, I was made to feel very much at ease and the care I received from all the nurses and doctors was excellent. Many thanks to all the staff from women’s health care and from M1 keep up the good work :)”

Posted on NHS Choices website 27.09.15


“Following a recent health scare I had the need to attend the hospital on several occasions, at the women’s health care unit and Ward M1. The care, true compassion, friendliness and professionalism of every member of staff in all grades and disciplines were of the very highest order and it is something that the NHS can and should be incredibly proud of. Nothing was too much trouble for anyone. All aspects of my care and choices were thoroughly explained to me and I was made to feel that I mattered to them and was treated as an individual and with respect. Even the Consultant surgeon themself rang me a week after surgery to confirm the post-operative results. Based on the level of service that I received throughout the process, it is difficult to see how my care could be improved anywhere in the private sector. My sincere thanks to all for an excellent service.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 15.05.15


“Had an overnight stay on M1 women’s health. Before and after my op the staff were fantastic and couldn’t do enough for me. All the theatre staff were wonderful, laughing and joking made me feel very relaxed and comfortable, took all my worries away. The ward was very clean and staff very friendly. Food was good although wasn’t up to eating much afterwards. Would recommend to family and friends – had a wonderful stay. Thank you to all the staff – you are wonderful xx”

Posted on NHS Choices website 30.03.15


“I was admitted three times to M1 Ward in May and found my experiences traumatic.

The staff were fantastic, reassuring, caring and sensitive. I felt like my dignity was kept throughout and I was dealt with in a professional but endearing fashion, especially by three members in particular. One was a health care assistant (I think was named Donna apologies if this is wrong), a nurse who worked through the night and another nurse Ellen. All the nurses, students, consultants and staff were fantastic on the ward.

Not the staff members’ fault but when I had come round from an operation, there weren’t sufficient staff to administer pain relief or help me to the bathroom for quite a while in the night as they were tending to someone who was more in need than I was and I found the staff were often overworked. This is not any fault of the ward, but perhaps the NHS as a whole.

Thank you M1 from the bottom of my heart.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 14.12.14


“I just wish to acknowledge the fantastic treatment received, during my procedure, by the four members of the team responsible. I appreciate that this is not the end of my treatment, but, if these standards are maintained I hope that the outcome will be favourable.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 02.11.14


“I was referred to the unit after experiencing sudden sharp breast pain on various occasions over a number of months. I was seen quickly, courteously and very professionally. All of the staff seemed glad to see me especially the trainee on reception. I had been very nervous before I arrived but these nerves soon went as my appointment progressed. I was relieved to hear my problems were not cancer related and given an explanation and a brochure which fully explained my outcome. I would strongly recommend this team. Thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 17.10.14


“Bolton Hospital are amazing if it wasn’t for them I would not be here now.I had an abcess burst causing septacimea and was rushed to have emergency surgery resulting in a hysterectomy and bladder repair. I was in ICU for 10 days and on the ward for a further 2 weeks, the nurses and specialist of the gynae department could not have done any more and I owe my life to them. Thank you so much.”

Visited in December 2012. Posted on NHS Choices website on 13.10.14


“I was admitted to M1 in August 2014 for a total hysterectomy. I had never had a operation before and was slightly apprehensive. I have to say that I was treated with dignity and respect by the staff and received an excellent level of care. The nurses and my consultant were delightful, pleasant and kind. It was also reassuring to meet the anaesthetist, who also inspired confidence. Prior to admission I was most impressed with the Women’s Health Clinic and the treatments and tests I underwent there. The doctors, nurses and technicians I saw there were superb too. Was most impressed with the efficiency and pleasant treatment I received when I visited other departments for my pre op. (Bloods,ECG ) and when I had my MRI scan.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 02.10.14


“The clinic staff were excellent, and kept us fully informed of any delays. The nurses were cheerful and reassuring and everything was explained very well by the radiographer and the doctor. Can’t fault any of them.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 09.06.14


“I was admitted to M1 for a hysterectomy in January 2014 and the level of care I received was brilliant, the staff were friendly, helpful and very polite. My consultant was fantastic, very straight talking and to the point which I appreciated. Even though I was only on the ward for 24hrs before being discharged, my stay at Bolton Hospital was very pleasant.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


“Op was 24th March on M1 – staff were brilliant nothing was too much bother. I was in for 3 days and even with a stomach full of staples I was kept comfortable with plenty of pain relief and a comfy bed. After reading the horror stories most women seem to have after these ops I would like to just say I was back at work in 3 1/2 weeks albeit a clerical job but I was more than comfortable in returning to work. I am still not hoovering or carrying heavy things but I feel great. I can only assume this is because the consulant did such a brilliant job. Thanks for looking after me and putting up with my wimpy ways.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


“I was admitted to hospital on Saturday morning waiting to see if I was having a ectopic pregnancy. By Saturday night I suffered some kind of attack which was very frightening and had to be rushed to theatre to see what was happening, luckily I was fine and so was baby. The care I received while on m1 was amazing I can’t fault anything all staff are brilliant and always there straight away. I am grateful to two nurses on m1 fantastic care thank you”

Posted on NHS Choices website


“The care I received after my surgery was fantastic. I was treated with dignity, respect and kindness. The nurses work so hard and I now know why people call them angels.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


“I left feeling truly looked after and would have no hesitation in recommending this service to anyone.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


“All the nurses couldn’t do enough before and after my op. the ward was spotlessly clean.”

Posted on NHS Choices website


“On December the 13th I was admitted to M1 ward for surgery, from the moment I entered the ward I was pleased to be met by smiling staff who immediatley fulfilled the admission process and settled me into bay 5.
During my stay I found all staff in all the areas I visited to be friendly, caring , helpful and professional – they carried their duties out with diligence and nothing was too much trouble for them. The ward was very clean, bright and comfortable, the choice of diet was varied and good, during my stay I was kept totally pain free and received exceptional care.
As a retired nurse who trained in the 1970’s I was sceptical about the current standards of care – I need not have worried the team at Royal Bolton did our profession proud.
My praise is for everyone who was involved in my care: nusing staff, theatre staff, recovery staff , my consultant who did his stuff and the anaesthetist who had to switch from a spinal last minute and reassure me. Thank you all so much I am so very grateful.”

Posted on NHS Choices website