It is always great to receive positives feedback from our patients and families and we are continually striving to improve the quality of care we provide. Please find below some of the comments we have had recently from our patients.


Felt very safe and listened to

“I attended this hospital from out of area after having a bad experience in my local trust. I experienced fertility problems and had several miscarriages before conceiving my daughter through IVF treatment. This was achieved at a private hospital where lots of tests took place prior to treatment and conditions where found that the NHS don’t test for and NHS professionals do not regularly treat.

However, when Bolton received the clinic letters from the private hospital they ensured that I was always treated appropriately and they didn’t take any risks. I was offered extra scans and attended emergency appointments regularly when I raised concerns around my daughter’s movements. When growth scans weren’t progressing how consultants would like, they handled conversations very sensitively and involved me in decision making.

The decision to induce at 37 weeks was made by the MDT, involving me and my partner, and when this failed I had a planned C Section. I was talked through the whole process and staff really seemed to understand how much this little miracle meant to me and my family and how anxious I had become to get my little girl here safely.

The C Section was an amazing experience. ALL staff in the theatre helped to make both me and my partner feel at ease and I managed to hold my daughter on my chest minutes after she was born and get some beautiful photographs.

On the ward after birth I was offered help, although I felt fantastic after having a difficult pregnancy and was on my feet the same day, but I knew that nurses were there to help if needed. One nurse did spend some time with me through the night establishing breastfeeding as it was very important to me to exclusively breastfeed for as long as possible.

I now have a healthy nearly 21 month old, who has been exclusively breastfed for her whole life, and I would not hesitate to attend this hospital again if we were lucky enough to get pregnant again.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 18th February 2020


“The staff at the reception desk were very helpful and friendly. I was very grateful for their support and the ultrasonographers were fantastic too.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 15 January 2020


Amazing birth experience!

“I have given birth to all 3 of my children at Bolton & each time the care has been absolutely fantastic! My most recent birth was 4 weeks ago and, as this is my last child, I wanted the experience to be a special one. Nothing was too much trouble, all the midwives were so reassuring & kept me calm throughout my labour; it was everything I hoped it would be! A special thank you to one particular lady (who is just one of the most lovely people on the planet), and another two ladies – you were all amazing & I’ll never forget that. Thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 23 August 2019


Brilliant from start to finish

“I recently gave birth to my first baby at the Royal Bolton maternity unit, all the staff were fantastic and I could not have been in better hands. I had a long and difficult labour and was very scared but my midwife and the other staff members all made me as comfortable and as relaxed as possible. I was well informed about my options and everything was left upto me, I never felt pressured into doing anything I wasn’t comfortable with. I recently had to go back to the hospital after developing a UTI and was immediately put back on the postnatal ward where again I received excellent care. I would like to personally thank my midwife and also the person who delivered my baby. You were both brilliant and I will always be grateful. Our baby girl is amazing thank you so much.”

Posted on NHS Choices o 09 August 2019


“I had a wonderful pregnancy, I had no sickness symptoms and a little tiredness at the beginning. I wasn’t too nervous about giving birth, and downloaded the digital birth pack at around 20 weeks and my partner and I started working through this slowly together. I also attended NCT, read lots of books on positive birthing and hypnobirthing and felt totally prepared for labour and birthing my baby.

I attended a coffee morning for Ingleside and totally fell in love with the environment and the place. I switched my care to Ingleside and saw Andrea who was the same midwife from my booking in appointment which was great!! Andrea was fantastic and so supportive at all my midwife appointments and carefully explained everything and listened to any concerns I had.

I had a show at 36 +6 which wasn’t bloody, and had felt ‘lightening’, started feeling like a bowling ball between my legs! I also started with cramp type pains but tried not to read too much into it as I didn’t want to put any undue pressure on myself. I was also still working and due to work up to 39 +2, and was looking forward to a few days off to enjoy maternity leave before baby arrived.

I continued to have on and off cramps, and at 38 weeks I had two days of regular tightening every 15 minutes for hours with no increase in pain or regularity, both days they just died off. I also began to experience regular uncomfortable Braxton Hicks. I still expected to go overdue so I just continued to try and wait patiently for my baby as I was enjoying my pregnancy and beginning to feel sad about it coming to an end, I wanted to enjoy my bump as much as possible!

It was my other half’s birthday on the 30th so we enjoyed the day together, him unwrapping his presents and we spent much of it just cuddled up together and feeling really happy!! This must have been the oxytocin boost I needed as that night I woke at 2 not feeling quite ‘right’, went to the bathroom and had upset stomach. Something made me want to put a maternity pad on so I did and went and got back in bed, as soon as I lay down I felt a gush!! It kept coming so I knew my waters had broken. I rang maternity triage who advised I would need to be seen at the MLU where I had opted to give birth within 6 hours.

I’d had no contractions but they began slowly and really ramped up quite quickly. By 7am they were 2 minutes apart and lasting 40 seconds so they advised I head in. Driving down the M60 during rush hour with contractions was not fun!! I was examined on arrival and was 3 cm, usually you would be sent home but they said I could stay due to my contractions and the journey we had travelled. I was so relieved they said this!!!

I’m not sure on time but I was then in the birth pool and using gas and air. I reached transition and was begging to be transferred to the hospital so I could have more drugs! At this point I really felt like I couldn’t carry on but my partner was so supportive reminding me of my breathing techniques and the power within me. I also felt a strength and was sure my late mum was with me helping me carry on.

Baby arrived at 14.03 which I’m told is quick for a first time labour! We had been team yellow and I was in absolute shock to pull baby out of the water to discover baby is a she!! We had been convinced all along baby was a he! My partner cut the cord and we had a magical golden hour with lots of skin to skin. I did have the injection to deliver the placenta and I did have a tear which required 3 stitches. I found both of these things to be the most unpleasant part of the whole experience!!! 

I feel so privileged to have had such a magical first delivery, especially as a first time mum in a standalone midwife led unit. I owe a world of thank yous to Andrea, Laura and Maya who were unbelievable and integral to such a wonderful experience. I can’t recommend Ingleside enough for such a perfect experience and the support and encouragement received from start to finish from all of the midwives there was phenomenal. Combined with PBC, I couldn’t be more grateful and humbled by this experience and to recognise the power from within my own body. I truly feel like superwoman! We are so in love with our beautiful baby girl and I feel totally complete.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 02 August 2019


“I would like to take my time to thank Karen, she was the midwife who showed us around ingleside, she was absolutely lovely and down to earth. I really wanted her to be my midwife when I was to give birth, and I was LUCKY enough to have her as my midwife when I had my little girl! I’m pretty sure my little girl knew Karen was on a day shift on the 7/7/19! Because she decided to come on that day!

