Hundreds of people across Bolton have received help and advice from the health trainers and here are just a few examples of the feedback the service has received:

Ann, 55, Farnworth

“I really enjoyed my session with the health trainer. She was very encouraging and I didn’t feel as if I was being lectured.  I knew what I wanted to do, lose weight, but what the session did was motivate me to get on with it.  A result of the weight loss has been that my BMI has reduced from 25 down to 21.75 and I feel fitter and more confident.”


Margaret, 62, Harwood

“The health trainer was very professional throughout the intervention, was knowledgeable about health and lifestyles, answering all my queries, demonstrating excellent communication skills. He was efficient and effective, pleasant and approachable and put me at my ease. His practice was of a high standard working within trust guidelines and procedures. I would certainly recommend making an appointment with the health trainers to take advantage of the assessment.”


Ann, 63, Bolton

“I have attended a health trainer session. Please let the health trainer know that since her assessment of me, I have stopped the bacon butties, started on the salads and extra fruit and now go for a walk at dinner time; a small step, but one in the right direction.”

Case Studies for Health Improvement Practitioners:

Preventing diabetes case study

Early diagnosis and health trainer intervention can reduce the risk of diabetes.