Complementary Therapies

Complementary therapies include a range of medicines and treatments not usually used by most doctors in the UK. They can be used alongside, but should not replace, the treatment offered by your doctor. If you’re considering complementary therapy then it is important to tell your doctor or midwife, and use a qualified practitioner. The NHS website provides useful information on complementary therapies, evidence of their effectiveness and information about qualified or registered practitioners.  

Popular complementary therapies used during maternity care

Complementary therapies are very popular during maternity care and can be helpful with mild pregnancy ailments (e.g. backache, difficulty sleeping, swollen hands or feet), in helping to reduce anxiety, aiding relaxation and in preparation for your baby’s birth. However it is important to make sure any complementary therapies used at this time are safe for you and your baby, especially if you have any medical or pregnancy complications. At the Royal Bolton Hospital we aim to provide you with information on the safe use of complementary therapies. We have midwives who are trained in the safe use of certain complementary therapies and we offer certain therapies within our unit.

If you have any questions or concerns please speak to your midwife or contact Catherine Owens (Consultant midwife)   

Please see the links below for information on some of the most popular complementary therapies: Maternity complementary therapies  



Baby massage

Craniosacral therapy





Raspberry leaf tea