Karen you were amazing and so patient with me! You treated me , my partner amazingly , always reassuring us. Making sure we were okay! Ingleside wouldn’t be the same without an amazing midwife like you! You can tell you love your job and even when situations become hard you don’t show it ! You are always with that smile on your face ( you definitely reassured me as I panic over anything) once again thank you so much for all you did for us I could never thank you enough!

Please keep doing what you’re doing because you are fantastic at your job! You should be super proud of yourself! Definitely need to come show you Tyvie , the little baby girl you helped me bring into this world safely.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 31 June 2019


“I have just left the maternity triage department and felt the need to write a review. The service I experienced there was amazing. Nothing was too much trouble and they made me feel like my concerns were valid, which hasn’t been my experience in other trusts. Every person I met from the nurses to doctors were equally as approachable and friendly. Nobody wants to have to attend the triage department but it is reassuring to know if you do, you will be met with an efficient, professional and personable service. Thank you!”

Posted on NHS Choices on 05 June 2019


Brilliant midwifery team!

“On Tuesday I went into labour with my first child. The care from start, at the maternity triage, to the birth suite and the end of my stay was brilliant! Each individual myself and my partner encountered were only too happy to help, make me and my baby comfortable, help me make the best clinical decisions for my treatment and made sure we all got the treatment we needed. We encountered no problems during our short stay and I would only be too happy to recommend the maternity services at RBH to anyone in the future.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 5 April 2019


“I was diagnosed with DVT in my early pregnancy. I was well looked after by the staff and the consultant. Dr Webster was so caring throughout my pregnancy and after as I fell very ill after giving birth.
Now that am on the treatment again I have had the best advice and have been looked after as before. Thanks to all the staff and consultant who looked after me and who are still looking after me.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 12 March 2019


 “I can’t fault any of the treatment I received.  Absolutely wonderful staff.”

Posted on NHS Choices 28 January 2019



“I had my baby at Royal Bolton Hospital on the 20th May. I just want to say how amazing all the staff were to me during this time from the midwives, assistants, students, doctors and theatre staff! Not only did everyone look after me very well but they took care of my baby boy after a traumatic labour!

Excellent care and a very good hospital in general! Couldn’t thank everyone enough!”

Posted on NHS Choices on 23 May 2018


Birth of our son

“My wife gave birth to our son on the birth suite at Bolton hospital only a few days ago now, and I felt compelled to write somewhere about our experience. From the very first time we walked through the doors we felt welcome and the birth suite really does live up to its home away from home ideal. We were greeted by the midwife who would be with us for the rest of the evening and the student who she was working with.

They were very polite, friendly and respectful. Nothing felt like it was too much for them. They both chatted to us and held conversation really well, even though they were there to do their job they also made sure that they established a relationship and a connection with us which definitely settled us.

The room was very clean and spacious. The bed was comfortable for my wife and they had kneeling pads for me and my mother in law and they had cushions and bean bags to help my wife with positions. There was a bath in the room as well.

Unfortunately the whole birth experience wasn’t without it’s complications but the midwife stayed calm and professional and even though the student had told us earlier on that she was a first year and had only ever seen one baby be born she was very calm too. My wife, my mother in law and I were all very impressed with how quickly doctors etc. responded when they needed to. The midwife explained to us that even though they are based downstairs they get up to the birth suite really quickly – it was within about thirty seconds give or take – and I was so impressed with this. Everyone was still very calm and professional whilst they sorted out my son and my wife.

Luckily everything was fine. The birth was very fast so my son was surprised when he was born. The midwives stayed with us for the rest of that night, brought us toast and drinks and again made us feel like nothing was too much, even if it was just a chat.

I would definitely recommend the birth suite to anyone. These two midwives were amazing and did an excellent job of taking care of us. We were home just a few hours later and the birth suite itself is not like your typical hospital room, which is really nice. Even though the doctors are all based downstairs they got to us really quickly and our midwife told us afterwards that this was always the case.

So a big thankyou to this amazing midwife who was so calm and reassuring, and also thank you to her lovely student and best wishes with the rest of your training. My wife and I would recommend the birth suite and the midwives to other parents to be.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 07th January 2018


Amazing Maternity Unit!

“I had a high risk pregnancy so was highly monitored throughout my pregnancy, with regular scans to check my baby’s health and mine and I was always put at ease. Waiting times can be long but are worth it for the service and care you are given.

I came in on the 29th September 2017 evening after my waters broke with my first baby, and I was checked over in triage and the midwife, she was amazing but a quick 34 minute active labour, she helped deliver my gorgeous baby at 3:55am, 30th September 2017 .We managed to let our midwife know we didn’t know the gender before she was born and that we would like to look for ourselves and tell each other and she created and made that moment ever so special… She is a brilliant midwife and such a credit! And I cannot thank you enough. The room which I was in delivery was perfect clean, modern and all that was required and more. Once my little girl was welcomed in the world, picture opportunity wasn’t on mine on my partners mind as it was a massive whirlwind but one the midwifes helped us get through and remind us to get the pictures and for that I’m so grateful as I will never want to forget that day and all the midwifes who cared for me during and after labour. They are truly amazing and a credit to Bolton Maternity Unit!

Highly recommend Bolton Maternity Unit for giving me the best care and making me have the fondest memories of the birth of my baby girl.

Thank you all so much Bolton for all mine and my little girls care!

Posted on NHS Choices on 20 December 2017


20 Week anomaly scan- Antenatal Unit

“I attended the Antenatal Unit on Friday 17th November 2017. Even though I was early I was seen almost right away. I was very nervous about my 20 week scan as I knew how in depth it was and how they identify that everything is healthy with my baby. I asked my sonographer if they could just tell me when they saw the heartbeat so I could put my mind at ease and allow them to do their job. As soon as the sonographer started the scan they told me right away they could see the heartbeat and my baby was fine, while they was smiling and telling me they were happy with our baby I was happy and calm enough for them to carry on the ultrasound scan. The sonographer then explained to me they were going to start the checks on my baby starting from her head, of her own accord then they began to explain to me what they were looking for and what they could see while constantly showing me and my partner our baby on the screen, every single detail of what they did in the scan was explained to us, we got to see heart, her brain, all her limbs, her organs, her bones and watch our babies amazing movements! I have had NHS and Private scans and while the sonographers have been lovely I just can’t praise the sonographer enough for the delightful and knowledgeable experience of my anomaly scan, they made a scary situation into a wonderful moment for me. I cannot praise them enough to anyone and everyone I come across while working in the hospital or outside to friends, this sonographer is an absolute credit to that department and I cannot thank them enough for her simple but so meaningful time on that Friday afternoon! Thank you Jazmin Gaskell”

Posted on NHS Choices November 2017


Birth of our daughter one week ago

“My husband and I were so impressed with the maternity unit at Bolton Hospital. The care was second to none especially on the delivery suite – We are so grateful to all of the staff for their care and attention to detail and for facilitating the safe arrival of our gorgeous baby girl.

We would recommend your services to family and friends without a doubt.”

Posted on NHS Choices on 05 November 2017


Delivery of my baby boy

“The level of care I received on M2, delivery and postnatal was second to none. All of the staff were brilliant, so supportive, knowledgeable and friendly. I felt in very safe hands and was reassured throughout my whole stay. I can’t name everyone who looked after me but I’d like to mention in particular the team that delivered my beautiful baby boy safely. The midwife who spent the majority of my labour with me was exceptional. They were able to quickly develop a rapport with me and my husband and made me feel as relaxed as possible I wanted them to stay when their shift ended. Nurses were also really supportive and kept me going to the end. The doctor who delivered my baby made me feel at ease in a very stressful situation and the attention they gave me afterwards was excellent. I am so grateful for everything that everyone did for us. Thank you.”

Posted on NHS Choices website on 11th October 2017


Delivery of my baby girl

“Visited RBH for an induction on Wednesday 27th September 2017. Was very impressed with all the staff that were on ward M2 where I stayed for several days. Eventually after making it to the delivery ward I was greeted by more lovely midwives who really did take the time to look after me. After a very long difficult time the decision was made for me to have an emergency section. The staff who looked after me and the doctors that performed the operation were absolutely amazing. I just want to thank all the midwives involved with the care I received, I could not have picked a better place for my daughter to be born. Alysia Louise eventually made a safe appearance on 30th September 2017 at 11.15am. Thank you very very much for my experience at Bolton Hospital.”

Posted on NHS Choices website October 2017


“This review is mainly for a Salford Uni student nurse who was fantastic. Overall I was pleased with my care when I had my baby at Bolton maternity. The student nurse, however, went above and beyond what I was expecting. The nurse was on nights shifts the 23rd and 24th April. It is because of their help on them nights I was able to keep up with breastfeeding my baby. They were so kind and helpful when I was finding it extremely difficult. When I saw them the next evening I was so relieved they were on again. I really hope this feedback gets back to them so they know what a wonderful job they are doing. Please let me know if you manage to.
I further want to compliment the breastfeeding support team who were also fantastic. I also attended a breastfeeding class. Again without all this support I don’t think I would have been able to keep it up. Thank you”

Posted on NHS Choices website 26 July 2017


My experience of the birth suite was amazing.

“An amazing experience. I was so happy to have caring, professional and friendly midwifes who all clearly love helping families and love babies.
My room was amazing, so calming with the bath, and great having the chance for my partner to stay over.
Tea and toast in the morning, it felt like luxury.
Special mention to one member of staff, a supportive, knowledgeable person.

Thank you,”

Posted on NHS Choices 24 July


“We had our first Aliza child at Royal Bolton Hospital on 18th of June 2017, she is our first child, we were scared, worried and did not know what to expect as new parents, but the staff at Royal Bolton Hospital the way they treated us it made me proud of our NHS and the people at NHS. These midwives are unsung heroes working long hours and going out of the way to help the patients. Some of the Names of the midwives that helped us big time are Lauren , Penny , Jane and Arlita. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and would love to invite you over for a curry someday 🙂 NHSOur Heroes (Nurses , Doctors , Midwives and Support workers) 

Posted on Facebook 14 July 2017


“I visited maternity triage Friday 26th May with reduced movements. Being 39+4 pregnant and my blood pressure being high they took no risks and admitted me and induced me. Throughout the whole process of being induced I felt like I was being well looked after, every single midwife, doctor, nurse or health care assistant took the time to know my name before approaching me which made me feel at home and not just a number to a bed. Once I was ready to go down to the delivery suit the midwife was amazing. They helped me stay calm, kept my husband calm and was a great talker which put us at ease. The birth was a little complicated and our newborn son ended up in neonatal for over 24 hours in which the staff in that department were lovely and accommodating. Helped me get breastfeeding established and just very supportive. Whilst I was on the ward with my little boy recovering the midwives provided more support on breastfeeding and were just truly fantastic. Having the kind of experience I had at Bolton makes me feel good that if I have any more children that my experience will be the same. I couldn’t recommend Bolton hospital highly enough especially every single person I came into contact within Maternity.”

Posted on NHS Choices July 2017


100% care given by delivery suite staff

“I gave birth to our son Mohammad on the 16th of June. Thank you to all the staff who were absolutely amazing at delivery suite. I was given so much support by my midwife and the rest of the team. Thank you so much to all the staff at maternity from antenatal ward, delivery suite through to postnatal ward ….I would definitely recommend Royal Bolton Maternity to friends and family.”

Posted on NHS Choices 24 June 2017


Amazing care in delivery suite

“Thank you for the wonderful care both on the delivery suite and maternity ward. I will be eternally grateful to the midwives and staff who safely delivered my little boy who arrived in the early hours of Boxing Day 2016. The care you gave us as a whole family was outstanding.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 31 May 2017


What a credit your student midwife is to your hospital!

“I feel so very proud of this student that I had to share this. My daughter had her baby girl (first baby) in February and she could not have got through her labour without this amazing student! I wouldn’t have known they were a student if it wasn’t for their uniform telling me otherwise. If I remember rightly the student was a nurse before and their caring nature definitely shone through! The student built a relationship with us all from the minute they walked into the room. My daughter was really struggling prior to the student coming on shift and I felt like nothing I was doing was helping her. But something about the student made my daughter calm and control herself, and made her believe that everything she was doing was right and that she was amazing. The student calmed her down and helped her to breathe through the pain, and most importantly listened to her which is what she needed. I have never seen anyone so dedicated to their job and their patients. The student is someone that myself, my daughter and all of our family will remember forever, and is a true credit to the maternity unit at Bolton. Thank you very much from us all for delivering our beautiful baby girl”

Posted on NHS Choices website 13 March 2017


“I would just like to say a huge thank you to all on Maternity ward M2 and the postnatal ward. My son was born early February by c section following a week of being induced. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me but the care and attention from all the midwives and staff on M2 prior to my son being born was second to none. I was well looked after and they kept me informed at every stage. I cannot thank you all enough and I would highly recommend any mum to have their child delivered at Royal Bolton.”

Posted on NHS Choices March 2017


Wonderful experience

“I had an elective c section on Monday 23rd January and from first arriving on the ward we were greeted by friendly and caring staff. The anaesthetist and surgeons came around and introduced themselves and explained the procedure, and answered my queries and put any worries to rest. The two midwives in charge of my care were so reassuring throughout and the whole experience, including aftercare, was superb.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 28 January 2017


“I received outstanding care on the 4 days I spent in hospital over Christmas while I was having my little girl. The staff on M2, Central Delivery Suite and the postnatal ward were exceptional. We will never forget the amazing midwife (Jax) that we had during the labour and delivery. No word of a lie it was the best experience of my life and I believe that it was down to the fact that each step of the way was so positive!”

Posted on Facebook 5 January 2017


Excellent treatment at Triage

“I recently visited the maternity triage unit on the morning of 6th December after feeling a decrease in movement. Initially phoning them I spoke to a student midwife who was brilliant, explained everything and after seeking advice requested I attended the unit. On arrival I was met by the same student, who introduced themself and again explained everything they were doing and what would be happening. Following various tests and monitoring I was reassured that everything was fine. I have an anterior placenta which can mask movement and I was kindly reassured to always attend Triage no matter what, never to be tempted to delay this and “wait and see” just in case this was just due to my placenta masking the movement. During the time spent at the Triage unit there was a shift change, the night staff came to say goodbye before they left and explained who the midwife was who would be taking over my care and what would be happening now. I have been a nurse for over 10 years and to see this level of care made me proud to see that standards are still high across the nursing professions. It’s the little things that make the biggest differences. I have been lucky to have always been in good health and have never been a patient or stayed in hospital. Due to my job having the roles reversed is a bit daunting but I cannot fault the care I have received from not only the Triage staff but the whole maternity services.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 21 December 2016


Cannot thank the team enough

“I gave birth on the 15th November to my first and had a very fast labour going from 3cm to 9cm in an hour and lost a lot of blood. The team were great with me keeping me calm and being very efficient and quick with what was happening with me. My aftercare was also fab and I delivered a gorgeous healthy baby boy and was able to come home the next day. Cannot thank the midwives enough for helping me with my labour.”

Posted on NHS Choices website16 November 2016


Supportive staff

”I gave birth last week to my little girl and I cannot praise the midwives who helped enough. I had a very quick labour with some blood loss afterwards and the midwife who delivered was amazing, really kind and understanding. I then had to stay in for a few days afterwards. I have anxiety issues and the midwives who cared for us were extremely patient and considerate and I will always be grateful to them.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 05 November 2016


My labour/ maternity experience

“I arrived at Princess Anne Maternity triage unit at 6.00 in the evening on 13th September 2015 after I had been in labour slowly for 3 days. On arrival I saw the same midwife that I had spoken to on numerous occasions on the phone throughout the day due to anxiety about my labour/pain. They were fantastic and very reassuring when they quickly diagnosed and treated me for pre-eclampsia. Due to the length of my labour I had two midwives and a consultant in the delivery suite. They were very calm and empathetic towards my worries due to previous miscarriages. Following the birth of my little girl, I had 4 days in hospital to gain further treatment for myself and my baby. During those 4 days three particular nurses were a great support in learning how to bath my baby properly and even when establishing my breastfeeding routine. I will always be eternally grateful for the night staff on the high dependency unit for taking my daughter so I could get some much needed sleep between feeds during the night. I also feel my midwife went above and beyond following the birth of my daughter as they came to visit us on the maternity ward following her being off work for some annual leave and she wanted to check how we were getting on. It really annoys me how quick people are to say very negative comments about the quality of care and treatment at Bolton’s maternity unit , when in reality they do an absolutely amazing job when delivering the most precious things in life. Thank you and well done Princess Anne Maternity Unit!”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 21 October 2016


“I arrived at the hospital on 24th September and delivered my baby on the same day at 11.15pm. The staff that were involved in the process were absolutely fantastic and the midwife made the process quick and easy. I was then taken to the postnatal Ward because I had an episiotomy. At the ward I had help all the time; when I pressed the buzzer someone would come running. I had no feeling in my legs so it was difficult for me to do anything. I decided to breastfeed my baby but struggled as a first time mum however, the breastfeeding infant team were fantastic! They spent hours with me showing different ways to hold my baby so that I had a few techniques. I was then able to choose the one I found most comfortable. I was also asked if I wanted to stay an extra day on the ward to get more confident with breastfeeding, although I wanted to go home and my husband wanted us both home, we both thought it would be wise to stay another night. By the time I left the ward I was an expert at breastfeeding. No one could have guessed I was a first time mum. I was discharged on 27th September. I was then seen by a midwife when I got home and had the chance to ask lots of questions, even better! Someone from the breastfeeding team came to visit me as I was in a lot of pain with my breaststroke and underarm glands. They spent 2 hours with me putting hot flannels on my chest and underarm. I carried on doing this and I felt better in no time. They left their contact number with me and I text them to say thank you. They text back and said if I needed them to come over to just ask. I haven’t yet asked and I don’t think I will. My baby is feeding well and I am a very happy mum. Anyone wanting to breastfeed I would recommend the team. They normally wear blue the shirts.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 04 October 2016



“I was admitted to M2 for suspected early labour. The staff were completely on the ball and within minutes of arriving the doctor examined me. Determined I was at risk of early labour at 33 weeks & gave me steroids and tablets to stop labour. Unfortunately I was already progressing so couldn’t stop labour but I was re-examined very quickly and moved to delivery suite where the most amazing midwife delivered my baby girl. I had previously had a c-section & managed a natural delivery with no complications which I’m certain is down to how amazing my midwife was. This is my third child in a different hospital & the team are truly amazing. Naturally there will always be differed opinions on hospitals but I would 100% recommend this hospital to have your baby.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 31 August 2016


Maternity care

“My pre-labour was managed well and I was monitored for a couple of days as an outpatient in the birthing suite with the support of the manager who has been fantastic during my pregnancy. I was told to go back to be checked whenever and wasn’t made to feel stupid. When established labour eventually started, the staff in the birth suite made me comfortable and looked after me. They soon noticed that Hari’s heart rate was very fast so advised me that I need to go to the medical suite. Soon after my waters were broken as baby was upset- the waters had grade 3 meconium which I believe is the worst it can get. From then on things moved quickly and urgently. I was terrified and was treated calmly and sensitively by every single medical professional. A member of staff from the birth suite missed their break and went home late to care for me and Hari. Hari was born swiftly and urgently by c section. I was severely anxious but the staff reassured me and supported me during the whole procedure. The poor, young anaesthetist even held my hand upon request! The experience was one I hadn’t hoped for obviously, but I know that my baby’s life and my own was saved by that outstanding team in theatre and then nurtured by the teams in the high care unit and maternity ward. A special thanks goes to the midwife who spotted that Hari needed antibiotics quickly and acted accordingly- please make sure their action is recognised! I simply can’t thank you all enough. “

Posted on NHS Choices Website 26 August 2016


Excellent treatment on M2 ward

“I have just returned home from 2 nights on M2 ward after being admitted with a suspected kidney infection, requiring IV antibiotics. The staff on the ward, both at night and during the day are by far the nicest nurses, doctors and health care assistants I’ve ever met. All were incredibly polite, checked on me regularly and made me feel very comfortable throughout my stay. I had my first baby at a different hospital and so have been a bit nervous about having my second at a different hospital but if the staff on this ward are anything to go by, I have nothing to worry about at all, patients are their absolute priority.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 01 August 2016


Outstanding care

“My daughter was admitted to the birthing centre on the 30-6-16 and from the moment she entered the ward we had excellent, outstanding care. The midwives are a credit to Bolton Royal and the NHS, their care was in the highest standards of their profession. My daughter, son-in-law and myself were made welcome and treated exceptionally well. The labour and safe delivery of our little girl left my daughter with an amazing experience. I would like to thank all the staff for their dedication and devotion to care that allowed my daughter to have a natural birth and fulfil her dreams… I have nothing but praise for you all.”

Visited in June 2016. Posted on NHS Choices website 02 July 2016.


My experience in Bolton Hospital

“The staff on maternity are brilliant! From triage to delivery and Ward M2. I was treated like royalty from the first day I was admitted. Friendly, helpful, always listening, they were also brilliant with my family and I’m so grateful as when I first arrived nobody knew quite how poorly I was. The staff go over and beyond what’s expected of them and I owe everything to the members of staff who gave me and my unborn baby the treatment we needed. Thank you.”

Visited in May 2016. Posted on NHS Choices website 28 May 2016.


M1 staff

“M1 staff are amazing. They are friendly yet professional always. I’ve been on this ward twice and the way they took care of me on both occasions has been exceptional. I’ve been in a few hospitals as I have a lifelong spinal problem and I have to say this ward with their staff nurses, auxiliary nurses, student nurses etc. are all absolutely fantastic and they are by far the best nursing unit I’ve ever been on.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 10 May 2016


Best treatment ever…

“After poor treatment over the past few years from the NHS I aimed to avoid hospital for my upcoming birth. Opting for a homebirth until my body had different ideas so hospital became my only option. From entering the hospital I was treated with the most passion and respect and most importantly empathy. My midwife was fantastic, kept me well informed and at ease and comfortable, they respected all my wishes and did everything they possibly could to make my birth as pleasant as it could be. The Dr’s I saw were also informative and again showed so much empathy. Nothing was too much trouble for any member of staff. Once transferred to main ward, again, I was treated fantastically. Not a single bad word to say about the Maternity departments, incredible!”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 14 April 2016



“I went to Bolton one yesterday to have my first scan with my first baby. The midwives and nurses that I went to see were absolutely brilliant, they greeted me and also said congratulations on my pregnancy which I found so reassuring. When I was having my scan the member of staff was so lovely and answered all my questions, they really understood my excitement and also how nervous I was.
The centre is clean and welcoming, reception staff were very friendly.
To be honest I’m gutted not to be having my next scan there! My fiancé was equally impressed!
Thank you so much for making our experience so special!”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 08 April 2016


Fantastic staff

“I attended maternity triage as I was concerned about reduced foetal movement. The staff were lovely and reassuring, nothing seemed too much trouble. Tthey really went out of their way to make my husband and myself feel at ease. Thankfully everything was fine with baby but they advised me not to hesitate to contact them again if I felt worried in the future. I would especially like to thank the midwife who dealt with me.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 04 April 2016


So understanding and caring

“I’m six months pregnant and have had to visit triage for anti- d objections. I am also extremely nervous about the whole pregnancy and approaching birth but the staff who have dealt with me have been kind, understanding and considerate- so much so that my extreme fear is relieved slightly. I’m looking forward to attending ante-natal classes and to hopefully give birth in the birthing suite. Not once have I been made to feel stupid about my anxieties. Thank you to the wonderful nurses and midwives who have dealt with me. Thanks to you, I’m starting to enjoy the process more. “

Posted on NHS Choices Website April 2016


Fantastic maternity services!!

“I would just like to say how fantastic your maternity services are at the Royal Bolton Hospital. From as soon as I stepped into the maternity triage to when I walked out with my baby boy, I was treated with respect and kindness. The midwives supported me through the most special day of my life and I will never ever be able to thank them enough. Special mention to my midwife who delivered our baby boy Charlie. They kept me going through labour! They were the most kind, down to earth person I had met! The facilities at the birthing suite are fantastic and I had Charlie in the birthing pool! Not only did they support me through labour, they looked after my family too! I can’t wait to have another baby and come back to the birthing suite!! Thank you so much to all the staff at the birthing suite, especially my midwife!”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 25 March 2016


Short stay on M2 ward

“I was admitted on Monday at 34+1 with bleeding. After an initial panic of being told that the birth of my baby could be imminent, it was found that I had something else that was not going to affect my baby.

The Midwives in triage and on M2 were amazing, and I cannot praise them enough. Two in particular were wonderful and never once made me feel like just a number. They called me by my name at all times and made sure I was comfortable and knew that if I needed anything at all I could just buzz.

It can be noisy on the ward and very hot but the overall care given was much better than I expected, and I left the hospital feeling very happy with my decision that if I cannot have the home birth that I want, then I will be in good hands at Bolton Hospital.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 10 March 2016


“I was blessed to have my fourth child at Princess Anne Maternity Unit (PAMU) on 8th January 2016. I cannot fault the dedication, commitment and care of all the midwives and medical staff in the unit. All four of my children have been born on the unit since 2007 and throughout every pregnancy and delivery I have received first class care and support for which my husband and I are forever grateful. We are delighted to be able to champion the maternity services in Bolton and can say with all honesty that we would recommend PAMU to any expectant parents. Thank you to everyone at Bolton maternity unit for helping to bring our four beautiful children into the world safely!”

Posted on the NHS Choices Website March 2016


First class from the first minute to the last

“My wife arrived at the maternity ward fully dilated at 8.37am on Thursday 11th Feb .we were immediately taken to birthing ward where 2 midwifes, one a trainee, quickly and professionally assessed my wife whilst making her comfortable. At 8.59 my beautiful baby daughter was born. The staff were exceptional not just for my wife but also myself. Their professional, knowledgeable and caring attitude helped tremendously in a traumatic situation. When moved upstairs to the maternity ward room 1, across from reception, the fantastic service continued from the midwives. Bolton hospital and the NHS in general should be proud of their midwives; all the support teams and doctors were fantastic. It made an amazing time for us even more amazing thank you to all involved especially.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 16 February 2016


The staff are fantastic

“My wife and I chose Royal Bolton for the birth of our first child and I’m so glad we did. The staff were fantastic throughout our whole stay. From the moment we arrived at the birthing suite, they were kind and warm. They were very patient with our lack of knowledge (something we have unfortunately found uncommon with other medical personnel) and helped us through each step as it came. As the father, I had been warned that I would be ignored by the staff but this couldn’t be further from the truth. They made sure I was coping and comfortable at every step and kept me topped up with coffee and biscuits.

The facilities were also brilliant. All in all, we went through three private rooms. We left the first one to move to the birthing pool room which was fantastic. After the delivery was complete, we were moved to another room with a double bed so my wife and I could be together and comfortable with our new baby. The staff were constantly there to make sure we were ok and coping with everything, right through the night.

I couldn’t recommend the birthing suite highly enough.” 

Posted on NHS Choices Website 12 February 2016


Fantastic care from the staff

“I recently gave birth to my son 17/2/16, the care I received from a member of staff on the delivery unit was fantastic, I was expecting a large baby and I was very worried that I was unable to deliver my son, the care and support I received from this member of staff helped me deliver my son without worrying.
Also my care on the postnatal ward was excellent. I would highly recommend Bolton hospital. “

Posted on NHS Choices Website February 2016


“I had my baby here on the 5/1/16 and was pleased with the midwives and doctors. I went into hospital thinking I was going to have a natural birth but needed an emergency c section. The anaesthetist was amazing and told me everything that was going to happen. I stayed on M4 ward and the midwives were so helpful and amazing. Also the NICU were amazing with everything, even with putting your mind at ease when you left in the evening.”

Posted on NHS Choices Website 24 January 2016


Traumatic and thankful

Having to have a forcep delivery with my daughter 4 years ago and then an emergency c-section with my son was the scariest thing ever. Being put to sleep and waking not knowing if my son was ok was terrifying, however, the midwives and consultants were amazing. Very fair but firm where required. They made decisions quickly and I am truly grateful. Not how I wanted to have my children but we are all here fit and well and for that I am eternally grateful

Posted on NHS Choices Website Jan 2016


Amazing experience

I had my little boy here on 23/12/15 after being suddenly induced with severe pre-eclampsia. I had gone in with reduced movements expecting to be sent home after being on the monitor but was sent straight to labour and delivery. The care I received was exceptional. My midwifes were amazing and I can’t thank them enough for my wonderful birth experience. Even though my birth didn’t go how I planned (I wanted a water birth) I felt involved in every decision and the respect and dignity shown was amazing. The doctor who assisted my delivery was amazing too and always asked if I had any questions. The ward was brilliant and someone always came as soon as I pressed my bell. The breast feeding support worker was amazing and really comforted me when my baby wouldn’t feed. Thank you so much RBH. An amazing experience and will be at ease in any future pregnancies.

Posted on NHS Choices Website Jan 2016


Couldn’t have asked for any more.

“I had my first baby here on the 19th and had an overall wonderful experience. I saw quite a few different ladies in different areas as I went from being induced, to the labour ward, to needing an assisted birth. Everyone was so friendly and helpful, really encouraging with their words and actions. Labour was a little traumatic but I was made to feel so at ease and really cared for, I couldn’t have asked for any better of a service from the midwives and rest of the team.”

Visited in December 2015. Posted on NHS Choices website 22 December 2015.


Fantastic team, thank you!

“I had my first baby here on 15th November and have to say that every single person that looked after us was fantastic. I ended up having an emergency section but everything was explained to me and all the staff were so professional and did the best thing for mother and baby. I got so much help and support during my three day stay – a massive thank you to everyone!”

Visited in November 2015. Posted on NHS Choices website 8th December 2015.



“Having had a rough time at Salford with my first, I was dreading a stay at Bolton for my second more than the delivery itself. I had my daughter on 6th Oct 15, and I was so impressed by Bolton. Everyone was so welcoming, they provided great reassurance. Long shifts in a demanding environment did not phase them, the level of care remained high morning, noon and night. At shift changes, new staff came to say hello, so I knew who to buzz for help.. and unlike at Salford, someone came within a minute. Bolton have a friendly, informative team, and to anyone who worked M4 on the 6th and 7th Oct, a huge thank you for making this experience something I can remember fondly. I would highly recommend people choose Bolton.”

Visited in October 2015. Posted on NHS Choices 22 November 2015.


Fantastic unit. Could not fault any part of the service.

“From waters breaking to bringing our baby home, I cannot fault any of the service myself and my wife received. Every member of staff were so caring and considerate to what we wanted to do at all times. Everything we needed to know was explained to us fully before any decision was made. It was all very relaxed and made the whole labour very very calm and controlled. The birthing suite was fantastic and we got a 1to1 midwife as we went in during the middle of the night. This was utterly fantastic as they were with us throughout the whole labour. The midwife even came back from their dinner break as soon as my wife felt she needed to push. Absolutely amazing service with dedicated staff. Even the most challenging of moments were made effortless by all the staff involved. Thank you Bolton maternity!”

Posted on NHS Choices website 17.11.15


“I am in the early stages of pregnancy and have previously had a miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, so as you can imagine I am super anxious. I rang the early pregnancy unit for advice and spoke to a lovely member of staff who arranged an early scan for me the same day. When I arrived the staff were very approachable and friendly and the person who did my scan was very professional and explained what they was looking for. I cannot praise the staff enough for in the prompt and efficient way I was dealt with. I know it’s not a lot but I’d like to say a massive thank you to them.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 13.11.15


“I never properly got a chance to thank all the staff on the delivery suite for how they cared for me and my son. I came in to hospital on the 8th June 2015 after going in to labour with my first child. I didn’t have a clue what to expect like most first time mothers. From the moment I came to the maternity part of the hospital I was treated extremely well after going to the wrong ward and one of the nurses/midwives seeing I was in a lot of distress they gave me lots of reassurance and escorted me to the right ward. When I got to delivery suite I was taken to a private room with the midwife that then took care of me. They were amazing, I don’t think I could have done it without them. I had a very quick birth and they were so kind and reassuring the whole time. I will never forget their kindness and the way they treated me and my family. Also thank you to the midwife that then took over our care in the morning who was also a very lovely person. All the midwives were there to answer any questions I had after giving birth but also knew when to let me have bonding time with my son. I can’t say thank you enough. Holly + baby Zac x”

Posted on NHS Choices website 04.11.15


“Not sure how to get this out there but I would like to thank the amazing nurses and health care assistants on M6 and M1 ward who cared for me last weekend. The level of care I received was outstanding but not only that, it was the compassion and empathy of the nurses that really touched my heart, at what was a difficult time for me. Thank you to the doctors and nurses for your professionalism, your kindness and your hard work, without you we would have nothing. Thank you to the health care assistant who sat and held my hand and brushed my hair. I cannot put into words how astounded I am at the care I received. I am now looking forward to future visits. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 06.10.15


“I don’t think we will have another baby, but if we ever do then I would be happy to go back to Bolton. As a first timer, I was scared and anxious towards the very end but the staff were attentive and caring before and after delivery. I had pre eclampsia and I felt like I was being monitored well, and had things explained to me as things developed. I asked for a private room post delivery – pricey but worth considering if you’ve had a less than smooth experience. The midwives gave good advice about pain relief and gently warned me that an epidural might be a good idea as I was being induced (not fun!). The first epidural didn’t work but the 2nd doctor who came in was a star and I knew I was going to be alright. Had fab care from the assistants on post natal, they gave me good advice and helped me in those hazy, exhausting first few hours in the night. Staff are stretched on post natal and very busy, but they are doing their best. Thank you everyone for top care.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 04.10.15


“I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped me through my pregnancy. Unfortunately my waters broke at 28 weeks and therefore I had to spend lots of time in and out of the hospital. I was regularly monitored on the ante natal day unit and had several meeting and scan appointments. I was under the care of a doctor and I would just like to thank her for all her care and help. The doctor was an amazing person who was very concerned about ensuring that mother and child stayed safe. The doctor was personal and always explained things to their patients themselves making sure that I was always aware of my care plan and what was happening. The doctor instantly made me feel relaxed and I knew that both I and my baby would be fine. The staff on the day unit were also fantastic and very caring. In particular, one nurse always went above and beyond her duty as the nurse and looked after me. I honestly believe that they were my guardian angels and made sure that my beautiful boy arrived safely. The nurse is a credit to your hospital. The staff helped me deal with everything and explained everything to me clearly. I always felt involved in the process and the care felt personally to me and my situation. Thank you all. My perfect little boy arrived safe at just 34 weeks. Thank you again.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 04.09.15


“I gave birth to my second son at Bolton hospital and the care I received could not have been better. It was a difficult experience which required an emergency C-section and a high level of after care for me and the staff that provided care were fantastic. This included everyone from the midwife in the delivery suite, the advance practitioner midwife, the doctors, surgeons, anaesthetists and the midwives who provided the aftercare. I felt involved in all the decisions made about my care despite the emergency nature of the situation and their professionalism and dedication is the reason I am now home with my new son and family. I cannot thank them enough.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 22.08.15


“I gave birth in the delivery suite on 15/7/15. I cannot speak highly enough of the midwife that looked after me, nothing short of amazing! This was my first baby and I did not have a clue of what to expect. It was quite a shock, however with the support of my amazing midwife and all the other staff involved in my care, I needed to not have worried! Cannot speak highly enough of all the staff involved in my care and the safe delivery of my beautiful son. Don’t think I could have done it without these fantastic people.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 18.07.15


“I gave birth here on 31st March, and am very impressed with and grateful for the care I received. Due to various complications, my delivery was a far cry from what I had hoped, and can see that if it weren’t for the exceptional care from my midwives, it could have been a horrible and frightening experience. Instead, I was made to feel safe and supported, and so my memory of giving birth to my daughter is a happy and positive one. The facilities on the delivery suite were excellent; very modern and clean. The postnatal ward was less modern and felt a little cramped, but the standard of care was still very high. Overall I am thoroughly impressed!”

Posted on NHS Choices website 16.07.15


“I had my son on the 30th May in the birth suite and I could not praise them enough. The midwife who delivered my son was fantastic throughout the whole of my labour! I felt a lot more relaxed than I probably would have on a ward. Aftercare was fantastic too! My only down side to the hospital is the maternity triage. When I phoned up to say I was having painful contractions I was told to carry on at home taking paracetamol. Few hours later I was 10cm dilated and ready to push in my kitchen! Lucky I got to the hospital just in time and had my healthy baby boy.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 02.06.15


“Me & my partner were overwhelmed with how much care & attention was put into our stay.
The staff were brilliant & so caring throughout the whole process & this didn’t stop after labour. We just want to say thank you & would wholeheartedly recommend. Visited in May 2015.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 28.05.15


“In December 2014, I went into labour with my first baby. Every single midwife I met from the moment my waters broke was professional and provided me with reassurance. (Obviously I was nervous, and in pain). The midwife who delivered my baby was amazing from the moment I met her. I never got chance to thank her personally. Her professionalism and constant positivity ensured I only required gas and air during the birth. She was very friendly and supportive throughout it all. Post birth I was able to stay in the birthing suite with my partner, this was a very nice experience and enabled us to be a little family from the word go. I was informed that if the room was needed I would have to go to the ward but they would try and let me stay as long as possible- I am grateful for this. I then stayed in for another 24 hours to have help with breast feeding, I was given advice and help whenever I required it and this enabled me to go home with a lot more confidence since I could now feed my baby. You hear a lot of horror stories about birth, but I had a positive experience from the word go, and I am extremely grateful to the midwives who do an amazing job on the unit.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 24.05.15


“I had my 2nd child delivered by elective caesarean this week. I cannot praise enough all the efforts, professionalism and genuine sense of caring and support offered by all staff members I came into contact with on wards M4/M5 and theatre/recovery. It was truly a fantastic experience and was felt reassured every step of the way that I was in great hands…..very different to what I was expecting from a humble NHS facility, I could have been in the ‘Portland’ the care was so good. I would like Lucy Bates (anaesthetist) also to have special recognition as she was a key figure for me in theatre, keeping me calm, reassured and talking me through each step… she did more in her role than she needed/had to, leaving me with fond special memories… a real credit to the hospital as all staff were I came into contact with in theatre/on ward 24 M4/M5….. They couldn’t do enough to help. Very, very impressed! Thank you for such a smooth, faultless and positive experience.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 24.04.15


“I met a few midwives during my labour and each one was very professional and reassured me about everything (my first baby you see!). The midwife that delivered my baby was amazing and although I was in a lot of pain, they made me feel safe and provided me constant reassurance and positivity to help me get through the labour with just gas and air. I cannot thank this midwife enough. My partner was able to stay post birth in the birthing suite which was such a lovely experience. I then stayed as I wanted help with breast feeding. Every midwife I met provided me with help and support to begin breast feeding. I cannot find the words to express how grateful I am and regardless of how painful labour is, I had such a positive experience at this Trust.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 24.03.15


“I was recently in Bolton hospital with my niece as she was ready to give birth on the 12/03/15. My niece wanted a water birth. The room they gave her was fabulous. So big, lightly dimmed, very comfortable, spacious and also lighting that provided a lovely calming feel. The midwife who was on the day shift was amazing and exceptional. The evening midwife was working with a trainee and they were both exceptional. Even the next day when another midwife came on, they were exceptional also. I found the whole experience of being there with my niece watching the midwives perform their roles to be amazing. Everything about the place from the rooms, to the staff was truly an easy 10/10. Bolton hospital would definitely be the place I would recommend my friends & family to if they need to go to the hospital for one reason or another. Well done to everyone involved. It was excellent. I have also written a longer letter that I will be forwarding to the ward as well as other departments within the NHS. The people, midwives, trainees, really need all the praise in the world. Along with those who make the rooms as clean and tidy and welcoming as they do. One word…Fabulous!”

Posted on NHS Choices website 14.03.15


“What a truly fantastic group of midwives! We had an induction and complications during delivery and we really couldn’t have asked for a higher standard of care, with such personalised support and expert knowledge. Special thanks to the person on delivery suite who was the most dedicated and fantastic midwife we could have wished for. Thank you for making the birth of our daughter such an amazing experience. Julie and Kevin Edwards.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 07.01.15


“I was induced at 35 weeks in August due to waters leaking. The staff on the antenatal ward were brilliant, they reassured me as I was frightened and made me feel comfortable. My daughter arrived safely, I cannot fault the care they provided for us. A very special thank you to staff on the M2 ward and in Delivery Suite. A scary time which was eased by those compassionate, friendly, professional midwives.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 15.10.14


“I went in to hospital to be induced as I had unstable blood pressure. I was admitted to m2 which I spent 3 and a half days on their ward and I can’t praise the staff enough. They looked after me so well if I needed anything they sorted it for me. They don’t sit down and eat cake all day like some people say, they are very busy people. Then on the 18th July I ended up having to go down to delivery suite to have my waters broken and put on a hormone drip to induce my labour and the midwives there were great I even gave them stick and they didn’t bat an eyelid lol. Then I ended up having go to theatre to have my baby by forceps and the doctors were great they spoke to me very step of the way as they delivered my baby boy. Then I went on to the postnatal ward which is m4 and the staff were great on there too, they even kept coming to me to make sure me and baby were fine and to see if I needed anything as I was in a lot of pain. Then I went home on the 20th July and I was discharged by 12.30 in the afternoon, no messing about with these guys like some keep you waiting for hours. So thank you very much to the staff on m2/delivery suite/m4 for all the care you gave me while I was in hospital and me and my baby boy are doing well he is now 7 weeks and 4 days old.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 10.09.14


“I had a very quick labour and I had an amazing midwife! Without her support and the support of the doctors I would have found the experience very stressful but instead it was a very positive experience. The midwives are a credit to the trust.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 19.06.14


“I am seldom moved to give feedback however I feel compelled after my recent stay -6 days in total at Bolton hospital – 23-28 May 2014. I went in for a planned induction, however after no progress whatsoever I then went on to have a c section. Throughout my stay both myself and my husband were extremely impressed by the level of care and treatment I received. I arrived on M2 ward and was looked after by one nurse in the main. She quickly settled me in and was clearly very experienced and was able to reassure me (and other women on the ward) that we were all in good hands. As I said my inductions failed to progress so we were involved in the decision making process as to what would happen next. I was more than happy to have a section as for me the overwhelming priority was for my child to be delivered safely. Due to a quiet period, I was give a section within two hours of this decision and my beautiful son was delivered safely. Again the delivery staff were superb, from the midwives, surgeons and anaesthetists they all put me at ease. I later went to M4 the postnatal ward once again superb care by all the staff. I had hoped to breast feed and received lots of support from the midwives and in particular from the breast feeding nurses, who assisted me with expressing. Unfortunately after three days it was apparent that I wasn’t going to be successful at breast feeding, but I knew that my son had had three days of colostrum. The staff showed us how to bathe our son and was also on hand to offered practical advice. I had an emotional day whilst there due to problems with feeding and again midwife was there to give support both emotional and practical. I stayed an extra day to try and overcome these difficulties and make sure I was in the right frame of mind for going home. I am fortunate not to have had many stays in hospital in my life however the experience I received at Bolton maternity unit was first class. I wish to extend my thanks to all the staff, who day and night were accessible, supportive and very personable.”

Posted on NHS Choices website 09.06.14


“Absolutely excellent antenatal and maternity care. Especially in the antenatal day care unit and birth centre. Loads of information given and we were involved in any decision making. Nothing too much trouble and staff going out of their way to make our birth experience better than we could have hoped – even things we hadn’t thought of, like my husband staying overnight. Would definitely recommend choosing Bolton to have your baby. Thank you so much.”

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“I gave birth via emergency c section after a 3 day labour. I had anxiety beforehand and needle phobia. Every single member of staff that I came across put me at ease, they were so understanding regarding my fears. I really couldn’t have done it without the kindness of the midwives who were caring and supportive. I am no longer needle phobic and got over my anxiety thanks to the staff.”

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“I had never been to Royal Bolton Hospital before I requested to have my baby born there. I am now 20 weeks pregnant and have attended 2 appointments there for scans, etc. I have never felt so well treated, thoroughly checked by any NHS service. Every member of staff you come into contact with is polite, friendly, helpful and with special thanks to the sonographer who puts you completely at ease. I would definitely recommend this hospital without hesitation. The staff should be rewarded for providing such a good service, I feel fully safe trusting this hospital with the care of my baby.”

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“Just a short review to praise the maternity unit at Bolton. I am pleased with all aspects of care given to me by the staff at the unit, from m2 ward to delivery suite to the postnatal ward, where myself and my baby were both looked after very well. I’d like to thank everyone who was involved with the birth of my son.”

Posted NHS Choices website


“I have recently had a little boy and would like to thank the midwife who delivered my son, she was brilliant all 2 hours of my labour and all the staff on post pregnancy ward were lovely and looked after me well.”

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“The timely intervention of the midwives and doctors resulted in a decision to deliver our son by Caesarean section. Our lovely son was born in perfect condition and we were very impressed by the care provided at the Royal Bolton Hospital. We would like to thank all staff in the labour ward, operation theatre and maternity wards for their excellent care.”

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